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  2. Choudhury is slightly less limited than N'didi technically, slightly less good at doing what N'didi specializes in. It's silly to talk of "Hamza just need to push the ball forward more" - it's simply not something he's capable of. There's a 90% overlap between his game and Wilf's, and to be brutally honest while they're both good footballers neither is so good that their name should be an automatic on the team sheet. They can't play together plain and simple, and if they do we're going to be a punchless, ineffective side.
  3. Pukki is a wonderful player, IMO. Clever and relentless, selfish when the moment calls for it and selfless when it doesn't.
  4. I find it interesting that two or three hundred posters have pointed out the obvious about “the two DMs” killing our ability to transition to attack. But not a single one has mentioned the five or six completed intermediate and long passes per game we got from Maguire last year. And haven’t this year. Last season, we beat Chelsea away with the Choudidendy midfield. Yep, we started Choudhury, Ndidi and Mendy with Maddison pushed to the wing. Tielemans was still riding the pine at Monaco. Yet we squeezed off eight shots, and rode out a victory at Stamford Bridge with a midfield that would unanimously be called hopeless if Rodgers named them. Y’all are missing something here. So enthused to point out Harry’s positioning errors for Manure and England, are you unable to perceive this significant difference he made for us? One that Rodgers hasn’t yet figured out how to replace.
  5. They're not at all. I do think they are better than those three though. They've not won a league away game since January and that frankly terrifies me.
  6. The other day on a national sport show they had predictions for the weekend with four on the panel. Three away wins and a draw were the predictions for ours. We weren't stupid to think we could get something. A lot of neutrals thought we would and the Redcafe thread had more predict us to win than them. We had the total wrong attitude from the off. We didn't look at any point like we believed we could win.
  7. See, this manager clearly did NOT play two Defensive midfielders #fearless
  8. I really don't think it's implausible we don't win again until November. If we're going to keep playing this daft system, with a mix of tough games and then ones we're likely to struggle against stylistically (Newcastle, Burnley). If he sees sense and goes back to 4-3-3 with Maddison and Tielemans in the middle it'll take off again but I'm not convinced. I thought he'd shaken it after that Bournemouth game but he hasn't.
  9. Wait!!!... @Countryfox married @Carl the Llama 's twin sister? ....lol and they talk about Coventry
  10. Daniel Iversen - Rotherham United, 90 minutes in a 6-1 win over Bolton Wanderers (League One) - Total Appearances: 6 - Total Clean Sheets: 1 Josh Knight - Peterborough United, 90 minutes in a 6-0 win over Rochdale (League One) - Total Appearances: 8 - Total Goals: 1 Layton Ndukwu - Southend United, on as a 2nd half sub in a 3-3 draw with Fleetwood (League One) - Total Appearances: 8 - Total Goals: 0 Ryan Loft - Carlisle United, subbed on in injury time in a 3-2 win over Stevenage (League Two) - Total Appearances: 9 - Total Goals: 1 Sam Hughes - Salford City, no involvement in their 2-0 defeat to Cheltenham (League Two) - Total Appearances: 1 - Total Goals: 0 Kamal Sowah - OH Leuven, 67 minutes in a 1-1 draw with Union Saint-Gilloise (Belgian First Division B) - Total Appearances: 7 - Total Goals: 3 Andy King - Rangers, on as a 2nd half sub in a 3-1 win over Livingston (Scottish Premiership) - Total Appearances: 3 - Total Goals: 0 Islam Slimani - Monaco, 90 minutes but no goals in a 4-3 defeat to Marseille (Ligue 1) - Total Appearances: 3 - Total Goals: 3 Adrien Silva - Monaco, on as a 2nd half sub in the 4-3 defeat to Marseille (Ligue 1) - Total Appearances: 3 - Total Goals: 0 Fousseni Diabate - Amiens, 87 minutes on debut in a 2-2 draw with Lyon (Ligue 1) - Total Appearances: 1 - Total Goals: 0 Rachid Ghezzal - Fiorentina, unused sub in the 0-0 draw with Juventus (Serie A) - Total Appearances: 0 - Total Goals: 0
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  12. I'd be happy enough with that. Not ideal but the squad is still very imbalanced. At the minute you feel like he's just trying to fit in who he can.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49708721 Kauvanagh having to answer some more questions. Funny thing is that he's actually gotten in the way of what those who voted him onto the panel wanted him to do (start the process to overturn Roe v Wade) three times already, so I'm surprised that the Repubs are actually defending him as vociferously as they are.
  14. It's feeling like Rodgers has a bit of the Puel stubbornness in him - we've all been singing his praises, and rightfully so - but he's seemed reluctant to change tactics even when evidence strongly suggests that it's necessary. Then again, he's the gaffer and I'm just a schmuck on a forum.
  15. Sorted— friend has an extra
  16. Third highest wickets for England, behind Broad and Archer 12 at 25 in four tests More wickets than Woakes and Stokes (in a similar number of overs) Better economy rate and average than Broad Better strike rate than Siddle, Starc, Pattinson Plus that vital 1no at Headingley and a higher batting average than Warner.
  17. I always thought the whole idea behind playing the short goal kicks like that is to draw a number of players onto you so that once you're closed down and you pass the ball agan there are fewer players to break down once you've bypassed them. It's just very funny when it goes wrong and it's pathetc how many times it has done already.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Top man, Izzy. Buzzing for you
  20. FYI @jumbo747, the guv'nor of this thread is @Izzy. What he says goes. He used to run the class when we were at school together. Probably the funniest fella at Lutterworth. Bloody great bloke. (Hates repeated jokes though ha)
  21. As a bang average-looking bloke, I merely live in hope that some women might like the look of a bang average-looking bloke on Tinder Alcohol and disappointment, I remember those days!!
  22. It's one of the biggest of recent years really. Newly promoted side missing 11 players beating the 100 point and 98 points of the last two years champions. Norwich were 22/1 to win that game. I personally didn't give them a prayer. Fantastic from them. They're a very good to watch side.
  23. Had a couple from o2, never had an issue Usually they've been returned to them within a few days for being the wrong colour, size of memory etc I'd be a little unsure about buying one off places like eBay but no problems for me via o2
  24. Absolute vvankers these people. They need having their licence revoked.
  25. The slow starts point is true. It's not quite Puel bad (where going 1-0 down in the first 10 minutes was practically a given) but you can't say it's been sorted ether. We always take too long to get going in nearly every game. When dd we last score a goal in the first 10 minutes? I'd dread to see a table of our goals for and against in the first ten minutes in the last couple of seasons. We'd be bottom by an almost unbelievable dstance.
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