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  1. Close thread. This bitchfest has gone on long enough
  2. It almost reads like a textbook comparison between defensive midfielders and wingers duties. I was equally as disgusted that ndidi and drinky didnt hang around up front as an outlet for our counter attacks. I saw mahrez do that and all ndidi and drinky could do was sprint back to help the defense ?????
  3. Can't see him still being here after the summer if the chinese are still interested and they increase their bid. Wouldn't begrudge him it either. I'm not anti slimani like a lot including my mate but vardy is back, it doesn't seem to work with both and he's just too expensive and high profile to play second fiddle. And with him already uprooting from home and then portugal, it wouldn't be that big a deal for him to go to china. All that money. He's no spring chicken and you'd imagine he would destroy little Chinese defenses. I just think it could be one of those thay just didn't work out. Still like him but too much for a bench warner. Not done enough to start, and not enough impact pff the bench. As for musa....... ?!?!?!? I think I've seen enough.
  4. Cricfree is the best and that abduction warning has gone now. Might be a bit behind though as i read about vardys goal then wathced it
  5. And according to a derby fan at the time they originally lost mclaren to man u as coach, he is (was?) an excellent coach. Could it be worth a punt a la cotterill when pearson was here. As long as shakey doesnt let him have an opinion and he just coached according to the managers instructions it could be a good team. Just the inevitable links with him for a few years afterwards, and possible caretaker manager stints. Tldr: shakey as manager, powell as assistant, mclaren as coach and we might as well see if philips can find a striker somewhere in musa.
  6. If it was sincere I am disappointed in you and want my rep point back ?
  7. Shackled is definitely the word after last night. Even ndidi looked a different player spraying the balls all round.
  8. But did you read his response. Im pretty sure 8 wins out of 14, 7 out of 13, or even 6 out of 12 is EXACTLY what we need. Or am i missing something?
  9. That will be good enough for me. The outsiders think we expect more, got above our station, delusions of grandeur etc. But all we want is effort. The fact that we know what this team can do with effort makes it exciting. I expect the usual team but playong the leicester way, before proving to shakespeare that that is not enough with huth and morgans forgetting the basics of defending (or even the basics of football) Small shoots of hope, then a change of at least one of the back 2, then watch us fly. Tomorrow is about the performance, results start saturday.
  10. He can **** off as well. He has publicly slated most of] his decisions and then slated his sacking. If he doesnt understand the reasons why, some might recommend he takes a look at his twitter history. The ones with his name at the top will give him a few clues.
  11. Feels like pre season when im excited about seeing what vardy and musa can do together. (Then i remember)
  12. Wednesday or thursday. Even if we win ??
  13. **** that. So we can drop the bastards more like and let this team take on sevilla. Or at least the team that finishes
  14. I've been firmly in his corner and felt renewed optimism after derby. But if he plays the usual suspects today and we get served the same course of tepid turd, I worry that I will lose my shit and turn on him. I wonder how many others who were loudly showing him our support against derby could feel the same. The people saying it was only derbys reserves could well be right but after what we've seen this season i think i would have to see that with my own eyes before accepting that the standard 11 are the best we've got. Here's hoping for a man city type performance, but fearing the worst
  15. I don't think I could ever stop supporting them, but during my recent rants, I genuinely think if Leicester go down because of a player revolt and refusing to play for Ranieri after last season, that could do it for me, with football overall. If you can have them highs and still have the players collectively betray our great club for selfish reasons, I could seriously be done with modern football forever. If doing what we did could end with our club going into freefall, what chance does anybody have other than the established order? Having said that, the Derby game re-ignited my passion. It wasn't the prettiest but it was different to the same old shite we have been served up for the vast majority of this season, so I am hopeful that we can turn it around if we drop the lazy bastards, as it looks like plan B, ie the B team, could work after all (in moderation of course) Here's hoping I never have to question it ever again, because being a Leicester fan is what I do, it's a big part of who I am, and I feel as if my life would seem empty in a lot of ways without them. (obvious disclaimer for family, kids, etc.etc. but my football is mine, it;s my time, and I ****ing love it. And even when I dont love it, it's still better than DIY)