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  2. Well if there's anything the loans of Ndukwu, Hughes & Johnson has taught us, it's that sending players out on loan guarantees their development! 😂
  3. I can’t blame fans for not turning up. It’s easier for a multi millionaire to stand there and say it wasn’t full. But people haven’t got bottomless pits of money to go and watch their team every game. I think 39,000 fans for a 4th round fa cup game live on the BBC is quite a good attendance.
  4. Outstanding! They sure have some firepower Atalanta don't they? Illicic, Alejandro Gomez, Zapata, Muriel, Gosens... No wonder they lead Serie A in goals scored by such a margin.
  5. He's quoted as saying the players have been given 2 weeks off, they have programmes to follow but they won't be with the club. I think it's down to a combination or Liverpool not preparing for the eventuality and The Premier League to have a 2 week during the time it's possible there will be an FA Cup replay. If I was a Shrewsbury fan or player I'd be buzzing at the chance to go to Anfield and get a win.
  6. A quick look around the forum suggests that Choudhury is now not good enough and needs to go out on loan. Chilwell and Barnes have also had the treatment lately . We have been guilty of overrating and underrating these players. One minute , he should be playing for England , the next he is never going to make it. What does that say to those in our development squad? What's the point they must think. Get this , in straight competition with the financial and big city pull of the likes of Arsenal and Man. City we are never going to attract established top players. We have to do everything we can to bring our academy players through , in spite of their financial muscle Liverpool and Man. Utd. do that. You will never have long lasting success if you don't. By the way Hamza is plenty good enough and in a straight choice with some of our other midfielders I would play him every time.
  7. Old Man question coming up: Is this an app? Or is it a watch brand like Fitbit? I am hoping to get out and do a bit more fitness this year, maybe trying to get up to 5km and see where I can go from there.
  8. If the club don't believe a player is ever likely to break into our 1st team surely they should be moved on for our benefit and theirs. I think we're actually doing them a disservice and blunting their development by hanging on to them. But then I'm not in favour of the U23 system at best it should be U21 or if they want a PL2 just do it as a reserves set up so you can mix young with experience whilst giving squad payers game time. We then wouldn't get managers moaning that their squad players can't last 90mins when they only play once a month.
  9. Wow what a wand!! Imagine signing this lad aswell as Hwang Hee-Chan from Salzburg. A boy can dream.
  10. The excuse of song variety is always a baffling one for me. There's a solid variety of songs from the 80s to modern ones sang at most games and regardless of the age of the song they majorly land of deaf ears. As for not having an anthem, as a fan base, we've proven on many occasions we all know the words to WYS which is undoubtedly our club anthem. Add to that, we're also more than capable of singing it at the right tempo when fans care enough
  11. Hi Has anyone going to villa tomorrow got a couple of spare seats in their car , my son and nephew have match tickets but are struggling to get there, obviously they would contribute with petrol and parking costs. Thankyou
  12. I’m so confused in my old age.
  13. Pretty sure they'll be away on some warm weather training rather than being with their families for the most part.
  14. But what excuse is there to not join in with Leicester, Leicester, Leicester.. ?
  15. Kante is not lightweight don't confuse height with strength , Messi is 5-7 but solid as a rock.
  16. mabrah

    Ibrahima Diallo

    That bloke's a right back. Ibrahima has a older brother, Abdou, but he's at PSG, a six footer and plays central defence. Who is this mystery right back called Diallo? Edit: I'm enjoying this.... Moussa Diallo, 23, a right back currently at SO Cholet. Or there's another Moussa Diallo, a 29 year old centre forward. I think I'm going to build a team of Diallo's at this rate! Howz about Alpha Ibrahima Diallo? 22 year old defender, plays for ASV Wuppertal...
  17. 1 ticket for Chelsea, in A1. £30 face value. Collection from Knighton only
  18. The youth players thing I can sort of understand, but him not managing the team at all is one of the most arrogant things I've seen in football in a long time. If they go on to win it, then he'll be strutting about the pitch holding the trophy up that he couldn't be arsed to put the work in to earn. Prat.
  19. The A league was at it again yesterday with a 4-3 thriller between Western and Adelaide Adelaide hadn’t won in ages but turned out a great performance to beat Western away in Melbourne
  20. Yep. Club might have held onto him going out on loan in the knowledge that he wouldn’t get a game out in the football league at the age of 19, but might do well now and could get a transfer fee if we decide to sell.
  21. Im not on about simplier, i'm on about songs that everyone knows, young and old.
  22. Klopp gets a lot of stick. However, as a player you would have respect for him. Players getting to spend a week with their families is a massive bonus and he has protected them. Respecting a competition or not.
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