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  2. carl, don't you think firmino for 1 extra pound is a better option than king? he is a proven quality in a system full of goals and assists. he would be a relatively cheap entry to the liverpool side in order to have some points. i dont look to how much players got in the previous season if its there only great season, by that logic, heaton should be my keeper
  3. This. I bet most of them are on salaries of a lot less than these face of the shows. At the end of the day reading the news from an autocue is not exactly taxing! I have to question if any job is worth the kind of salaries banded about here. Your talking more in a year than most have in a lifetime. I like the BBC and think it makes some cracking content, but I suspect much of the quality of a show has nothing to do with the fronts of the shows.
  4. Ridiculous idea and I can't believe he's still plugging it.
  5. I'm surprised you ever went back if your first game was under McLintock! I think we only scored three goals all season
  6. Any decent cash leagues about?
  7. Looks a very good player. Will take more than 1m
  8. Fair point in response to toddybad re auto-enrolment, but telling everyone a low wage to just "get a better job" is a pretty dismissive thing to say. Do you really think it's that easy for everyone? And even if it was, who in that case does the shit jobs? Someone has to, we can't all earn loads and have a private pension that is adequate enough to take care of us once we've retired. Also worth pointing out someone on minimum wage contributing £3 a week isn't exactly going to have a great pension pot come retirement.
  9. Riot starter
  10. Some wages and bonuses are ridiculous I fully agree. However the solution isn't more tax, the solution is to stop silly wages, this unfortunately probably needs a global pay cap which will never happen sadly. The main difference here is that when something is publically funded there has to be value for money, if a business is generating high profit it can spend what it likes rightly or wrongly. I would be happy for more of this money to get to the lower paid. The people whining at the top really need to start taking action! Gary Lineker taking a £1.7 million Salary and whining about, cuts and fat cat bonuses! he doesn't need that much set an example and reject it! I might then start to take his left wing rhetoric seriously! The same with all these other cretinous celebs jumping on the left wing Corbyn band wagon put their money where their mouth is and take the average salary, let the rest be spread amongst those who work for you. Interestingly has a public sector pay cap ever been suggested? Surely no civil servant should ever earn more than the PM, logic says that has to be the most challenging job in the UK public sector. So why are there jokers on councils up and down the country claiming over £120k salaries whilst making cuts to vital services?!
  11. for people that have kane in the team, you do know that he always had a slow start, right? saw this on reddit 2014/2015: game week 1/10 =1 goal 2015/2015: game wekk 1/10 =4 goals 2016/2017 :game week 1/10 =2 goals the best to have him is between GW11-30 where he scored 15,17 an 18 in the last 3 seasons just a thing to think about, he could have a great start this season, who knows?
  12. I understood why kante wanted yo go to chelsea. But mahrez did not grow up dreamibg if being a spurs player. The wages are crap... if you go there the only escape is to get to the end of your contract
  13. It isn't an issue, I took your response in good humour
  14. that s not the point..
  15. Cheap, not povo: King came 5th for fantasy points from strikers last year and Jesus is a goal a game player. Gayle admittedly is a bit of a risk but he tore up the Championship last year and I'm expecting him to be Newcastle's chief source of goals this one, besides at £6.5m if he does perform as I hope then I'll be making easy money on him.
  16. Sure you could replace Shearer, but you need continuity, you can't keep replacing pundits and presenters to save money every season. That would damage the brand. You also have to accept that footballers have spent their career on massive salaries and offering them peanuts to do TV will probably not interest them.
  17. Here you go
  18. One day...a statue in his honour will be erected in Leicester. He gave us the best season we will ever know.
  19. First real memory of taking an interest was late in the 94/95 season and listening to us lose 4-3 to Wimbledon on Radio Leicester. Following season I started to get more into it and then my first real match was a 3-1 defeat to Chelsea in 96. Random fact, my first time going to Filbert Street was a FNF game against Sheffield Wednesday and we lost 2-0. The next time I went was the defeat to Chelsea above. Bizarrely, Julian Watts scored in both of those games!
  20. Spurs won't pay more than 30m for a squad player
  21. Legend Love this forum
  22. @Carl the Llama why would you go 3-4-3 when your strikers are povo?
  23. Why would the player agree to that ? he would want us to sell him to the ultimate buying club and to take a chunk of the extra as a s/o fee
  24. Really got into football for the first time around 96 after two years of casually knowing about it, all my mates supported Man Utd so i started out following them for a short while - but my dad (being from Leicester) took me to the League Cup Final in 97 vs Boro and despite the game being god awful it was that Heskey scramble goal that made me feel joy properly for the first time in football, that's when I knew i was actually a born Leicester fan and it went on from there, the right decision without a shadow of doubt, so many emotions following City, never a boring moment
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