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  2. As the thread title suggest it probably will be down to last 16 tickets soon.
  3. Strengthen the defence. Stay up. QF of the FA cup. Dont embarrass ourselves vs Sevilla.
  4. Bit of a tall story though
  5. Northern Echo saying he can leave if the right offer is made, can't get the link.
  6. Sorry? As a chief scout or head of recruitment any player that is signed should at least be approved by a DOF, chief scout and manager. Otherwise the system is so flawed. Its not as if hundreds of players are being signed every day! Hundreds are watched yes but each scout would be given set games/leagues to focus on by Walsh (now Macia). Thats their job! If that didn't happen at Leicester then there is zero point having the set up as it is. It's a waste of time. To ensure success recruitment wise every player has to fit a clubs particular philosophy and a head of Rec, DoF and manager should all be in agreement. Occasionally that might not happen fine but to suggest a head of recruitment hasn't at least watched clips or a live game of a signing just shouldn't be true. If you know 100% that that doesn't happen at Leicester then fine but that should never ever happen.
  7. It probably says something positive about your life that you're in here less - and something negative about the lives of "the usual suspects" (like me) that we're still here gassing on. Best idea is probably to pop in occasionally but not as often as rut-dwellers like me. Good to hear from you anyway. Did you end up studying history or politics at the LSE or somewhere in London or is my aging brain misremembering?
  8. Great news about Mahrez and Slim coming back early. Also heard from an ITK buddy that Nigeria pair Musa and Ndidi are being allowed to fly back mid tournament to play against Southampton on Saturday. Nigeria have been really good like that during this AFCON.
  9. Away
  10. Given there's a bloke who's quoting every word I say on Twitter, you're welcome mate.... We're only letting him go if we have a replacement lined up so you can safely assume we have a defender lined up and Amartey as I've said will also be a cover centre half / right back.
  11. Really need to loan him out and see what he is like. I feel like the club want to get rid though.
  12. Boro want Bojan from Stoke if you believe the papers. So this is looking more likely by the day
  13. Yep, I think that's exactly it now we have Mandy back and Ndidi signed. Don't expect a replacement coming in
  14. Hernandez - he came, he saw, he threw, he left...
  15. I'm wondering now whether CR is thinking of pushing armerty back into defence and allowing Hernandez to leave.
  16. I was at uni a long time ago but I know the stresses that it can bring. It's more difficult than most people think and feeling pressured doesn't help when you're ill, either mentally or physically. Sometimes the struggle seems to much and giving up appears to be the easier option, and it is easier to fall than climb but if you fall you end up in a worse place and if you climb it's better, which is why we keep trying. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because things feel bad now they'll never feel better again, and in depression long term views can go out of the window and be replaced by a very limited view of the future. You haven't felt this bad for most of your life up to this point and even if you can't personally see a satisfactory way forward right now, it doesn't mean that you are condemned to be like this for the rest of your life. This thread has quite a few posters on it who have suffered depression and recovered, there's no reason why you can't be another, it just takes the right treatment and circumstances. When I was at uni a good friend of mine dropped out. I've continued to see him over the last 40 years plus and he always tells me how he regrets his decision to give uni up. It seemed to him to be the best thing to do at the time, but in hindsight and with the perspective that other life experiences bring, he wishes that he had stuck with it through the difficult times. Personally I wish that I had been able to convince him to stay. I only mention this as it looks like you may be in the same place mentally that he was before he went. I hope that you can find the strength to battle through your problems.
  17. Avoid playing like the first half of the season, sign more than one decent player and get all the fans behind the team again. That said I still maintain even if we are just as crap than at least there are 3 worse off teams than us.
  18. 2 x adult Southampton Tickets available, £40 the pair.
  19. 2 x adult Southampton Tickets available, £40 the pair.
  20. If we can get him fit and back to his best it would be like having another £15m midfielder joining us.
  21. Today
  22. Probably still carefully building up his fitness. Big difference between being able to come on for a quick cameo and being able to complete 90 minutes of full blooded football week in week out. Once he's ready I expect he'll go out on loan.
  23. sign a CAM and rotate Mendy/Ndidi & Drinkwater/James partnerships.
  24. Huth and Simpson are 100% legends! Simpson is the best RB since Pontus Kamark and Huth (one) of best CB since Matt Elliot.
  25. guess this is what football will be like in the future
  26. I get the impression he hasnt settled in England and unhappy playing out of his position. Bloke gets in la liga team of the season as a CB and gets played at RB ffs. We have 3 donkeys (inb4 they won us da league) as our other options. What are we doing, we need rotation.
  27. I would on Trippier.....quality and has 8 years+ as a top flight right back with potential England squad too..
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