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  2. Has something about him, seems one of the few Arsenal players up for the fight and with a bit of steel, athletic and technically sound. I think we have a history of taking player who are unwanted and turning them around. I also think we have a stronger dressing room then Arsenal.
  3. On my Samsung (Galaxy S7) you can go to settings - notifications and you can turn off allowing apps such as google play from sending notifications.
  4. Maddison, Evans, Soyuncu and Ricardo in the same window 3 years later weren’t bad either!
  5. Thanks Will give those a go although I'm not sure what I'd be looking for in the play store.
  6. We now go into the final 5 games of the season needing a good return to get champions league football. If you asked me at the half way stage if we'd be in this position, I would have laughed but here we are. Brendan has got a lot of praise this season and rightly so, but now he needs to prove himself and get the lads going for the part of the season where it counts. We are still in a good position but can't afford any more slip ups between now and the end of the season. United are coming at us like a steam train and Chelsea look like a good bet also. What I'd like to see is us have a go at teams as we need wins now rather than draws.
  7. You’ve worked out parts of it between you ...
  8. I think most LCFC supporters could have wrote that, the areas of weakness in the squad are pretty easy to spot. Without doubt we need quality over quantity.
  9. Wasn't suggesting we'd be given the penalty, but there's always a chance we'll concede one
  10. Well you’ve got it’s 3 words ! ... But nope ...
  11. Is there potential to look through the settings of google play store, maybe somethings changed there to suddenly allow the pop ups. Alternatively, something like This could help you out. If all else fails try restarting or a soft restart (holding volume and lock buttons for 10seconds).
  12. Vanilla Pod? Sugar pod, something like that.
  13. Last one... Lower age limit
  14. He might not even make the squad, but it’ll only be for cover I’m sure.
  15. I know its just business, but does feel a little shit kicking a club when they're already down on their luck.
  16. I'd actually say not winning somewhere for 47 years then winning there the one year when fans aren't allowed would be very Leicester
  17. I find it weird how little he shoots from outside the box. We've all seen him score bangers for fun at Monaco and Anderlecht. Have a dig son.
  18. Would anyone else take a punt on John McGinn if Villa go down? Personally think he's great and offers a lot with his pressing. Praet, Tielemans, Maddison, McGinn is a solid quartet to rotate with. Ndidi and Choudhury to rotate the defensive spot of the three.
  19. And with VAR there's always a chance the ball will smack an arm and lead to a penalty
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