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  2. Iain Darke's pronunciation of Onyedinma is really pissing me off.
  3. Done to death mate, it ain't funny.
  4. I'd bloody love that! Not one of ours but 1-0 Wycombe.
  5. I feel like this is happening with that Bernie Sanders picture at the moment. It has been done to death already.
  6. Rumour has it an experienced player had the audacity to only give a 9 out of 10 match review to a youngun and it all kicked off
  7. It’s two. Norwich a & Villa h He’s only come as a sub three times since we last won a PL game without him - Villa h 4-0, Arsenal a 1-0 and Palace a 1-1
  8. What's not to understand? Just because you don't think it's funny doesn't mean its not.
  9. I fancy a 2-0 win to Wycombe tonight. Knight and Muskwe!!
  10. There's a sign outside every supermarket I've been in for months. They might be getting stricter with it, and I imagine make judgement calls on each couple they see.
  11. BT Sport commentary really demonstarting that the BT stands for Bumming Tottenham. Contrast with how miserable they sound we do well, yet the Spuds can't be slurped over any more if they tried.
  12. Is he still drawing a cock and balls with crayons?
  13. Yes, but it's his ability to draw away defenders that opens up space for others.
  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9185783/amp/Frank-Lampards-sacking-mooted-Chelsea-summer-loss-Leicester-final-straw.html?__twitter_impression=true Having originally wanted to give Lampard an opportunity to turn Chelsea’s season around, last week’s feeble loss to away at Leicester appears to have been the final straw for Abramovich following weeks of disappointing results. Lampard has the worst points-per-game ratio of any manager in the Abramovich era, a statistic that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Sources have indicated that Abramovich, despite preferring to wait un
  15. Ahh damn! Really annoyed I missed out on that Gonna stick them all on my wishlist and hope they all go on sale again Got until May 7 to finish as many as possible before RE8 comes out haha
  16. His match report for yesterday’s game includes some utter pre determined bullshit about Rodgers too
  17. To the people that like it yes. Humour is subjective. I hate Mrs Brown's Boys, but it has a big following, it's funny to enough people to keep it on TV. Is it funny to me? No. Is it funny in general? Clearly as millions watch and enjoy it.
  18. He's looked bright. Confident on the ball, looking to make things happen. Shame Joe Hart got his hand to that header as well.
  19. 9 minutes in and Darke has mentioned that Muskwe is a Zimbabwean forward for Wycombe 3 times.
  20. I remember a brief interview with her on one of the old LCFC VHS's or early dvds. Sad news. RIP
  21. Oh right fair enough, id of said Highfields area but cant imagine Nanis cousin would be living there 😂
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