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  1. Can he come back now?
  2. Don't worry Musa is now the link man
  3. So was Musa picked for his defending?
  4. "If there has been a bid gone in I know nothing about it," he said, quoted in the Leicester Mercury. "It is pretty cold, that one. In terms of hot or cold that one is freezing." I remember when Pearson was asked about him by Stringer, he wouldn't normally comment on transfers but did on this occasion.
  5. Their right back would have never scored that goal if Gray was still on the left for us, if we're not snookering ourselves every match with the starting 11 we are by the time changes have been made.
  6. Couldn't believe we didn't move him to right back once Wague got injured and move Amartey centre back. Instead we brought on a like for like defender for must keep things simple, later taking off Gray for Vardy, and who scores the winner? Their right back. Would he have been all that way forward if Gray was still on? I doubt it very much.
  7. Poor substitution, could have moved Amartey centre back and brought a more attacking player on.
  8. Kapustka lovely on the ball to set up great chances for Gray and Okasaki
  9. He's tried the same cross field pass 3 times and messed each one up so badly
  10. He can type his email in here to reset password.
  11. The release date is finally being announced tomorrow
  12. They should have transferred over, have managed to find yours now and have set it as your avatar
  13. The move makes sense but he should have started with it, no use changing it 2-0 down after Simpsons inability to pass hinders us for 70 minutes