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  2. Shot himself in the foot. Or foot in the mouth, after he shot it.
  3. Just opened my squad battles rewards and there an unidentified pack with 60 rare golds in it. It wont let me open it though. EA are just trolling me now!
  4. Still not over it me. What a chance blown.
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  6. I'm wondering how the houses they built between Wigston and Kilby Bridge are doing, because those fields always used to flood, but they built houses on them anyway. I know that earlier in the year there was flooding on the road to Wistow (out from Newton Lane), which there had never been before, until they built those houses.
  7. A stranger that's saw more than enough of both players to have an informed opinion on the matter as opposed to yours that is more than likely based on having saw Tierney once or twice.
  8. Want to fit in? Get the same trainers. BBC MOTD must have a job lot or its product placement. I'll stick to Samba's
  9. ... quite strange that having won the fist half of the season OHL then go on the beach for the earlier games,!! Instead of building on what they had achieved, totally switched off. Losing their manager did not help but they were under performing even then.
  10. Mooching through Amazon Prime and found myself watching the Class of 92 again. Even though I hated Man Utd at that time, it's a brilliant documentary.
  11. I haven't watched the past couple of years as the format got tired quickly - but it's a show that has this weird, obsessive level of fandom and attachment amongst a load of those that watch it. If a red top prints the slightest smear against one of the contestants, the amount of folk that jump on it and bombard their respective social media accounts with abuse is staggering and it must take its toll. Absolutely bizarre, aggressive pack mentality I don't think exists with any other show over here, certainly not to the same extent. While I think the show itself is generally pretty harmless in terms of format etc - the posts in this thread take it in the spirit its intended, it's panto stuff really - but there's a massive share of its audience that are weapons and unfortunately I don't think that'll change.
  12. I'd sell my left pinkie if it meant we landed Grealish this summer.
  13. I'd be looking at Saka of Arsenal to be honest. Looks quality right now, seems to be running down his contract, linked with Man Utd. We could be a decent proposition if Arsenal need to cash in to avoid losing him for a nominal tribunal fee. He'd probably think he's above us but if we're in the CL you never know.
  14. I think that overwhelmingly the best memory that most Leicester City supporters will have is 2016 when we won the Premiership Title against odds of 5000 to 1 Simply amazing, unbelievable! However, my best memory & one that I will never forget, was the Friday night game when the lads took Southampton to the slaughter & crucified them 9 - 0 That night the lads set 2 new English football records. 1) The heaviest defeat by any team in the English Football league playing away from home & 2) The heaviest defeat inflicted on any team Home or Away !!!
  15. Jena's - the cheating twat - yet again advocating fouling people to stop the play. No you arsehole, it's blatant fkin cheating, be a man and condemn it.
  16. Locket man! (I'm actually quite proud of that) haha
  17. Dean Smith’s shown himself up today.
  18. Really isn’t. Our end at Wolves was full of lads between 16 and 35. Yet we made next to **** all noise in the stands
  19. Probably the best player ever to play for the club. Why would anyone say no?
  20. .. you really believe all this comes down to lack of funds!!! I am sure most of the existing contracts will still be in force and the players are unwilling to leave, unless we pay them up or they leave, for a similar deal elsewhere. Silva and Slimani are at Monaco and I can't see either being taken on, as Monaco lacks the finance, to take them off our hands. The players you envisage we will be looking to bring in, aren't the players that Rodgers' will be pursuing. He is very much looking on the lines of Liverpool and looking for players not in the traditional sense, in respect of designated positions. Players who can play across the front line, much more utitiity as opposed to outright wingers. Just standing back and looking at what we perceive the players we need should be, I totally agree with you, but the kind of players we want are not the ones we are going to get, as it is contrary to the team Rodgers' envisage.
  21. Strangely enough i was listening to the match on a portable radio in the shed at Chelsea that day. Cant quite remember why I was there to be honest.
  22. If the current standings were final, then the following would happen: Division 1B Promotional Playoffs between winner of first half of the season (OH Leuven) and winner of second half of the season (Westerlo). Two legged finals, with Westerlo hosting the return match by virtue of being higher ranked in the overall standings (both 46 pts but Westerlo leading on goal diff). Playoff 2 (Europa League Playoffs): Virton, Westerlo, OH Leuven, Union SG, Beerschot and Lommel qualify by virtue of finishing top 6 overall (period 1 + period 2). Virtual groups: group A: Mechelen, Oostende, Waasland-Beveren, Lommel group B: Zulte Waregem, Eupen, Cercle Brugge, Beerschot group C: Anderlecht, Sint-Truiden, Virton, Union SG group D: Excel Mouscron, Kortrijk, Westerlo, OH Leuven 4 group winners play home & away semi finals (A vs C & B vs D) and final with highest league finisher always hosting the return match. Final winner plays 4th place finisher of playoff 1 (or 5th in case one of top four wins the cup, in this case if Antwerp or Club Brugge win the cup and finish top 4) for final European ticket in single match at stadium of highest league finisher = PO1 team. Playoff 3 (Relegation Playoffs): bottom two teams in the overall 1B standings, Roeselare and Lokeren, take part in a best-of-five playoff. As Roeselare (24pts) finished ahead of Lokeren (19pts), they start with home advantage and receive a three point head start.
  23. That film looked too choreographed, and almost a bit creepy.
  24. Yes agreed, But wasn't a goal disallowed by an Ear or a Nose a while ago and another by top of the Arm where it joins the Shoulder. We'll just have to wait and see what changes they make. I'm sure they will be for the better and will bring more clarity.
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