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    It’s “not important” though apparently.
  3. We've had many bogey teams over the years and grounds where we've not won for decades. Stamford Bridge, Upton Park and painfully the City Ground had all been graveyards for City for years. Thankfully we've managed to put an end to all those horror runs at some point over the last two decades. But not Arsenal away. This fixture just withstands any statistical probability and whilst we haven't played there every season in the last 45yrs we've played the fixture enough for it not to be a weird anomaly like Peterborough where we always seem to struggle or our recent troubles against Bournemouth. Is it incredible bad luck? Have all our sides in recent times been mentally affected? Do most clubs have a fixture they just can't win? Help me understand!!!
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  5. We have just played Arsenal ...A team,sorry a squad full of quality,on their own turf. A club who even in our title season got the double,like they always have since 1973... last night,we had them rocking....We had no bench to even match any quality they could produce... the 1st 15 minutes of the 2nd half,they played Keep ball,like in their old best days.We couldn't produce anything cos we simply, never had the ball. They pulled an inexperienced team all over the place...and whether some accept it or not,they were fking good!!! Nothing,absolutely nothing we or Puel could of done,would of changed that difference in quality and football nouse!!! Out team and bench,are a mid-table team,with mid-table quality. If we want to change that we need 2-4 yrs of rebuild,with at least £250-300 million on the table.Our owners have dished out quite a few million,and seen it squandered..... Maddison,Maguire are the only buys that have yet been shown to have some High PL potential... The youngsters chosen from within,or bought in,are still progressing,but at the moment not anywhere near,the level of Arsenal. How Arsenal regrouped,and the last 5 minutes of the 1st half played,we just don't have that skill-set within us. Great how we caught them on the hop,and we played probably our best football,and should of been given better support from the officials... Missed chances are part of any game,but we did create at least,and had Arsenal worried..The difference was not 2 giant managers proving Their tactical awareness and gumbtion....One and only one had with a reshuffle and use from the Bench Wclass top quality players,with the confidence of a long game winning run behind them. We have no Maddison cover,plus he still can't do A PL 90minutes. Albrighton is still a good player,could start...but with our team,can't turn it around himself,against such...on this forum last night an heavy underrated Arsenal... Posts last night seemed to want to magic in ideas,fitness,resources and a quality,we at the moment just don't have the quality for .mythical dreams,expecting Top 5-7 sustained performances. We are what we are...That title year advantages gained were ruined and lost by another regime(s) We as a club have decided to lean towards our internal and including bought in Youth,while hoping to re-kindle some experience players into the squad. It's a work in progress where,inconsistencies through the squad and management/coaching staff still will have to be learned and experienced.... we are a bloody long way from competing against or with any top 6-7 team on their own turf for 90 minutes..I That quality gap has widened even in the last 2 seasons,well after our title win!!! That is a fact and will be any middle- of -the- table- managers quest/fight/holy -grail to balance out that honest expectation and quality differences.. Last few posts through various threads,seem to be spitting on the thought of mid-table,and portrayed has an horrible exsistence.... Get real,because Leicester city football club may have extended ambitions,but that top 6 position has become harder due to the last few seasons where financial differences, has become vast. This season can only be seen has top 12-8tn,showing hopefully improved performances..Unless we have a miracle couple of buys in January!!! Those differences are giving us a showing of top 1-4,3-5, & 5-6, financial/quality high roller variables with Clubs like Spurs/Arsenal plus maybe Everton will not have the top 3 financial clout, just like we don't have Anywhere near the top 6 finances and rescources. Though we are better off than some,the difference in quality from 20th to 8th will not have the same gap variation than to the top 1-6 teams in financial and quality differences. Our squad is still missing an high % of quality,around the whole squad,and what cover can we rely on!!!! Maddison,Chilwell,Maguire lose form and have injuries, is the cover now,this season adequate....?? ndidi is mis-firing,Mendy is not progressing from season-starts potential.Now after this Arsenal frustrating loss,can Our players show through these next appointed games with our nearest competitors,that we are best of the rest..... and turn a possible 14th into a top 8... Everton not Arsenal was our first marker,we slipped and so our stories of 'could ofs '.... were extended. The run into Christmas is vital,on both results and performances,or my own said Puel-revolution will be scarperred. But despite that long run,I will measure in game grouping of 5s.... The team made us happy and content for 45 minutes,then the Arsenal-bogey(quality) kicked in. Who expected even those minutes??? Revolution lost a skirmish...shit happens!!! We fight for another day!
  6. KingsX

    Ricardo Pereira

    Our back line I could not quite figure out, with Maguire and Chilwell going forward, the CMs slotting back (or not), and guys moving left or right within it. So I saw these partly as failures of a unit not fully drilled to understand their responsibilities. We were attempting a formation new to them. I would like to see us persist with wingbacks, including Ricardo, despite today's breakdowns, which were magnified by Ozil's quality and Aubameyang's speed. I think his pure pace (and a third CB) should make up for some mistakes, if we can just solidify a unit. Start the same (three) CBs every week to blend experience (Evans), solidity (Maguire) and pace (Soyuncu). Spread the learning curve across the unit; perhaps it will be less painful than Ricardo's lessons at FB?
  7. Oldblueyes


    He needs his legs demagnatising. The problem is his legs are positively charged the same as the ball. The same polarity repels, thus when the ball comes to him, it just ricochets off him usually back out to an opposing player with negative charged legs. It's so obvious.
  8. urban.spaceman

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    you know who you are.
  9. Chester Dontlie


    Wait, what if.... .... Mrs V supplies venom for the ssssnakess ?!!!!!!!
  10. Paddy_D

    Arsenal Post Match

    'More recent than you, more recent than you, Champions of England, more recent than you!' Good to see we've moved on from 'you'll never sing that!' without researching the opposition.
  11. Gerard

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    He's actually what I feared he would be, 26 years old so little room for improvement and no better than what we already had. We have Iheanacho, Maddison, Gray, Albrighton, Diabate and Okazaki who could play behind in the three behind Vardy. Then there is Ricardo, Chilwell and Barnes who could fill in if need be. After being loosely linked with Leon Bailey and Malcolm I was hoping we'd sign top notch or not at all. Signings like Ghezzal are the worst kind of signings for me. Too old to expect significant improvement but he's not good enough to improve us. He's not the worst player in the world like Musa was for us but adds next to nothing and under contract until he's 30.
  12. Chester Dontlie

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    Forget Eddie Howe, I'd be amazed if he leaves anywhere from Bournemouth, it's a match made in heaven. He suits them and they suit him, he's a living legend there already. Why would anyone want to change that for the uncertainty of some other club and high expectations of its owners and supporters. Sampaoli, that's interesting. He did very well with Sevilla in La Liga but I thought he was the worst Argentina manager in years, with all the creative talent at his disposal, even Maradona did better! Hmm, maybe we should get Diego in, at least we would have better luck with the handballs I'd like us to have someone from Europe, even a gamble would be better than most 'safe' options that are linked with us. Philip Cocu could be available sometime soon as he's doing poorly at Fenerbahce (I wouldn't make too much of it though, Turkish league is specific). He was great for PSV. Defensive minded, so he could sort us from the back but his team often played counter attack against strong teams and he had a good hand for creative players. Speaks English well, so... more qualiteee!
  13. Dan LCFC

    Arsenal Post Match

    A 90 minutes which totally encapsulates the good and bad of Leicester under Puel. We really are such a baffling side.
  14. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Arsenal Post Match

    Other than the first sentence - I don't think it was inevitable... another top post.
  15. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Arsenal Post Match

    Top post.
  16. UpTheLeagueFox


    She also liked: "Another wasted game thanks to the #pueleffect #lcfc" And: "Genuinely waste of time him playing under Puel. When he makes runs, players only pass to person next to them, rather than forwards to him. So he makes fewer runs & erodes key benefit of his game." Nothing to see here
  17. urban.spaceman

    Problem with the premier league....

    The whole league is based around maintaining and widening the wealth gap between the so call top six and the rest of the league. The very fact fact that we were the FIFTH highest earners in the league the season we won it prove this. Then there’s the wage increase rules that again, which gave the big clubs a head start.
  18. Jattdogg

    The Gang's All Here Quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 65 seconds  
  19. No idea on him anymore tbh, can't make my mind up, I keep flip-flopping. Yeah give him time with the youngsters, playing a different way and all that but some of his decisions are bewildering and the whole set up under him just looks wrong, it just doesn't feel right to me. Idk I don't want another mid-season sacking but the way I see this season going, I'd be happy to get rid at the end of the season.
  20. sacreblueits442

    Arsenal Post Match

    ....we dropped off!!!! We have spent a year playing a style and pattern and when the pressure was on we forgot everything. As usual we started dropping off before half time.We started to go safe....we always do before the half time whistle. It is really strange that we cannot put together a full performance and have one good half and a less than average performance in the other. The team looked good, really good (in the first half)......did not take the chances we created and poor officiating decisions added to the outcome. Going 3 at the back made us look solid, we looked good going forward, played with tempo and for a moment brought back the share excitement and pride again in this team. Puel may have made a big step tonight in bringing some flexibility to the team. We have been asking for this for some time,we play like that again, in the first half, and we can fill our boots in the next 11 games. There is a good team in there.....it just needs a mental backbone!!!!
  21. Bayfox

    Left Midfield

    Certainly looked like 3 at the back the way amartey was tucked in. But it looked more like 343 the way madders was nearly as high up the pitch as vardy and nacho and often in a false 9 role with vardy pulling wide. But I get your point essentially we did play with 3 at the back and wing backs in the 1st half.
  22. Good post @Frost I share most of your worries. As Paddy said we have this worrying tendency to fall apart. I want Puel to succeed but it's been a year since he's been here and we're still having the same basic problems - with the defense, with the midfield, and now even in the attack it seems. Defensively it doesn't matter how many DMs we play, every time the opposing team catches us on the counter we collapse like a house of cards. This isn't entirely to players being young or/and experienced. This is something they should be working on with the manager and improving, yet I don't see any clear signs of lasting improvement.Every time we concede, the panic kicks in. At times our players look like they are clueless, they don't know where to pass, who to play ball to, they hoof it, lose their heads. I like watching Maguire as the playmaker, but he's not supposed to be one. It just looks desperate and mind numbing, he was like our last creative resort after Puel took Maddison off leaving us with defensive minded anti-creative Mendy and Wilf who are unable to play one pass forward, hold the ball or win a foul... and Maguire as it usually goes, tried to take it all on his shoulders and be the creative midfielder - when there was none on the pitch anymore.... Whenever we are losing, this seems to be a recurring theme. Maguire charging upfield, our full backs and wingers (like Chilwell and Ghezzal today) trying to take on the whole opposing team and losing the ball in consequence. Complete loss of any composure, we stop resembling a team and start looking like headless chickens running around. It's not "boring", it's just disappointing not to see a noticeable progress after a year. I wouldn't mind lack of creativity in midfield and attack this much if we were solid in defense, but we are still far from it, it seems. Puel was supposed to be the defensive manager but we're collapsing and leaking goals just as we did two, five, ten months ago. I've been watching West Ham games this season (their goalie plays for my NT) as well and to me Pellegrini in two months made more improvement in their mentality than Puel in a year at Leicester. As for today's game with Arsenal, I don't buy this 'they are superior team', 'it was inevitable' 'big boys' (and so on) logic. We were the better team for 1/3 of the game, then after scoring it seemed like we conveniently opted to wait and see what happens. We had a rare oportunity to win there or at least get a point from the weakest Arsenal team in a while. We can blame it on the blind and biased ref / or being unlucky (Nacho hitting the post) but the way we collapsed in the second half was, to me, telling. I dont care if it's 1-3 or 1-6, but we at least should have a go when we're conceding, but Puel took our only creative midfielder off, while leaving Vardy (who had his worst game in a while - Maddison even had to do pressing for him!) on. Most of the games I have no idea what is our game plan, if we have any. I was Puel out since February or so (with a similar gut feeling), but after last season ended I though maybe the Puel in people have a point and we should be patient. I gave him a benefit of doubt hoping when he will get to sign his new players he will steady the ship and the grass will gradually become greener... And I'm still as doubtful as I was months ago. I think what he lacks most is the comunnication skills. And it's not about the boring pressers, I mean the manager to player communication and man management. Maybe he even has his vision and game plan, but just lack the skills to implement it. When I see him on the touchline, he too often seems lost as if he was clueless (not to mention his changes which are baffling more often than not, like today). It's not that our players are shit or out of form as some suggest. To me they are as good or better as Watford, Bournemouth, Everton (obviously nowhere near Wolvealona, but honestly who is) players. And players' disposition, especially mental disposition, also depends on the manager. I know most of them are good football players yet too often they strike me as lacking confidence and belief in their skills. Even those who were our key players in recent seasons seem to have these issues. Before the summer break I said let's give him time till December and now comes that decisive period when he should win the 'must win' games and by doing so prove the doubters like me wrong. I hope soon we will see more of a cunning fox than a toothless and clueless one... Because for how long can the jury be out.
  23. Yesterday
  24. ozleicester

    What grinds my gears...

    One of my great beliefs is that buskers should not need or be allowed amplification... thats NOT busking!
  25. I've said it before, but if Puel goes I'd love to see Jorge Sampaoli. Aggressive pressing, fast transitions and high energy attacking football, just want we want to see. He's got a temper too which would suit those that want a bit of passion, and he's currently available as far as I know after leaving the Argentina job. Did well with numerous club sides in South America, as well as Sevilla and the Chile national team. Iborra was his captain at Sevilla so there's a link there. Only negative is I doubt he speaks any English.
  26. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    Fair enough. I was going to respond to these but Doc and lifted pretty much did it for me. I'll only add that most of us on here - not being trans in the US at the present time - have the luxury of being able to discuss this from a point of view where it won't really affect us directly and so focus on/overlook/be worried about it/not be worried about it as we wish. But for that particular demographic, this isn't a semantic debate, something that can be chatted about over tea - this is about crucial elements of their lives, and what defines them. And yes, from pretty much everything I have read they are, as a demographic, extremely worried about where this will go. Of course, you've only got my word to go on on that but a Google search will mostly back that up, I think. After all, given its past actions, is there any reason to suspect that this administration wouldn't be saying what they mean on this one? And once again, yes, it's a fringe issue. But this is a community that has been marginalised for pretty much all their existence - isn't the job of a decent society to actually help such folks rather than kick them further down? And should they be marginalised further...who then does this administration turn on? A larger demographic, next time? And if being concerned about the suffering of strangers makes me supposedly gullible, then fair enough - I make no apologies for that. Empathy isn't just a nice peccadillo - it's crucial to future human survival, IMO. PS. You never answered my question about the climate policy of this administration and how important you think it is, Prussian.
  27. Jattdogg

    Problem with the premier league....

    Non top 6 sides do tend to have players "stolen" (if you will) often but its not like we dont do the same to championship, league one etc sides too. Im sure they hate when any prem team comes calling for their star player when they are top of league 1. In order to have balance there needs to be a hard salary cap, a cap on squad size and limits to how many players you can stash on loan, sister clubs, u21s, on a beach in ibiza (drinky) etc. If everyone is operating on the same budget (if you chose to max out your cap) with the same capped squad sizes and forced to use homegrown talent then perhaps we will have "some" better chance for everyone excluding the top 6. Id even go as far to say you cant have more than X amount of players making more than £Y per week. I know the above is not all we can do and you have to better define the details but its a start.
  28. ealingfox

    Arsenal Post Match

    It's an absolutely stonewall penalty and you're going way too far in the other direction in an attempt to be balanced in suggesting otherwise.
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