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  2. Fury showed last time that he could wear at least one of Wilders big hits and still stay in it, but that being said it was the final round and it was just one. FWIW I hope Fury wins it purely because Wilder is pretty much the epitome of the egotistical arseholery that high-level boxing can be at times.
  3. The idea of "sticks and stones may break my bones but words do not hurt me" is a bloody dangerous fallacy. In long: "words have toppled governments, words have brought low religions, words have the power to make normal people into monsters or heroes, words create entire worlds and universes, words bring people together and tear them apart, words do and have killed just as words have also saved. words are the expression of ideals and thoughts and are in fact one of the most powerful tools however in mouths of the careless, ignorant, and bigoted they are without a doubt one of the most devastating weapons which inflicts pain and suffering across all senses and indeed across the span of time from generation to generation." In short; folks who think words don't have the power to hurt and destroy evidently never spent quality time in the company of a lawyer.
  4. May as well say ‘Would you sign De Bruyne’ of course we would. But the wages / fact that they’d be about 10 higher rated clubs in for him as well means it would never happen
  5. I agree. This could end up being like the Mahrez situation. Mahrez was seemingly desperate to join Arsenal, we kept him, he did well in CL for us and ended up at Man City (A much better team). If we qualify for the CL none of our players should want to leave, if they do, they must doubt there ability, as they may as well play the CL season with us and likely to still be highly courted by a ‘top 2’ club or a Barca / Real Madrid. Another reason why I feel Kante jumped ship too soon, especially when Chelsea didn’t even quality for the UCL. He’d probably be at Real or PSG now if he’d stayed that extra season
  6. Completely agree. Find it quite incredible as well that Man City can be punished for putting money into football but Man Utd's owners aren't for taking money out of it. Wouldn't be surprised if the entire basis of the appeal is based on who comes 5th as well - if Manchester United then Manchester City will lose their appeal, if it's Wolves or Sheffield United they'll probably win it. That's what we're dealing with here.
  7. That Sean probably isn’t even from Enderby
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  9. Shot himself in the foot. Or foot in the mouth, after he shot it.
  10. Just opened my squad battles rewards and there an unidentified pack with 60 rare golds in it. It wont let me open it though. EA are just trolling me now!
  11. Still not over it me. What a chance blown.
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  13. I'm wondering how the houses they built between Wigston and Kilby Bridge are doing, because those fields always used to flood, but they built houses on them anyway. I know that earlier in the year there was flooding on the road to Wistow (out from Newton Lane), which there had never been before, until they built those houses.
  14. A stranger that's saw more than enough of both players to have an informed opinion on the matter as opposed to yours that is more than likely based on having saw Tierney once or twice.
  15. Want to fit in? Get the same trainers. BBC MOTD must have a job lot or its product placement. I'll stick to Samba's
  16. ... quite strange that having won the fist half of the season OHL then go on the beach for the earlier games,!! Instead of building on what they had achieved, totally switched off. Losing their manager did not help but they were under performing even then.
  17. Mooching through Amazon Prime and found myself watching the Class of 92 again. Even though I hated Man Utd at that time, it's a brilliant documentary.
  18. I haven't watched the past couple of years as the format got tired quickly - but it's a show that has this weird, obsessive level of fandom and attachment amongst a load of those that watch it. If a red top prints the slightest smear against one of the contestants, the amount of folk that jump on it and bombard their respective social media accounts with abuse is staggering and it must take its toll. Absolutely bizarre, aggressive pack mentality I don't think exists with any other show over here, certainly not to the same extent. While I think the show itself is generally pretty harmless in terms of format etc - the posts in this thread take it in the spirit its intended, it's panto stuff really - but there's a massive share of its audience that are weapons and unfortunately I don't think that'll change.
  19. I'd sell my left pinkie if it meant we landed Grealish this summer.
  20. I'd be looking at Saka of Arsenal to be honest. Looks quality right now, seems to be running down his contract, linked with Man Utd. We could be a decent proposition if Arsenal need to cash in to avoid losing him for a nominal tribunal fee. He'd probably think he's above us but if we're in the CL you never know.
  21. I think that overwhelmingly the best memory that most Leicester City supporters will have is 2016 when we won the Premiership Title against odds of 5000 to 1 Simply amazing, unbelievable! However, my best memory & one that I will never forget, was the Friday night game when the lads took Southampton to the slaughter & crucified them 9 - 0 That night the lads set 2 new English football records. 1) The heaviest defeat by any team in the English Football league playing away from home & 2) The heaviest defeat inflicted on any team Home or Away !!!
  22. Jena's - the cheating twat - yet again advocating fouling people to stop the play. No you arsehole, it's blatant fkin cheating, be a man and condemn it.
  23. Locket man! (I'm actually quite proud of that) haha
  24. Dean Smith’s shown himself up today.
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