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  2. volpeazzurro

    When do we start to get worried?

    Don't think he had any say in it. Southampton clearly had a sell their best players policy and replace with academy or cheap ones before he even got there.
  3. mozartfox

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Yep - he is definitely on Austrian as he looks grumpy and this is the normal feeling you have when flying with them. He will have take another flight whatever happens as we will be training on the other side of the Country. He may of course be transitting in VIE for Holland? I will be arriving in VIE at midday today and will search the entire airport before going home in case he is doing a Riyad and living in the airport.
  4. ozleicester

    foxhateram's Optimistic Bus

    Fear not...It runs on joy and happiness 😂
  5. mozartfox


    Agreed. Close this thread and re-open the Nicky Maynard thread, that is more our level
  6. Jattdogg

    Anyone had the snip?

    Never gonna get it done. Waiting for my turn to impregnate my beloved beyonce or any hot rich woman
  7. Jattdogg

    Coronation Street

    Wouldnt stop me. For all i know that's her gay black friend.
  8. jayfox26

    Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    Hes not a bad player like some are making out but hes also not what we need. His attitude before leaving here, putting in a transfer request etc didn't exactly sit well with me and injuries have massively stalled his career. Would be a massive gamble signing him for £20m or maybe more and his wage demands would also be high. We probably could do with a top centre mid but I'd rather we looked at someone younger. Loftus cheek would be class but cant see chelsea selling him. Also we'd need to move a couple on as we have Ndidi, Silva, Iborra, Hamza, King, James, Amartey and Mendy. 8 centre mids is far too many!
  9. no thanks the 3 times a season his twat it 60 yards for Vardy to chase tactics work isn't worth the outlay, plus he knew he wouldn't be in their team when he left so he can stay there and suck it up
  10. Jimmy

    When do we start to get worried?

    some of you lot need to go see a Psychiatrist you are absolutely desperate for us to go down just so you can say "I told you so" its ****ing pathetic
  11. Today
  12. TeaMen Tom

    Riyad finally gone

    Watching him now...it just doesn't look right.
  13. ithuriel

    Let's have a films thread.

    Do not know if this belongs here but Guardians Of The Galaxy director, James Gunn fired over decade old offensive tweets, dark humour or something more disturbing?
  14. Karl_LCFC

    UK Geography Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 25 seconds  
  15. trabuch


    We are easy mid table. It will be interesting to see if Puel can get Vardy back on form after a dismal world cup for him (I would be very depressed if I were Vardy, knowing that my manager would rather keep a limping mouth breathing horse on the pitch rather than put me on as the perfect plan B - when it was patently bloody obvious it wasn't working). Rant aside - there is much to look forward to for LCFC this season.
  16. fox_favourite

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    This is the seat covers for Austrian Airways.
  17. urban.spaceman

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Well..... Brighton did a preseason trip to Switzerland and they're now back in the UK. City play Notts County tomorrow but the website states we then embark on a week long trip to Austria with games on Wednesday and Saturday. My guess is AJ will meet us there, have his medical and sign for us before playing in one or both of the games on the tour, but won't be announced for a week - mainly to annoy people on here - and will be listed as A. Trialist on the teamsheet. Either way, excellent work Columbo
  18. UPinCarolina

    foxhateram's Optimistic Bus

    We’re going to play well tomorrow. I can feel it.
  19. Samilktray

    Yannic bolasie

    Please never compare our Riyad to this chump again
  20. NasPb

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Looks like Austria backwards. There are flights from Iran to Austria at the same time he sent that message. We're playing in Austria soon. Thoughts???
  21. ozleicester

    Welcome Danny Ward

    Sadly if a goalkeeper comes in as disliked, there is almost no chance he can change that opinion. He cam make a thousand good saves, but one simple error will bring out the toldyaso's Welcome and good luck
  22. Jimmy


    people wanting Puel out for boring football want Rafe Benitez in as his replacement?
  23. JohnLennon


    Bigger, but not better. There's been clubs in the past like Newcastle and Leeds who thought their club was too big to go down but in reality their playing squad was absolute shite.
  24. spacemunky

    Riyad finally gone

    Starting tonight for Man City in their match vs Dortmund
  25. HighPeakFox

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Boom boom boom boom, boom boom boom.....
  26. Did a brilliant job at my local side Grantham Town in the late 90s, he often used to return for pre season friendlies when managing York City and other professional clubs. Would love to see him back in management at a decent level.
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