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  2. Looking at Forest, Derby, Ipswich, Bolton, Coventry (all former Premier League teams) I am so thankful for Vichai, Top and Nige. It just doesn't bear thinking where we could be without them
  3. But..... isn’t that........ illegal ??
  4. It's all hypothetical. The fact is Pearson has gone and we need to move on under Brendan and look FORWARD!!
  5. Why are we the only county still waiting for our main overseas player to get his Visa confirmed. Absolute amateur hour down the county as usual. Unless the Visa story Is a cover up and we cant actually afford him.
  6. Forgotten man😂. I'd rather have him than Gray though
  7. The highlight of this season has to be Man Utd wetting themselfs about the scousers winning the league and now maybe even the CL. If they win both I think they might explode
  8. Vaz (Jim) should’ve thought of that before his shenanigans
  9. Mango all day long! Unless you're really dehydrated and it's a hot day then watermelon.
  10. Are there any pubs in town that show the 3pm kick offs
  11. Miller has now failed a second separate test for a further substance.
  12. 3 pages in and not one mention of Diabate...
  13. IMHO, a move to the top 5/6 would be a bad idea as he wouldnt get the consistent game time if he has a few bad games. Think young players like him are better suited for mid table teams looking to break top 6. Gives him guaranteed play time for decent clubs and to continue to impress and establish himself as a force in the prem league. The top 5/6 will always be up there so holding out another season or two is a better option.
  14. I always look at it like this.... We wouldn't have won the Premier League with him in charge but without him we wouldn't even be in the Premier League.
  15. Very true Yes i doubt he gives up champs league to come to the KP unless he has some sort of unlikely love for King Richard III.
  16. Should have told them before they celebrated on the pitch with promotion banners then!
  17. I'm quite up for the Emma Thompson style of climate change activism actually. I'm going to carry on as normal, as many flights as I want, eat what I want but I'll tell people fighting climate change is important as it's the message that's crucial. Never thought of myself as a green activist but this sounds OK to be honest.
  18. I had him before chucking him into an sbc, never used him at cam but he was a really good st, strong, good in the air, finishes everything (on his left foot) and pretty fast... it was just that weak foot that made me bin him off! I just don’t seem to get in so well with any st with anything under a 4* weak foot... good pull though
  19. I've never watched the Sopranos but it's on my 'to watch list'. But it seems to be difficult for any show to appease everyone with it's ending.
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