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  2. We're not talking about charity, though, are we?
  3. I've been banging the drum about the steady Americanisation of football for a few years now. I cautioned it started with things like language and half time displays. I didn't anticipate this quick a turn over, though.
  4. For context, the national bloody lottery distributes £600m per year. £22m is nothing. Context isn't fashionable, though.
  5. Are you on about the one where there is the big ferris wheel? Believe that is Pripyat
  6. Its all American sports. Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey(Canadian) think nothing of changing cities and stadiums when ever they see fit. Money is all that matters.
  7. Am I impressed with your posting technique? Maybe. Is it easy to follow? Absolutely not. Would it be better suited to an Old Spice advert? Of course.
  8. He’s been mismanaged horribly
  9. Just play him behind the striker and get on with it, stop messing around playing a player that doesn’t have the attributes of a good right winger on the wing! It’s basic stuff, surprise surprise he plays better centrally!
  10. There's a pattern developing with Johnson, isn't there? - Parliament won't do what you want -> Prorogue parliament - Certain MPs rebel on principle -> Chuck them out of your party, ensuring they're deselected as MPs - Some ministers disagree with you or support a rival for leader -> Sack them from cabinet, replacing them with people loyal to you, even if they're less capable - You decide you don't like part of a treaty you signed -> Change it in breach of international law, alienating people you might need in future - Your EU negotiating partner won'
  11. He can demand all he wants. I'm watching the Bake Off.
  12. Schmeichel Fuchs Evans Fofana Thomas Mendy Maddison Albrighton Ünder Iheanacho Barnes
  13. Huitzilopochtli demands sacrifice!
  14. Chance for Champions League qualification next year! It's very important in terms of development!
  15. Doesn't seem to bother the elite cricket players.
  16. Because “foreign aid” is often nothing more than a backhander to win a contract of some sort.
  17. It doesn't do Islam any favours in the western world. I can't think of a single Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish, or any other religion that would take a cartoon of their prophet anything other than fine. The fact Muhammad is defended with righteous fury, by many, makes it very hard to leave Islam in the Western world without incidents like these.
  18. The kfc Twitter man says Ricky has had a setback
  19. Spot on, I thought he looked sharp and keen. Sure not a lot came off for him but it was from an awful cameo. Ineffective yes but awful not at all.
  20. Only 5 teams per country, which almost certainly means Spurs miss out.
  21. Good to see people are consistently only hearing or reading what they want to hear, as usual. Lots of outrage at the £22m, have people not read the full story? The £60m is still available, presumably it involves a bit more discussion given the greedy cvnt went in for £90m but was suddenly willing to take £65m. Big difference there...
  22. 4231 for me Schmeichel Justin Wes Wes Fuchs Mendy Choudhury Under Perez Albrighton Nacho For Christ's sake keep Timmy and Tielemans and Barnes out of the firing line otherwise we've literally list every single first team.olayer
  23. We have our own plane ready to go from Birmingham at any given time.
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