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  2. Leicester are changing football! ricardo shouldnt be here! tielimans shouldnt be here! rodgers shouldnt be here! we'll never win the premier league! we've achieved a title win and attracting big players. The exuse of they'll go because its a bigger club is becoming less attractive as the years go by now! Well done to leicester !!
  3. I think 'treated as worse' and 'worse' should be differentiated here. One isn't worse than the other, it is the same thing with a different target. Most muslims are treated appallingly on the basis of utter nonsense, and held responsible for the actions of terrorists the overwhelming majority of object to very much.
  4. its lucky he's here at a time we have the best owners in football, the new training ground and stadium plans! Otherwise he'd be gone!
  5. Walsh and shakey are both unemployed so you’d imagine they’ll both join Nige. Hope they stay up now.
  6. With the owners Watford have and Nigel Pearson's attitude I will give him till March. They will not stick with losing like our owners did. Funny appointment for him. Don't see what he can achieve there without a long time to build. Must have been desperate to get back into football at the Premiere level
  7. Great manager that takes alot of time to build things up and never had that time at southampton, Hull and derby! Leicester could of pulled the trigger but held on and he built the infrastructure and the premier league winning squad. Shame he's going to another team that werent give him that time neither
  8. Excellent, but what about the clauses hmm? Clever bloke Brendan. Nice extra bit of wedge before the inevitable. ahh who am I kidding? Terrific. Here until the end of the season at least now. We’re gonna win the league.
  9. Think he's in Milan scouting Chris Smalling
  10. Cheers! That's what I think we'll do, just need to find a good moment to speak to the neighbours and go from there. Fingers crossed it's all a fuss over nothing and calms down. I'm getting to old for this lack of sleep, and that's before we've had kids of our own!
  11. Defence is the big one for me. We may have the best defence in the league, but back up options are severely limited. More goals from the wingers would be nice too. Basically make the best even better
  12. I think it is worse yes; some degree of anti-muslim feeling is to be expected given terrorist activity and child abuse stories in the news in recent years. Not justified, but to be expected. People fear the "otherness". Jews are being treated appallingly on the basis of utter nonsense, and held responsible for Israeli government actions many object to very much. It is certainly worse imo.
  13. At the end of the day stan we really don't need to respond to the likes of sutton and merson, forget the media snipers, we are the real deal and the only thing that will make us small time is worrying about these clowns, we are better than that and on the pitch is where it matters ,we are on our way no matter how much the established order dosnt like it.
  14. I assume that any future threads calling for Rodgers to be sacked are now officially ruled out of order.
  15. Well his history since leaving us hasn't been good. Are there rumours that Walsh & Shakespeare will be joining him?
  16. The clause will still be there but much higher. We'll have commited to about £40m in wages to BR over the next 5.5 years and part of that quid pro quo will be a much higher release clause.
  17. I bet Merson on Soccer Saturday tomorrow is all for it and says he never wanted him at Arsenal, thinks it's great he's signed a new deal and will take us forward
  18. I can, the Jets beat them. As a Jets fan, it’s laughable that when team can’t beat us at the moment.
  19. Wow what an appointment for Watford that would be! Lucky bastards
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