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  2. Not a chance in hell the Aussies chase this down!
  3. Lampard is a fraud and they will run about like headless chickens. It will be a tough game none the less, i want to be a little more positive.
  4. Hopefully he's so focused on not favouring the big team that he goes the other way
  5. Hopefully this is the first and last time we see Ashley Cole as a pundit. Brain dead.
  6. I really REALLY want him to have a stonking performance.
  7. Looks like the same 4-2-3-1 again. Two defensive midfielders in Ndidi and Choudhury behind Tielemans, Maddison and Perez. Vardy lone striker.
  8. Do we really know what the formation is yet?
  9. big Chelsea win today; I think they’ll be up for Lampard at home after their last 2 games and I just don’t fancy us for some reason.
  10. Caglar will absolutely embarrass Giroud today
  11. I'm scarred by having watched England set the West Indies a total of 344 to win in 1984 and see them do it for the loss of one wicket in 66 overs.
  12. Managing in the goldfish bowl of Glasgow would certainly be filed under "Intensity" He really really didn't.
  13. Chilly injured then. No conspiracy here
  14. They tried to come at us first half, sat back the second, it was them sitting back in the second that caused us issues.
  15. Listening to the 5live build up. 10 minutes and it has been Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. I hope we stuff em!
  16. They were all pretty shit last week to be fair.
  17. Yes defensive line up, but Chelsea will not sit back like Wolves did.
  18. Chelsea (A) Negativity Match Thread
  19. To be fair, Chilwell didn't really push forward last weekend. Could be that he was already hampered by that hip injury, who knows. I think today must be a clear Ndidi/Choudhury Day, with both of them to soak up pressure early on.
  20. Graham Scott, the original ref will be 4th official apparently.
  21. I love it. Will wind other fans up to which I also like
  22. Jon Jones is a genetic freak though, he is, unfortunately for DC a once in a generation fighter. Hopefully he can rematch the old man The problem with trying to set up Tony vs Khabib is it’s the most unreliable fight set up in the world what’s it been 5 attempts? Not sure they want Connor to fight khabib again either because that really would e the death of mcgregor
  23. Maddison naturally wonders inside and I worry he'll wonder into the Chelsea middle 3. Alternatively, he may find space in and around that backline to exploit.
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