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  2. It isn’t and they didn’t ??. It’s not just the futility of the transfer forum ........ this place destroys me ......... are you saying that I need to blow into that plastic globe I have upstairs ?????
  3. This is actual spend, not net spend for last season. I wonder how different this would look on a net spend basis.
  4. I presume you're one of those who still think the world is flat and that the moon landings didn't happen.
  5. I watched the Travel Man episode with Aisling Bea the other night, and she's very high in my chart at the moment. I also really like Natasia Demetriou. As time goes on it becomes more and more apparent I have a thing for what would commonly described as cheeky cows
  6. Not that it tells the whole story. They should do this with total current squad costs. https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/forum/1-leicester-city-forum/?do=add Premier League champions Liverpool paid the least amount of all clubs in England’s top division per point with the Reds spending less than £100,000 for each of their 99 points. In comparison, Manchester United cost-per-point was almost £3m, putting them as second most expensive. Only Aston Villa, who gambled £143m in transfer fees to avoid being relegated following their promotion, spent more per point. It just about worked for Dean Smith’s side, who survived with 35 points but each one cost over £4m. Manchester United splashed out last summer on Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Harry Maguire before again spending big on Bruno Fernandes. Their total spend, according to BonusCodeBets, was £192.6m taking the cost per point to £2,918,182. A BonusCodeBets spokesperson said: "Manchester United's deep pockets just about got them over the line to finish in the Champions League in a season where big-spending didn't always result in a big points return.” Liverpool were quiet last summer and spent just £9.36m, meaning their 99 points came at a cost of just £94,545 per point. Jurgen Klopp guided the Reds to their maiden Premier League title with Manchester City coming second.
  7. Premier League 2020/21 season can be completed with ‘half the matches’ under new plans Premier League officials will propose plans to the top-flight clubs that could see the season completed with ‘half the matches’ amid concerns of a second Covid-19 wave ByWarren MuggletonSport Reporter 08:14, 9 AUG 2020 Premier League organisers have suggested the 2020/21 season can be completed with “half the matches” in new plans. Top-flight clubs are preparing for the new campaign to begin in September after discussions between shareholders last month. The last campaign was suspended for three months due to Covid-19 – and it could still hit the next season, with fears of a second wave in Britain. But the Standard has revealed how top-flight organisers are already preparing contingency plans for the 2020/21 campaign. Proposals for the new term have seen the top-flight already pass the threshold for the season to be considered valid. But a new meeting next week will see a plan proposed to see final placings decided by points per game if “50 per cent or more of all scheduled fixtures have been played”. And it would see the title, European qualification and relegation all decided on this basis. Premier League organisers would need a majority vote of of 70 per cent to get the plan across, with 14 of the 20 clubs voting for the “curtailment”. But these implications would be scrapped if the 50 per-cent mark of fixtures, playing 18 or less games. And top-flight administrators would contact UEFA to decide which clubs would qualify for Champions League and Europa League football. The Premier League clubs will meet next week to discuss the proposal, with the aim of setting up a response at a meeting on September 3. Organisers have already voted on rules for the new season at the Annual General Meeting earlier this week. The number of substitutes was return to three, having been put at five since lockdown to help teams deal with fitness problems. While VAR will get a new Referee Review Ares, which will see an increase in match officials using the pitch side monitor. It will see subjective decisions such as red cards and penalties under review more often. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league-202021-season-can-22491962
  8. Dammit I've just read an article on The Athletic on Tarkowski and think he'd be perfect for us. Now if we could just get him for sub £40m...
  9. I had an Austrian Wasp up my shorts last night. Frigging sting worse that Sporting Lisbon.
  10. Not sure we do. You need to remember that our squad includes (and currently pays) Slimani, Silva, Amartey, Kaputska, Ghezzal, Diabate. That's about £300k p/w. If we shifted them and got Eduoard, Benrahma, Sarr, Demirahl, we'd be salivating over our squad, and barely paying any more p/w. It's easy for us to forget the dead wood, but less so for the club's accountants!
  11. yes,,,exactly my point, everyone takes turns to win, and the best mediocre side wins the cup. entertainment not sport
  12. Maybe. But it seems unlikely that, given those let go were on £30k pa each, let's say, the majority of a 25 man squad taking pay it's didn't save them enough money to retain the jobs. They're spending out on transfers this summer too, so how can they justify that?
  13. I’m never one for criticising how much footballers earn. They create wealth through their talent and are rewarded with a slice of the wealth. However surely arsenal could argue that they had to let the 55 go because Ozil and a couple others didn’t take pay cuts.
  14. “Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking...”
  15. Just caught up on the highlights. Absolutely brilliant effort.
  16. Today
  17. He's going to only have players shorter than him in the squad.
  18. Ozil is a fascinating case. Seems like he was most recently ostracized by Arteta for not taking a pay cut like the rest of the squad during the pandemic. Apparently he wasn't unwilling though, he just wanted proof of what would be done with the funds saved to keep other staff in jobs. Arsenal wouldn't give that to him...and now they've let 55 staff go. Kind of feels like he was proved right.
  19. Other than his mention of 'top 6 side' i thought he was being hugely complementary to Wolves - As a fan of one of those clubs he is just saying they are a danger to his club.
  20. The positive for me was that the season ended...2020 has been awful. Hopefully this form does not continue into next season unlike 2001.
  21. The NFL do it a salary cap, it has different winners in a super bowl for the last 15 years.
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