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  2. elvisfmcfly

    Wolves (A)..next up.

    Sorted. It would be just like Puel to get a result anyway just seems to do enough when he’s on the precipice to save his saggy hide!
  3. ozleicester

    2019 AFC Asian Cup

    Who are ya? Who are ya?
  4. Newcastle look short of defenders for their game against Cardiff at the weekend Both CB’s lascelles and Clark was subbed off injuried tonight and a couple of other players limped off at the end of the game
  5. elvisfmcfly

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    You would think that cause you come from the same mould as him! Let’s forget the condescending arrogance of his post that is unfathomable shall we?
  6. Ian Nacho

    Wolves (A)..next up.

    Wolves attack teams so plan A may work a little.
  7. lcfceaves


    Yep as creepy as it sounds, I found this thanks to your lovely post earlier...
  8. Ian Nacho

    Yohan Benalouane

    On another note, what a tosser he is.
  9. well let’s be honest there’s two very distinct camps and no one is really going to change peoples minds on masse... whats your priority? 1. highest league position possible. 2. enjoyable football. it doesn’t seem like we will get both with Puel. no one is is a moron , is deluded or needs to go away for picking either preference. i wish people would stop that kind of talk.
  10. Ian Nacho

    Yohan Benalouane

    Has he been hiding out in Cuba too?
  11. gw_leics772


    @lcfceaves Fancy seeing you here. Are you following me? And most of all, dont let those bastards out there in the other threads get you down. Theres some right nasty bastards out there. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 😘
  12. Realist Guy In The Room

    Part time jobs

    Pure sexist.
  13. chapero82

    Danny Drinkwater

    So basically you are covering your tracks this time
  14. Realist Guy In The Room

    Gilette Advert

    Good advert. I know not to act like a **** but even at 40, sometimes I still do. Continuously feel I have to ‘lad’ up all the time when i’m with my mates and i’ve never really had a talk to either of my kids about bullying. It’s a pretty positive advert actually. Judging by some of the reactions on here and social media in general, quite a few have either deliberately missed the point or are stuck with their own masculinity issues. Still wouldn’t buy a razor though.
  15. Strokes

    Gilette Advert

    For fùcks sake, now I’m going to look a right scruffy cúnt when I go out raping.
  16. Manini

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    To be completely honest, me and my girlfriend are looking to go away, a week relaxation holiday. We’ve been all over Europe between the two of us and we wanted to try something different and I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico. Maybe you’re right though, maybe for the type of things we’re looking for somewhere in the Caribbean may be a better bet and maybe do Mexico as part of a “bigger” trip.
  17. StanSP

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Find it weird, and unfair, that some teams get it and others don't. They even had VAR in the first game at St James Park and now not available in this game just because it's reserved for Premier League teams only
  18. StanSP

    Foxestalk quizzes

    it's still active https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/118126-football-in-2018-quiz/
  19. AlloverthefloorYesNdidi

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    Bit OTT la
  20. elvisfmcfly

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    If you think performances and results at home against the likes of Cardiff and a ten man Southampton and an away loss to a league 2 side are acceptable and showing no consistency after beating Man City and Chelsea then it’s you who is the moron who needs educating,pull your head out of Puels arse,it’s fanatical hysterical maniacal and sickening.
  21. Ric Flair

    Who then......

    Rodgers being linked in The Sun if we lose on Saturday, just seen on Twitter. So a load of shit then basically.
  22. syston_fox

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Just finished Statik on psvr. Very good little puzzle game and only a few quid on the PlayStation store at the moment if you have a very headset. Very simple concept - your hands are trapped in a mechanical puzzle box and every button / stick on your controller does something different on each box. You get no instructions so it's all trial and error to see what action is triggered by each control and then a case of combining them to solve the puzzle. Works very well as a VR game but only a few of hours long to solve everything.
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