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  2. Thought I'd look at how he stands on all-time LCFC appearances....... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Leicester_City_F.C._records_and_statistics#Most_appearances That list seems to be slightly out of date now. He now seems to stand 7th in the all-time list - on 417 LCFC appearances. Unless he leaves or suffers a serious injury, it seems likely that he'll top 500 appearances, putting him in the all-time top 3. That Graham Cross all-time record of 600 appearances doesn't look entirely out of reach - 5 more seasons playing most matches? He'd be about 39, but som
  3. Don't be ridiculous, the council needs to spend its budget wisely on things that we need, like more cycle lanes and more student accommodation and hotels in the city centre!
  4. Do any other countries keep daily data totals like we do. I wanted to look at how many tests we're carrying out per person than other countries, but I'm struggling to find any data on testing.
  5. People think top 4 is everything should listen to what he says about winning trophies. The media has condition fans into being obsessed with the top 4. Football is about winning things.........
  6. Usual 13:30 slot. I think all FA Cup press conferences are at the same time today (according to BBC).
  7. No, I get it, it's points difference from Villa at 11th, like showing a gap or handicap between the clubs, I do think the gaps between them are easier to consider in terms of their achieve-ability / danger of happening than by looking at the normal table even though the mathematical calculation would be the same. I get it. I think.
  8. ...it has been obvious for some time that Castagne is more comfortable on the right!!! Some things are picked up earlier than Rodgers, he tends to be late to the party on more than one occasion. Due to our injury problems he is however limited in the personnel he can choose from and his hands are more or less tied regarding formations. Castagne came here to get away from the chopping and changing of positions he was asked to do and so will not be too pleased with repeating the process here.
  9. I think I've just worked it out. It shows exactly the same as you'd get from just looking at the top 11 as it is now though. I don't really see the point at all haha Someone's hit the ale hard this morning
  10. Well yes, the GOP and their NRA backers do. Or at least they block any kind of solution to the problem, whether it's to do with gun control or better provision for mental health, which basically amounts to the same thing. I would agree that taking guns from everyone in the US is a task tough to the point of being impractical, though. The BLM movement in the US isn't advocating as one movement with total agreement for the dismantling of the capitalist system, and they'd be making a mistake if they were; it's much harder to prove statistically that such a s
  11. Must admit, I've seen the back and forth between you guys. What company have you guys been looking at exactly purely out of curiosity?
  12. Yep. Hoping for some strong assays soon. You?
  13. No idea what this is, but 30 points from an 8 game season is craycray
  14. Not sure the virus is aware of what proportion of humanity is infected. The more absolute cases, the more chance of variants mutating that are going to be less effective against our current vaccines. I'd suggest 200k cases in a population of 1.3 billion is more of a concern than 1 case in a population of 1 with respect to impact on our own campaign against the virus. I do agree that not having India, and many other countries, not on the red list is pretty appalling. Not sure reading your posts if you agree on that or not?
  15. Agree love taking the little one, impressed to see Youri there enjoying the local things
  16. Can you give us a bit more of an explanation as to what this table is suppose to demonstrate please? Looks like you've subtracted 44 points off everyone and 30 games off everyone but I'm missing the logic as to why.
  17. When in doubt, quote The Simpsons... But I have to have a gun. It's in the Constitution. Dad, the 2nd Amendment is just a remnant from revolutionary days. It has no meaning today. You couldn't be more wrong Lisa. If I didn't have this gun, the King of England could just walk in here any time he wants and start shoving you around. Do you want that?. I worked in American for 5 years in deepest darkest Ohio. My experience with the locals leads me to genuinely believe if they ever proposed restrictions on gun ownership it would make the recent Capitol riots seem
  18. I'd have Parkinson resting up until he's got a chance of taking a wicket. Ackermann can hold up an end.
  19. Great insight......a proper winner and club legend .. Replacing Vardy will be tough and probably be done by improving two or three positions but when Kasper leaves or hopefully retires with us it will be the biggest void to fill! His winning mentality, leadership and footballing skills will be irreplaceable or at least very very challenging to fill. Yes, he has small deficiencies but far out weighed by all of his other world class qualities....he is under appreciated by many and despite great goalkeepers of the past I would argue he is our best ever ...consi
  20. Like the similar comments made about Southampton/Atletico over the years, it ignores the fact that we wouldnt have bought some of the players we have if we didnt have the money from the Mahrez and Maguire sales.
  21. It’s a lot easier to remove guns from society if they are all illegal as opposed to none of them or some of them. Im trying to think of an example society where this works well, can you think of one?
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