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  2. I've only played the full 30 twice this year. Normally stop on 14 wins with about 6 games left. Its too time consuming most of the time. I do just cringe when the opposition team loads up half the time. You just wonder how the hell they have the players that they do. And you can guarantee they'll have bloody Flashback Ibra on the bench.
  3. It's all about Tulsi Gabbard. Half WASP, half Samoan, Hindu, MILF, Iraq war veteran. That's some major diversity box ticking goodness. She should have announced her campaign with a Siva Tau but we'll forgive her that if she opens up a debate against the Donald by throwing one down to challenge him. Come on. All aboard the Tulsi Train.
  4. Matthew Goodwin wrote a piece in this a while back - the vast majority of people are exposed to all sorts of opinion but there are a significant proportion especially on things like Twitter who aren't. It was actually more of a problem for Remainers as well - he cited some areas of North London and Brighton where the remain vote was as high as 95%. Leave areas peaked at around 80%. If you look at the results across the country that seems to work out as well. Places like London, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford going 70-80% Remain whereas Leave was winning almost everywhere else but with a vote of about 55-60%. My own personal friendship group reflected this as well with about a 60-40 split in favour of leave.
  5. Its a tough call. Sadly, i think a white dem stands a better chance at getting some republican voters. For some reason i feel like bernie needs to move on and Biden might have a good shot possibly with harris as a running mate??? Bith are very old 76/77 and while i have no problem with age it has 1 term written all over it.
  6. Still lots available even several seats together. And as I have said before, I am sure Newcastle will return at least one block (M1). General sale should commence this week some time, only 2 weeks until the match.
  7. fuchsntf


    No He makes more sense than I do.... to the non innituated,and none affliluated ....Wheel -happy-clappers-shunters-club....!!
  8. And I wish you the best of luck, Jon. But your opinions ring hollow when your kids won’t grow up to suffer the consequences of them.
  9. Struggling to think the last time there was an UEFA event in England (excepting Wembley) since Old Trafford holding the Champions League. The UEFA saps love London because the availability of top hotels. I reckon they will have the Europa League Final there in next five years. The i Paper suggested they are ambitiously targeting the Super Bowl. I can see what Spurs are trying to do but it doesn't really fit with the culture of football fans, yeah agreed.
  10. Is this like a silva situ. Transfer went through but not registered with PL? If not this looks ugly for cardiff no doubt. I mean they look petty (given the tragic ending) but that shouldnt be an issue if they have a legitimate reason. Problem is public opinion will make them feel bad etc.
  11. Agree. Interesting to see Sabalenka is starting to play doubles in some tournaments. I think this is a good thing and should help develop the finer aspects of her game. She's has choked a few times but the pressure is different now. She's there to be shot at whereas before she pretty much had nothing to lose. With Sabalenka it will be interesting to see how she does after Easbourne as from then on she will have points to defend. Anisimova looks the real deal. She's very tall and has a great serve. I've not seen so much of Vondrousova though the last 2 big tournaments have been good for her. Andreescu clearly has a whole court game that not many players do at the moment. Maybe Halep is a good comparison? The depth in the women's game is far greater than ever now and though it can be easy to break the top 20 but to stay there for a while is not so easy and it doesn't take much to fall down into the 40s and 50s. Just look at Konta who is a shadow of the player of 2 years ago and whose capitualation the other night was frankly pathetic. Mladenovic is another.
  12. The good thing about it though is even the most hysterical anti-Trump dem must now realise if they want to remove him from the Whitehouse they are going to have to appeal to the people and win an election rather than rely on the media to do it - that can only be a good thing going forward. Biden or Harris look the best candidates to me but God knows who they will end up selecting.
  13. Oh yeah, their everything puts ours to shame. On the surface of it, I'm massively jealous, it's a wonderful looking space both in the seats and under the stands. Absolutely not knocking that at all and in the extremely, extremely long term, once its paid off, I agree with AKCJ it'll be a hell of an asset that can only grow them as a club. I just think the short term and mid term pain could have been majorly mitigated by reigning in the excess and probably achieving the same outcome.
  14. It reminds me a lot of American stadia. When you watch a game over there, very few folk sit through the entire game. They often go to a bar or off to fill their faces.
  15. Swan Lesta


    Is his agent @fuchsntf?
  16. Amazing..the politicians have won . "Again"...they have got the electorate arguing against each other,while missing the major point,that the UK govt hasn't offered either side diddly squat....and it keeps coming back with T.Mays same offers. You should be demanding her and the top cronies including the opposition,should get the same treatment as William wallace,and it's England should be asking for independence,away from Ireland,Scotland and Wales,but we want to keep Jersey,Guernsey and the Isle of Man.... That way,UK might get a decent..National-Anthem!!!.... We have had the rebirth of Dick III, Now we need the 'son of Guy Fawkes."... I was a remainer...but what is happening is wrong..!! The Brexiteers have been farted on,and the stench will last for centuries,no matter how much and how long you spray it!! Even has a remainer,one can't trust any present UK politician or splinter-group. They have ignored the major issues,they have ignored the will of the majority.... The referendums point of first p set the post!!! Then taken away through sheer stupidity,the one strength we would of had, by taking and making that Final break. Commit by saying Fk ..EU customs union,we will become. ..."A Unique Island state". I now believe fervently past and present top politicians,are frightened,what will be found out,how they sold the UK to the highest bidder..!!! During these 40 years and NOTHING TO DO with any EU ruling...!!! the blame machine would of had to end,with a complete Brexit....and all of you fell for it,hook line and sinker!!!...even stinker..
  17. Ah, missed the part about selling the same regardless of kiosk quality. I agree with you there, it's massively over the top. The point stands about our catering options though- theirs put ours to shame.
  18. lcfcnsk


    to display Djené Dakonam in Mestalla last weekend has not gone unnoticed in the world of football. They are already two years of the Togolese performing at a superlative level and already last summer several clubs wanted to take over the services of the defender. But, it does not seem that to this day the Spanish clubs are willing to pay the 35 million of their clause of rescission . A Djené still has four years of contractso it seems unfeasible to leave the painting getafense by a smaller amount than that, so it seems that only the three economic 'monsters' of La Liga could afford that luxury and, on the day of Today, neither Barcelona, nor Atlético de Madrid nor Real Madrid are considering hiring. However, the wide range that exists in the Premier suggests that it may be the main focus of danger for Angel Torres. There are several teams that can spend that amount almost without disheveling and Unai Emery was already in Mestalla watching the player, whom he already wanted in July. Also Everton and Leicester City are pending to make another attempt in the next summer market. The Getafe keeps its trick of Europe and trusts that, if the equipment finishes in those positions of privilege, 'retaining' the player will be much simpler within a project in growth. https://www.marca.com/futbol/getafe/2019/03/23/5c960f78ca47418e2e8b4654.html
  19. Just going back to this briefly, there was some good insight from @Fez of Mahrez on Twitter yesterday about how football fans on social media often get to see a broader range of political views than others - purely because they end up reading, by accident rather than design, the political views of people they follow for their sporting opinion. I guess the same is true on here to some extent. I'm not someone who lives in a Remainer bubble by any means, but it does make you wonder how many people there are in this country who are exclusively seeing one side of the argument in real life and online. It's clearly a huge part of the problem in terms of why this has all become so divisive.
  20. A very large tree came down in a wood near me and blocked a path ... would have been fairly costly to shift it but clever trousers here had a plan ... leave it as it is and cut an arch through it ... slightly diverting the path. Saved quite a bit of money and time for the owner and we were all done in a few hours ...
  21. You could serve multiple decent beers and upgrade the kiosks as a whole for significantly less than Spurs have splurged on it though. Big difference between a nice looking, good quality kiosk and, as Finnegan put, the ludicrous hipster bars Spurs have implemented.
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