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  2. Yep. Clue for the other player is that he always played square passes
  3. Behave Steve Foster in the headband!
  4. What about the two players next to McDermott
  5. Terry Mac, Shilton, Dutchess of Kent, Birt Milichip Metgod & Butch Wilkins
  6. John Percy breaks that the EFL to start June 20.
  7. Keegan, Thompson? Jordan Roberts & Dalglish?
  8. Think Gotze is maybe a Tielemans style signing of like “oh yeah like 2/3 seasons ago people were raving, gone a bit quiet since”. Think he’d be decent on a free but don’t know how often he’d play with Maddison still about. In a DM deeper role perhaps as a Mendy replacement?
  9. Serie A has gone from being great to follow to a nightmare. BT used to play so many of their games a week it was brilliant, it became my favourite league to watch again. Then that stop ****ing streaming service took over and ruined it. I was naively excited at first, La Liga and Serie A, every game all available for £50 a year sounded great. But the app is android and apple only and as far as I'm aware they still don't have a console or smart TV version.
  10. Bernie Winters? and Dennis Law
  11. I'm guessing at a young John Hollins, Ron Harris and Tommy Doc
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