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  2. Ten changes from the England game so yeah
  3. I fancy that. Bearing in mind im very much at beginner level though so go easy! Maybe when england is done
  4. I think Tony Adams and David Ellery were involved Edit - here you go
  5. There's been fatal trouble already unfortunately.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50048199
  6. If he becomes anywhere near the club player that Marc has become i`d settle for that...Albrighton or Davie Gibson 2 will do me fine!
  7. I'd play the same team that beat Newcastle, Maddison's ego needs reining in.
  8. I've tried to get into it a few times but I'm an impatient bastard and go high risk too early.
  9. Yes somehow you just get the feeling he will turn out to be a gem!
  10. A midfield of Barkley, Winks and Henderson how inspiring, good job we are only playing Bulgaria
  11. Not sure if Czechia have rested players or not but either way, I'm pleasantly surprised at this.
  12. The Premier League have confirmed that Saturday’s game at Leicester will be referred by Jon Moss whose last Burnley game was our 2-2 draw at Manchester United.
  13. How does Barkley get in ahead of Mount?
  14. Strange but it is a better balanced team than the one on Friday still
  15. I find it somewhat amusing to see to what great lengths the US media go in order to talk about him. Anything will do, as long as it fills the program. This obsession is crazy - other, more important issues are just thrown out the window sadly.
  16. Shows you how pathetic we were on Friday, NI are stuffing them.
  17. Mike Oxlong


    Mind out for your inner circle
  18. Yeah but who doesn’t like a bit of shit flying DT’s way ? I know you do
  19. In my opinion ,The REAL City badge is, and always will be, the Fox and Crop shield.
  20. Southgate - 'SoMe pLaYeRs ArEn'T iN gOoD fOrM fOr ThEiR cLuBs' - Proceeds to start Rashford and Barkley. The ****
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