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  2. Agreed. Imagine if Giannis came to Toronto in free agency....ahhh what a pipe dream. Lol
  3. Im in the market for some new glasses as my prescription has changed based on the last eye test. The dr there was trying to tell me about blue light lenses amd benefits seeing as i sit in front of a computer screen all day. Was naturally skeptical and have been reading up on it. Also just read this local article about it https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/marketplace-blue-light-lenses-hidden-camera-investigation-1.5364678 I'm a scientific guy so i like to review science and evidence/facts. Not that there is a lot on this but when i spoke to the dr there was no real smoking gun scientific evidence she could give. Perhaps its just a marketing gimmick. Anyone here have them? If so, have you noticed any difference? I'm leaning to an absolute firm no at this point. A colleague of mine had and got rid of them
  4. Are you familiar with FIRE (Financially Independent and Retire Early)? Have about it.
  5. Confirmed going to C4. Really hope nothing changes as promised!
  6. Well they were there for a year at the same time, for a year, so I can only imagine was understudy. He's played as many games for Frieburg as Söyüncü as here, so it looks like he stepped in when he left. I don't think he's replacing Söyüncü, we're not selling.
  7. By the end of this current season i'd hope we have entered talks for new deals for Maddison, Ricardo, Soyuncu and Evans. Tielemans only signing a 4 year deal means we'll surely look to get him on a new deal within the next 12-18 months and will rely on whether we've secured CL football or not.
  8. He's more of a Barnes type player, certainly not a stereotypical centre forward.
  9. Billy McKinlay is the new assistant manager at Stoke City.
  10. Tbf to him, as much as I was gutted when he left I don't think you can say this about him. He was at Celtic almost three years which is probably about the average for a manager at a club these days and at Liverpool for I think nearly four before that. With the benefit of hindsight it was probably the right time for him to leave both clubs also, he had a fractuous relationship with both boards and both clubs probably needed a fresh pair of eyes. I would have been surprised if he took the Spurs job anyway in all honesty, the danger I'd think would be if Chelsea or a top four club in Spain came along. I'd also naturally discount Arsenal as a threat also however someone who worked for him told me he was quite vocal about jumping at the chance to manage Arsenal, for what exact reason I don't know.
  11. He is just afraid for Liverpool, and always hopes we loose.
  12. Should loan Benkerz to a Prem team, one with a shit defence like Norwich. Get Madderz and Rickerz on new contracts asap.
  13. I'm a bit surprised that no-one has spotted Ricardo before. Hes 26 or thereabouts and must have been looked at and would have been visible through European competitions. Perhaps this growth spurt is really down to BR and Puel (which appears a little fanciful)
  14. Good news, Lawro thinks we'll lose.
  15. I wouldn't write Benkovic off just yet, given him missing pre-season Rodgers is usually very careful with young players in this way or players he wants to change their game to make an impact on the side. There were several examples of this at Celtic, Boyata who was left out in the cold until November in his first season and then went on to become our number 1 centre back throughout the rest of Rodgers time at Celtic, Armstrong was similar in that he only started becoming a regular in the second half of Rodgers first season and latterly Ryan Christie who was loaned out twice and left kicking his heels on the bench for a good while before getting his chance.
  16. Our women's team lost to United 11-1 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50423397?ns_source=facebook&ns_linkname=sport&ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&ns_mchannel=social
  17. Think 350 is a very good score on this pitch, NZ wobbling to 140-4. It's such a luxury having Buttler coming in at 7, been really impressed with him the last 3-4 tests.
  18. 100% . Must be on a fraction of what garbage like Lingard takes home and is twice the player
  19. While I agree with you regarding the Conservative spending plans. I think you must be living in cloud cuckoo land if you think the bond yields wouldn't spike significantly if Labour won the election, borrowing money will cost significantly more than today and I believe we are already spending in the region of £40-50 billion a year currently on servicing debt. This far into an economic 'expansion' to borrow in this care free Keynesian style is totally irresponsible. The only way I can think they will do it is by leaning on (or nationalising) the Bank of England to monetise the debt. The Conservatives have as per usual adopted the language of the left and this relatively mild period of 'austerity' is bigged up more than it is, they should be looking at closing some government departments and cutting corporate welfare etc to help fund any tax cuts but I won't hold my breath.
  20. Former Celtic, Leicester City and Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill has come in for criticism from former player Graham Fenton. Fenton worked with O'Neill at Leicester in the late 1990s and while things didn't work out for the attacker on the pitch, he claimed O'Neill didn't help him settle at the club. "I am not afraid to speak my mind because I have read stuff in his books where has had a pop at me so, he just wasn't for me," Fenton told Tribal Football. "I work for people who are down to earth and give information that they expect you to follow, but he was a character who didn't give clear information and then slagged you off for not doing what was expected." After two years with Blackburn Rovers, Fenton was sold to Leicester for £1.1m in August 1997. The young attacker was actually identified and signed by O'Neill - and immediately repaid his manager's confidence by scoring on debut in a famous 2-1 win at Liverpool. But he managed just 34 league appearances over three seasons before leaving on-loan for Walsall. Leicester lifted the League Cup in 2000 under O'Neill, but Fenton wasn't involved in the squad for the final. This despite making four appearances and scoring one goal in the run to the final. He added: "There are players who performed well for him but I just don't like that type of person." O'Neill is currently out of work after leaving Nottingham Forest while today Fenton is managing Northern Premier side South Shields. Read more at https://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/fenton-exclusive-ex-leicester-boss-o-neill-just-slagged-you-off-4304951#byZ150DCUSj1u0SY.99
  21. feckin tottenham and all their unsettling bullshit - just accept that it's part of the game now
  22. I'll cover the tax contributions for life of the first person able to reasonably explain why the deliberately misleading sharing of information by the governing political party and a private citizen's obvious joke/troll page are equivalently concerning matters. Awkwardly the only person showing hysterical outrage here is the man shouting about Marxists and ending their posts with numerous exclamation points as they defend government disinformation campaigns.
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