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  1. @davieG
  2. Lincoln win straight from Lawrence's dreadful free kick
  3. I've watched since half time can't remember him having a touch
  4. He did but it creates another problem when paired with Morgan - he's shifted over to the left which never ends well.
  5. Well Ranieri was happy for Ndidi to play there yesterday so he's already played center back in as many games as Hernandez did for us.
  6. Malaga in advanced talks for Leicester defender Lucas Hernandez
  7. I can't believe that 'other' version been approved twice now this season as the teams first come out. We had it at the start of Southampton as well and I blame that for two of the worst home atmosphere in years, dreadful, should have been retired years ago.
  8. The problem with 4-4-1-1/4-2-3-1 the only player who can play in the hole is Okazaki, can't believe we haven't bothered to strengthen this area considering we've played 4-4-1-1 for around 5 years but only had Nugent and Okazaki capable of fulfilling that role. Mahrez couldn't hack it in the last few games we tried him there, he's not strong enough for a start and the positional sense for such a position isn't there, he isn't going to learn a new role half way through the season.
  9. It started the second half against West Ham when we had 11 men behind the ball and spent the whole half hanging on and just managing it in the end. Ranieri last match after one Ndidi performance - "I've been proven right" or something like that, bit early for that talk isn't it? He looks good so far but I wondered at the time who was that directed at. He's not been proven right about Mendy who looks so off the pace and it's like he's running in cement half the time and he wanted him instead of Kante last season. Quite concerned as game by game we are losing our way even more, we started the season bad but at least we still had some threat going forward.
  10. Derby County (a) - FA Cup

    Ticket details: Traveling by Train? Flights/Hotel arrangements
  11. Leaders of Leicester meet aujd (Ludogoretz) Jonathan Cafu agents! Lazio Rome and the #OL involved! #RMCsport
  12. If you just post the link to the photo it should automatically change to the photo.
  13. Well I can't remember many better performances from him than when he was played left wing back, I doubt Konchesky would have done a better job as he didn't for the previous 30 odd games that season