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  2. Who's the fat guy fielding with 55 on his back ?
  3. Just chucked a few ££ on him staying at 12/5 Hes going nowhere
  4. That was a one off, I just mean if we start fearing these games against United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs we'll never be their equals. A one off season could happen again, but the myth of the top 6, which has only really happened since we won the league, is what keeps the status quo as much as buying power and fanbase. The more the papers speculate about the decline of the top 6 the better.
  5. HM didn't look happy getting off the coach tonight. Walked quickly passed everyone, while others slowed down for fans and straight into the ground without an acknowledgement for anyone 🤔
  6. Is maguire captain of a side containing Kasper ??
  7. 250/6 Surrey scored against Kent. Highest Leicestershire have conceded is 218 against Northants (16th highest). EDIT: That's for Vitality Blast only. For T20 cup, it's 260/4 for Yorkshire against Northants in 2017.
  8. Also would like to see the Romanina lad Alex Pasanu.
  9. Yes it is, at least, there's a commentary ATM. Hopefully pictures will follow before kick off Pictures now, so looks promising
  10. King played most minutes so far!! In pre- season,or am I mistaken..??
  11. I genuinely thought he meant in that it's too good to be playing poor Cambridge in a pre-season friendly.
  12. What, how the **** do you spell Chris Woods wrong???
  13. You're quite right. 99.9% of the referendum debate was about what sort of deal we'd leave with (in or out of SM/CU; Norway, Canada or Albania model; easy, very easy or piss-easy etc.). But we didn't vote how to Leave, so leaving with No Deal was not specifically precluded. Nor was...... - Leaving the EU but allowing free entry to the French, allowing them to freely come in and rub garlic all over our copies of The Sun, while running around being all foreign and Muslim looking - Digging the UK up by the foundations, towing it across the Atlantic and ramming it up Donald Trump's fat hairy orange arse.... Likewise, nothing undemocratic about Boris' indirectly elected status (assuming it happens tomorrow) - elected by the largest political party, then his status presumably elected indirectly as PM by Parliament tomorrow.... Juncker and Ursula von der Leyen were also chosen by a party political majority & then approved by the EU Parliament.......so Boris will have as much of a democratic mandate as Juncker or Von der Leyen....
  14. They've still got Willey, Ballance, Pooran to come
  15. Never heard of him before this window. Now I can't live without him 😍
  16. Would be good to see Tavares get some minutes. Wasn't too bad for U18s last season.
  17. Andy King attacking midfielder masterclass incoming.
  18. @Dahnsouff When you think you’ve done a post that could accidentally wind them up but you’ve only got one post left.
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