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  1. Well you did ask
  2. It's obvious what it going on here though isn't it
  3. I believe so.
  4. until
    Ticket details: Traveling by Train? Flights/Hotel arrangements
  5. until
    Ticket details: Traveling by Train? Flights/Hotel arrangements
  6. He had some good moments with Mahrez but as we haven't signed a proper number 10 who can come on for Okazaki when he's spent? No one else can do that job for the team. When Slimani came on last night Vardy ended up dropping deeper losing so you're going to lose the intensity up front. He did a better job than he normally does when dropping deep but the fact is neither are link players so I can't see the partnership ever working.
  7. Looking into it, I have removed one potential cause, let me know if it comes up again from now.
  8. This was just an idea for something different, I've put it on the forum to see what feedback we got. I can bring the old one back if thats what everyone likes best but I wonder if adding the badge to the background that we had on the previous banner will improve the overall look.
  9. All credit to @Ricey on this one
  10. Any chance you can get a screenshot of it?
  11. Sorry for the downtime this afternoon. Over the past month or so we've had issues with the leaderboard loading, duplicate posts often being made and the view new posts page taking an age to load. I decided to convert the whole database over to a different type as t hat has been suggested, but it had to be done during working hours for our hosts to help out with that. The first time it failed and had to start over so it took longer than it should but, from what I see everything is in full working order now. View new posts and the leaderboard appear to be loading better than previously. Let me know if you experience any problems.
  12. We've been having some issues this afternoon.
  13. What browser you using? I don't get a # at the end of the url
  14. Decent article from former fox David Connolly - Why Craig Shakespeare could be in the Leicester City job for the long haul