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  2. No. the U.K. In 25c is disgustingly unbearable. Lads with tops off drinking carling cold, women in silly vest tops and denim shorts with their shit tattoos on show smoking lambert and butlers taking about how they've banged Jermaine and Freddie twice in the last few days. europe in 25c is fantastic. Proper sunshine. Proper women with proper bodies in proper bikinis. i realise I may well offend a few with this post but this country is shit when it comes to warm weather, the three days we get we can't even do that properly
  3. Get Football updates directly to your inbox + Subscribe Craig Shakespeare will spend the weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix before finding out if he will remain in the fast lane. Shakespeare is in the south of France with Leicester's first team squad for an end of season jaunt. They are being hosted by the club's Thai owners after reaching the Champions League last 16 and staying up. Shakespeare, 53, guided City to 12th with seven Premier League wins from 13 games after being promoted from assistant when Claudio Ranieri was axed. Jamie Vardy celebrates his goal (Photo: Ross Kinnaird) But MirrorSport understands Shakespeare is still yet to learn whether he has definitely got the job permanently for next season. Leicester's stars, who won the title last season, admitted after the final day draw with Bournemouth they were unsure whether Shakespeare would get the post.
  4. @C-man rates Basel's mob
  5. I love the idea of it and the look of a nice day. But unless I'm in a beer garden then 'it's too f***ing hot'
  6. Is it because they have an abundance of natural resources per head of population I'm pretty sure this has a significant impact in Norway.
  7. Anywhere between 7th & 20th. All depends on the summer recruitment and holding onto key players along with how big Craig does.
  8. One maybe but it's unlikely, Man City would probably be the best side to play for as Sterling and Sane quite often get to the byline and cut the ball back quite quickly - the defenders are travelling forwards and if you drop back a little bit their momentum carries them away from you so you have a little bit of space. Hypothetically you'd be training everyday as well so you'd be fit enough to keep up with play except most of the blokes on this forum are in their 30s so they're too slow and fat anyway
  9. 4 goals in 125 with 22 assists
  10. Hello LCFC fans! Brighton fan here, looking forward to the fixtures coming out in June and can start making arrangements for next season. How do you all think you'll fair next season? must have been extremely frustrated this season, after the miracle you achieved the season before. Hopefully get to see Leo Ulloa at the amex, he was a bit of a fan favourite down here.
  11. 4 in 100, plus about 30 assists in the same period. Not that impressive, but not that bad either. Also seen little pitch action over the years - not a regular.
  12. Beg to differ!. Not uncommon to have temperatures 35c for a whole month over here and very little rain. Gets miserable! kills the grass, the flowers, everything. Give me 26c any day!
  13. I haven't forgotten Hitesh's Izale McLeod thread so I would take anything he says with a pinch of salt, the guy is a known WUM
  14. Yeah, because you're the only person who could possibly know. Nobody else in the world is privy to this info, except you and the bloke who told you. And a thread on a fan forum will massively scupper a deal probably worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions to a player and his agent. I was lucky enough to get info on Pearson returning as manager for his second spell, I posted it on here, under a different username, 3 weeks before it was announced. That didn't scupper anything. It also won myself and a few forum members a fair few quid. We'll sign someone on a free and you'll go "see, told you"
  15. Pogba is right. People need to stop talking about the transfer cost. The price is tag is one thing, and the performance on the pitch is another.
  16. these cancel each other out
  17. Got 2/1 on brooks today from an Irish bookie seems to be heavy bets on the other lad
  18. Do Penalties count?
  19. Club has opportunity to transform itself , leave the ground at 32,000 then the club is satisfied to stagnate . The fans see through this and 32,000 will be more than enough.This year will be the year that decides this
  20. Or maybe I don't want to... The main reasons I don't want to mention the name is a) I was trusted by the person who told me and they asked me not to mention it. They will know its me if I did that and b) If I did do what you suggested then if it causes hype around the player and may well scupper the deal. I mentioned it originally as it was good to hear that we're chasing targets and that we were close to agreeing something. I'm not personally gaining anything by doing this. I'm actually keen this player does join as he will add experience and will be a good addition. If the mods want to close this then I don't mind, otherwise I will update you once I hear more and you can all speculate in the meantime...
  21. I would rather go to work. Golf just spoils a good walk. But you would pay it for Cattermole? What you have Musa worth more than Cattermole?
  22. But it's not just down to Monaco. They may value Mahrez at £25m but unfortuanlty it takes two teams to complete a deal. For example, Leicester wouldn't rate Troy Deeney at £35m but Watford do. It's about trying to find a middle ground. Also, Monaco were buying from a Portuguese club who may not have the money or resources to be able to turn it down. They received €70m for both Moutinho and James. The only reason we will sell is because Mahrez wants to leave, not because we have too. Also, Sissoko plays RM for Spurs & did so for Newcastle.
  23. Just for you Ken, I'll stop posting and let you get to the pub.
  24. Just feeling lazy. Means getting out my chair. Every time I refresh the page theres a new post
  25. It's the loving each other that convinced him
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