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  1. Unfortunately, I agree with you. Just hoping for a miracle turnaround
  2. Spot on
  3. Long shot but I'm looking for 2 tickets in the home end against Sevilla. I have bought from here before and can be vouched for.
  4. Yes, BUT Ranieri only identifies the targets. I feel sorry for him that the team responsible for negotiating and bringing in his targets are so crap! He really has kept his dignity through all this. What else do you expect him to say? 'sorry, my players are not good enough and it's not my fault the best they could do was get me one unheard of defender on loan in 31 days!?'
  5. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38862185 Huth manning up and urging everyone to pull together. Good move, now let's see them show a. It more hunger and togetherness!
  6. I agree with both of you and we as fans need to back them whilst they get through their learning curve. Rightly or wrongly, negativity or a lack of noise/support gets to the players and it's just counter productive. i think we as fans have to show our quality too. If it's a boring 0-0 for 5 matches I don't care, points are more important than performance for the rest of the season. Get behind them and help build their confidence and energy back up. Telling them that they are lazy c*nts is hardly going to help. Then we take stock in the summer and rebuild from there.
  7. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Lawrence reminds me of Gray and he seems to have grown that confidence you need to take on players and try something special. I say get him back and give him a go off the bench. He seems to have got a bit of body strength to get past challenges whilst he's dribbling, which is something he lacked before he went on loan.
  9. No, I was talking about their goalkeeper. Made some great saves
  10. Fair point, but I genuinely don't think we were lucky to get a draw as some would say. Just ttying to show that we weren't as bad as all the negative posts would suggest.
  11. Why? At least he looked hungry compared to Vardy. Drop him if anyone. Compare his lame effort straight at their goalie compared to Bent's header. At least Okazaki made their goalie pull off a great save for his long range shot when running at their defence
  12. For all those moaning about how crap we were.. check out the stats. We have no god given right to win any match, but we were by far the better team
  13. Glad to see some balance. Apart from a period in the first half leading to their goal, we were by far the most attacking and pretty much he whole of the second half was one way traffic. On another day, Shinji's great first half shot on the run and all those Second half shots that went straight at their goalie would have gone in. I think he was MOTM and without him we would have walked this. Credit to Ranieri for bringing in more speed and quality to go for it. It would been meltdown if we'd lost but let's get some perspective. We got outplayed by Southampton by playing the wrong system. That same team beat Liverpool twice and deserved more. DD isn't playing with the same intensity as last season and the back line are struggling. But Gray, Mahrez, Okazaki, Mussa and even Albrighton , looked closer to last season( yes I know musta wasn't here then, but his attacking intent is what I mean). Derby were literally hanging on for pretty much the whole second half. still in the cup, that's all that matters for now. COYB!!!
  14. ive been scratching my head wondering how these Were the same players that we saw last year. Apart from a glimpse in the first half against Brugge, I haven't seen much of the tenacity of last season, so I've been looking for the reason. All I can say is Rachel's got the hump so I think it's time to bring her back. 3 points in the bag