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  2. My case is pretty much rested here I think I’d never heard this before but yes, of course that’s how it works. its total bollocks mate I’m creasing up just thinking about it. It’s SUCH a hard industry to get in to you’ll know yourself. **** me I’ve wasted so much of my time debating something that’s so irrelevant in here, I’m learning more about myself than anything i think
  3. I bet you do anyway, when nobody's looking.
  4. My Sales Quote ” Throw enough shit and some of its going to stick”
  5. After seeing whats happened in the Stringer thread, I probably won't get away with this post without someone saying hello Marc but he's been absolutely superb for us, I can't believe you're saying that. During thaf Puel stint this season, he always looked 100x more effective than Gray. He's such an outlet for us. And in the other seasons he doesn't need defending. He's been incredible. His work rate, his unrivalled delivery in the box. He's been absolutely immense. I seriously cant believe anyone wouldn't think the same. In fact, as a free signing, id say its surely the best one we have ever made?
  6. MattFox


    Warwickshire is all Villa , despite Coventry being the county town. Cov really don’t have a catchment area
  7. If you're right then i feel bad for him. I think its much more likely to be someone close to him or a colleague.
  8. Didn't help that I went to the awful Staffordshire University. (Sorry if anyone went there, at least the women were decent) I'm not sure of Stringers background but did he go to uni and do anything? I remember him telling a story about how he tied himself to a Radio Stations doors and demanded a job?
  9. Why not? It's the logical thing to do once he was busted - a bit like swearing on your kids' life or something. I will never believe that anybody without a vested interest would make such a sycophantic post in defence of anybody; trawl back through the Puel threads - plenty defended him but never with such stilted language as that. People just don't speak that way. I'm assuming your last comment referenced a football video game? I can so imagine Stringer doing that, yeah.
  10. Gamble92


    Living in Nottingham most my life it's a debate I've had to have many times and you're absolutely right with that assessment. I think it mainly comes from the fact Forest vs Derby is NOT a big rivalry outside their region. Yet they both protect it and try to boost it up like it's world famous (a bit like Forest tragically do with their own club) To further their annoyance, since the mid 90s, Leicester has been by far the most Successful of the 3 sides. Meaning in alot of seasons where all 3 shared the same division, Leicester vs Forest and Leicester vs Derby would actually get picked over their game for TV. We'd then always get billed as the east midlands derby just to really boil their blood. Any Forest fan whos truthful will admit when they play us there's far more to it than a normal game. We don't go looking for any rivalry. It's a natural hatred and we don't need to advertise it or make it any bigger or smaller than it is.
  11. Bob Higgins has been found guilty of 45 counts of indecent assault.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-44682154
  12. Same. DW. And i I could probably translate hyrogliphocs faster than I could write shorthand now tbh. I was always Bob at it.
  13. I didn’t watch it. I was about 15 and pissed up in my mates garden at a house party....I remember that vividly actually and always remember connecting the two as well actually. So you’re right actually
  14. In all honesty I dont think it's actually ian. He slagged off Owen and Piper and I dont think Stringer would do that. He's commented on alot of FIFA stuff too and I can't quite imagine someone like Ian sat up all night playing Ultimate Team
  15. In terms of doing something with my degree. I got a totally different job And my shorthand speed is probably slower than my normal writing speed now. Doing well then
  16. Nothing forgettable about that 6-1 defeat to bottom of the Championship Portsmouth. Probably the single worst Leicester performance in living memory.
  17. Jim Al-Khalili on Britain's Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield. An interesting counterpoint to Chernobyl, and an insight into our own blunders that could have been much worse if not for Cockcroft's foresight.
  18. Seriously, Stringer, re-read what you first posted. Nobody talks like that when they are defending anybody, particularly that last line - it's embarrassing and cringe-worthy, just like your commentary.
  19. I'll drink my own jizz if this happens (PS. I had to use my data to say that, as WiFi sends me to the temporary forum, so please appreciate it).
  20. I agree to a certain extent but this arguement has always existed with the BBC. They can't do right in alot of scenarios. You only have to look at politics where both right and left strongly say the beeb prefer the other side. I think he does add alot of his character to the football forum but yet again id compare that to others local stations and say actually it's quite a good listen. No one (apart from maybe Ian himself) Is recommending him for national radio or beyond. But i think we could do alot worse.
  21. I thought that but then I thought he must have been joking. Surely he was joking? Cambiasso journeyman? Mancini? No. He must have been joking.
  22. Would be a massive improvement to what we have now. GET HIM IN!
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