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  2. ......Some serious pansies with vaginas in this thread....... I joke. Having kids has made me appreciate some disney and pixar films. My kids are currently obsessed with rio and rio2.
  3. Why does everything have to be about being right? You're having a pop for reasons, which, are incorrect. That;s why i'm pointing out you're in the wrong. I questioned his opinion....which i'm entitled to do. In no way was it arrogant, or obnoxious, i simply asked why he believes experience will matter in this fight if it didn't against Fury. None of my posts were arrogant, he then accused me of having 'two personality's'....despite my opinion being the same throughout. He then claimed that I was 'questioning Klit's experience compared to AJ'....which again I didn't. I wasn't obnoxious, rude or insulting anyone. You've literally labelled everything which was being thrown at me.
  4. Not really, I expect you'd easily find some correlation, in one of these nonsense studies, showing that meme users are less likely to vote as they have pits to fester in. I don't doubt that not all under 30's use memes that's not what I said, I said meme users are almost all under 30.
  5. I would posit that not all under 30s use memes and as such proportionally the political compass of such users is a lot more balanced than you think (or even in the other direction), but that is speculative. I think you're right regarding use of political memes, but my point is that while they may not be a good argument they are not really counter productive in terms of desired results from their generators, I think. As such they play a part in the debate.
  6. Again "you will see your wrong" why does EVERYTHING have to be about you being right, have you heard of narsocism? he gave his opinion and you questioned him on it (so you started it) you did indeed point out fury had less experience than wladmir and beat him which is a fair point I'm not debating the points you are making in this instance, but your style of posting is horrendous, it's obnoxious, arrogant, rubs people up the wrong way and creates stupid arguements which you seem to revel in and put words in people's mouths and twist their words. Just try and be a bit respectful of your fellow posters we've got days to go before the fight really do not want s full week of you fighting running battles with anyone who will give you the time of day.
  7. Just stuck a fiver on a Leicester and Monaco double for these midweek games, returns £192 on William hill
  8. Okay we're going there. Giving that meme's are overwhelmingly used by under 30's and under 30's overwhelmingly voted for Hilary/Remain, it follows logically that meme users are more common amongst the "left." But this is nonsense, my point was and remains that using meme's is hardly a good argument so far as political discourse is concerned no matter who is using it.
  9. The channer/alt right squad (and yes, there is a vast amount of crossover) are utterly infamous for using memes in any kind of debate, political or otherwise. I thought that was common knowledge. Of course, this is a clear example of correlation not equalling causation (they ere definitely not the only group to support Brexit/Trump), but I thought it pertinent to bring up that even though the users of such memes can be as juvenile as you say, such juveniles can easily end up affecting the balance of power in their own way. Which, I think, is quite a commentary on the political sphere today.
  10. You need to go back and read the last few've got it all wrong. His opinion claimed that Klit would trouble AJ because he was more experienced. I agreed he was more experienced, but pointed out that he was also more experienced than Fury, but still suffered defeat. He then claimed i was questioning 'Klit's experience'.....which was untrue. I questioned how important is experience, when it had no impact on his last fight. Seriously though, you will discover that you're wrong if you go back and read.
  11. Not that I wish to argue that point because it bares no relevance to my post but where on Earth did you find a study on correlation between meme users and their political compasses?
  12. Don't usually watch a great deal of this usually but nowadays I find myself hooked as soon as I get in from work, the drama in the Fu match tonight was incredible
  13. My opinion on AJ vs Klit. I remember the build up to Haye vs Klit, and people questioning whether Haye would be too quick for him. He probably would've been....but the problem was, he was too small and Klit was able to bully him with his sheer size. It's something which Klit has done consistently over the years, it's even annoyed some fans due to him not being involved in exciting fights due to his defensive and clinching style.....which is probably a result of Manny Steward's work identifying the issues he had with his past KO defeats. Of course, it's hard to label a heavyweight 'chinny', purely because of the power most produce, but he was certainly looking extremely vulnerable previously in fights against the likes Sanders. It's important to remember that Klit is more experienced. But....i wouldn't value his experience with regards to the number of fights, as important as his experience of the fact that he was very similar to AJ in his earlier years. He too was a puncher, who was an aggressive fighter who initially had very little care for defence, until, as i said previously, Steward recognized this and tried to address it....which he did successfully. The problem, i fear, is largely down to a stat i saw the other day which said the average height of Klit's opponents over the years has been 6 foot 2. His success in the past 5 years or so have been down to the fact he has been able to bully mostly smaller opponents. Almost every fight fans were complaining about his clinching. He isn't going to be able to bully AJ. I just feel AJ is too quick and too powerful at this stage of Klit's career. I see it almost like a Prime Klit vs Current Klit.....therefore i only see one winner, and convincingly. AJ by KO. Although, i'd argue a 12 round completely one sided win for AJ would be far more impressive to watch, and for him to learn from. Going into the Fury fight, Klit was also the far more experienced man. counted for nothing and to be honest he was schooled. Therefore, it's difficult for me to see how he beats a more youthful, powerful and quicker opponent in AJ.
  14. This is it all over. I didn't suggest meeting anyone someone said we should have a boxing match I merely said I'd do it. As I say if your too scared not a problem. its not a case of you not saying something that's incorrect (in this instance) it's more the case it always has to be as part of some sort argument, and that's what you do you dont discuss, and you did jump on him, he gave his opinion on the fight you called him up on it, then a few posts later were obnoxious and arrogant enough to tell him you were "informing him" that Tyson fury beat Wlad, I think he knows. Just tone it down a bit, it's irritating.
  15. When you're just minding your business but FT finds a way to drag you to make fun of you....again! Well, I actually like Izzy and his joke wasn't half bad.
  16. And yet, the group most likely to use memes within political debate scored at least two spectacular victories in 2016. Who knew?
  17. Yesterday
  18. hahahaha. I've not picked a single 'fight'. I've just given my opinion.....i've not once asked anyone on here for a 'meet up' like yourself, or called anyone a 'keyboard warrior'. Again, if you claim i've never offered a 'good opinion', that means you disagree with every one of the thoughts on Klit v AJ. I had hoped this thread would be a good place to discuss boxing, but it just appears to be a thread when guys like you and @Strokes jump on those who have opinions.
  19. We all know half of what you post comes directly from others social media outlets from people who know what they are on about as there are massive gaps in your knowledge that are frequently on display, which again you cover up by changing the subject ignoring people or getting abusive. Tbf you probably are giving your own opinion in this instance so I'll retract that. Just give it a bit of a rest eh? This is a decent thread, people might respect you a bit more if you actually give a good opinion every now and again instead of picking fights.
  20. What banners are they referring to?
  21. I've not started on anyone ffs! @Strokes came in here and claimed that i said Klit didn't have as much experience than AJ.....right after my post saying "Klit has more experience, no doubt". I'm not the one bending other peoples arguments, you and @Strokes are. "his opinion, no need to try and drag him over the coles for it." There you go again making up stuff. He made a claim....which was false, and i put him right....and just like yourself he failed to admit he was wrong. He is entitled to his opinion, and like you his boxing knowledge is clearly limited if he doesn't understand that fact that experience isn't the only factor to decide who wins a fight, if it was.....Why did he lose to Fury?
  22. Some interesting maps and analysis of which voters and areas went for Macron and which for Le Pen: Very, very similar to the division between Leave and Remain areas in the Brexit referendum (and with East/West Coasts v. Rust Belt for Trump in USA): - For Macron: Paris (massively, like London for Remain), other large prosperous cities (Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes), regions of the West where economy is doing well, Celtic fringe (Brittany) - For Le Pen: Mainly working-class regions where heavy industry has gone/declined (North, Lorraine), areas of high unemployment & social problems (Marseille & South), areas with fewer qualifications & less modern industry Whichever country you look at - UK, USA, France - there are massive divisions within each nation, which are reflected in national politics: contentment/complacency/liberal internationalism v. discontent/anger/despair/protectionist nationalism
  23. My opinions are '3rd party'...what do you mean?
  24. To be honest your remarks about the fight bar a bit of disrespect towards Wlad are, imo, albeit probably third party, alright, it's more the point your in here kicking silly arguements off bending what people say and spamming the the thread non stop because it's big fight week. I've gone out of my way to avoid you today to save people having to read childish arguing but you've just gone and started with someone else instead. He thinks it's going to be tight you don't. Clearly he thinks Wlad had an off day against fury and he can come back and give Joshua a problem, his opinion, no need to try and drag him over the coles for it.
  25. Well it's likely the Madrid police were whacking shareholders round the head in the bernabeu.
  26. You're right. We could do with one of those now.
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