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  2. Breaking!!! Acting like a big club does not make you a big club
  3. What odds Southgate will be there to ignore both Maddison and Grealish in person?
  4. As far as I am concerned, he can have a long term contract until he is 40! The club is forever indebted to him and his loyalty.
  5. The only change I could see would be Chilwell back in if fit for Fuchs and maybe Perez being dropped and Gray or Albrighton starting to wind the Villa up!
  6. As a parent of a 6 and 11 year old we NEVER shouted at the kids when they couldn't sleep as that just increases anxiety in tgem. You need to soothe and calm. If the parents ARE shouting and YOU feel anxious listenin next door just imagine the kids. I'd have a quiet chat with the other neighbors and get a jist of what they think. Next step would perhaps be a chat with social services "Asking for advice on behalf of a friend in this situation!!!"
  7. tbh, i wouldn't eat that muck anyway, Pukka or otherwise. Pie + Football = Steak and Kidney. End of. Curry should be reserved for post match.
  8. We'll beat this mob.. Can't see a problem. Standard 0-2 win.
  9. The club has made incredible choices over the years from sacking Pearson after the Great Escape, to Ranieri after the title winning season, to Shakespeare after the interim steadying, to Puel after doing the hard yards in putting the foundations in place for Rodgers to reap the benefits of, to now securing Rodgers. I think the one who is really invaluable is the club ownership and management: Top, Susan and Rudkin. They are the ones who have made the incredible choices and recruitment. They really know what they are doing and I hope Susan and Rudkin are on long term contracts too!
  10. Love Nige and hope he does as well as we know he can.
  11. I would definitely think that if Watford had any history at all of giving a manager team. He's exactly who they need to pull themselves together, they just probably won't let him do it.
  12. His speeds in his hands so I'd not be too concerned on that score. That is fat though, even for him, he not been that fat since the start of his career. Would love to know thinking behind it if it was done on purpose. Not good if it was unintentional.
  13. Well hopefully the powers-that-be finally grow a brain cell and realise that just because people watch footy at home doesn't mean they won't go to games, especially when tickets can be subsidised with online sales. Hell, it could even trickle down the pyramid like it should have with sky/bt.
  14. God I'm going to end up wanting Watford of all teams to stay up, was not expecting that. He absolutely deserves another Prem job, hope it works out for him.
  15. Didn't Vardy end up using the Arsenal speculation to get a new deal with us too? Poor Arsenal.
  16. How will this work with the 3pm blackout though? Surely there'd be no games at that time any more?
  17. Isn't the some Monopoly bollox at work which is why we now need three subscriptions.
  18. Been saving and trading for scream Aguero and now have 1.1m coins so nearly there. It’s been a slog so I hope he’s worth it! Anyone used him or have a better alternative for a Prem team?
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