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  2. They’re not that bloody hard ! ...
  3. Sweetheart killers? Age is no impediment? Nah! I'm a boy, not a man, aren't I?
  4. For that reason, I’m oot.
  5. Bakey

    Antonee Robinson

    Available for 1.5m if they go down:
  6. I see you are giving it some thought Crinkles but neither are correct ... the ones posted over the next 3 days will sort the men from the boys ... and show who the top boys are ... keep thinking !
  7. Stuck in the middle of Wales Old guard
  8. I was looking at the relegation battle earlier and the remaining fixtures. Norwich - a couple of big games against rivals but too much to do. DOWN (with 3 games to go) Bournemouth - not many favourable fixtures and a poor run in form. DOWN (with 2 games to go) Villa - Tough fixtures and doomed. DOWN (with 1 game to go) Watford - some big games starting tonight, more than capable of picking up a win or two. STAYING UP (with 1 game to go) West Ham - many simple fixtures and against rivals, will win a couple, decent side. STAYING UP (with 2 games to go) Brighton and anyone above are not worth mentioning.
  9. You might as well chuck Wolves in then you’ve got all bases covered ..
  10. I still think it is between us, Chelsea and Man U to battle for 3rd/4th/5th. And I don't think anything will be decided until the last match. Even then, it might be a dead rubber if Man City's ban is confirmed. Only prize money to play for then (and pride of course!).
  11. Wow so I am not the only one trying to get the numbers. I have been trying to get the pillar B test counts, and have a open FOI request for it. So the potential agenda against Leicester City has more fuel to the fire now.
  12. Not worth the hassle, not as if he's the most integral player in the world is he? Never going to be as good as Ndidi and likewise probably not even any better than Praet as a box to box midfielder.
  13. Morning ... pipe work completed so present and reporting for duty ... here’s a couple of little divils for you to get your choppers into ... Steady ... steady .... Go !! .....
  14. He's the sort of signing you can probably make but then still make your money back if he doesn't make it. I'd doubt it though, with Fuchs sticking around and Thomas coming through I think it would be unlikely we'd be after back up. And if Chilwell leaves I think we'll have higher targets.
  15. Meh. Buns might be better, but burgers a bit tasteless.
  16. We probably exist mid to lower top league, with the occasional relegation and promotion. We are punching well above or weight currently, we have fantastic owners who are building the structure to (hopefully)move to the next level. We are Leicester City we won the Premier league, the natural order never has that happening!! Until Abramovich went to Chelsea they were nothing, same with Man City in League 1 15 years back. Our owners could take us up a step if they get it right. The trouble for us at present is we are one bad season away from disaster so it's a massively hard task.
  17. He would either be tamed here or he'll fall out with Kasper and Vardy and that never ends well for anybody. Not worth the risk, for someone in his position. You might take a gamble on a quality wide man that can win you games but not someone who wouldn't even be first choice.
  18. Is there much history of unionisation in the BAME community in Leicester? Also while I think about it, unions generally fought for legal protections like the minimum wage, which is indeed enshrined in law. So the workers do indeed have rights. The question is why in this community those rights are being willfully ignored by all sides.
  19. I live on the outskirts of Leicestershire, a literal stones throw from Derbyshire, and the boozers were pretty packed here. Went for a run through town and it was business as usual. This is, by and large, pretty safe: there have been slim to no cases of Covid in my town. I can only imagine the impact it would have if the place were riddled though.
  20. Would be an expensive pointless signing, what does the lad bring, is he defensive or offensive, he seems to run around a lot but not seen anything of note that he’s done. Offensively won’t pass Madders or Tielemans even Praet in that roll and defensively won’t pass Ndidi, Praet or Mendy before you even get to Hamza. We need creativity so it’s a no from me.
  21. Yep, it’s the ref that dislikes us the most. Chris out of his depth Kavanagh
  22. I only really seen one picture to be honest that was a street fill in London outside. So I guess other places probably were sensible. There was always going to be a few situations like this once places opened it was never just going to disappear.
  23. I really, really like Carrie Coon, obviously the set up with the boy was curious and the strange cult thing got me interested. But within a couple of episodes, yeah, I was just bored. 1 is absolutely fantastic though. Credit especially to Jessica Biel who is sensational.
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