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  2. you're giving him a bit too much credit there mate
  3. Because Southgate has a chubby-on for Sterling and Rashford.
  4. Because Sterling and Rashford exist. That's about it really.
  5. That was painful to watch, awful not just for the gushing commentators over Scotland but that performance was lacklustre. Our attackers were certainly a no show and what can I say about Kane, not shown up at all in this tournament. Seeing him go off early, shows to me he's either not fit or carrying a knock but otherwise he's been dull over nothing in terms of attack. If I had to pick one small positive our guess our defence has solid in the last two games but honestly at the moment unless drastic changes are made I can't see where the goals are coming. The only thing I can say is
  6. I think this was a good lesson for us without being too costly. Don't believe the hype and you have to show desire to win any game of football.
  7. The whole Mount situation pisses me off. I'm not denying he's a decent player at times, but Southgate pretty much admitted a while back he had been earmarked to get a senior cap years ago. Basically didn't matter how good players in his position played, Mount was being promoted to the senior no matter what. That's not how it should work.
  8. Tuesday has turned into a game now that no one wants to win. No one needs to win. It might benefit us to draw and get the “easier” R16 game but on that showing, it’s no given we’ll do well in that. Never got going from the off.
  9. Why has Sancho not made an appearance?
  10. Can we get that same lady out who asked Sterling if his selection was justified vs Croatia and ask him again. Won't be laughing at her this time once you watch the game back. But none of them helped from the sidelines with selection, subs and intention.
  11. It really wasn't though was it? Do you see England fans and players celebrating the 0-0 draw like they've won the World Cup?
  12. So deflating, the only England game I've been excited for in years. Family are Scottish too, acting like they've won the thing. I'm going back to the Patson Daka thread to cheer up.
  13. All the people I know who have no knowledge of football think Southgate is a good manager because they think England did well at the last World Cup.
  14. UEFA should bar us from the Euros
  15. Ahahah true but rather not get pasted by the group F lot
  16. I’d be fuming, proper angry if that was Leicester and it’d have ruined my weekend. I’m just a little bit annoyed because it’s England (and that’s only because its against Scotland), come the morning it’ll be forgotten. Rightly or wrongly that’s the difference between club and country. Club > Country.
  17. Rodgers second half of the season negativity. Like for like subs, 65 minutes earliest. Boring.
  18. Day day…I suggest you look at the history of our club and the pain most of us have been through for decades. You must be only 6 or 7 years of age to not recognise what a great position we are in. I Junior Lewis you! Now pop to bed
  19. Well from what I see people are still going crazy and are running scared of eachother with their double masks. I guess we see / take notice of the things which annoy us most.
  20. As I said earlier, we had 5 subs today and made 2. There is absolutely no chance that DCL would have been worse than Kane or Sancho worse than Sterling. Why is Foden not being given a chance centrally rather than Mount? We have 3 similar quality number 10s in Grealish, Foden and Mount and only one of them is getting any game time playing, ineffectively, in a crucial position.
  21. It’s as much ours and theirs. Lads needed support tonight and it sounded pants.
  22. Grealish, Sancho..(Foden pulled)...We have the young talent, But Southgate keeps Sterling on for 90 minutes.. If Messi & Ronaldo were English...They would have 8 Caps between them...
  23. Just need Levi to announce Southgate as new Spurs manager now!
  24. We are not Leciester FC. Apart from the spelling it's a rugby club.
  25. There's no easy route when you play like that.
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