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  1. £6 postage!
  2. Is this available to download?
  3. Excellent! One (very minor) point. At 4 mins, the shot of Wes & CR holding the trophy is a mirror image of the true shot. I'll pop over to YouTube and leave a gushing comment
  4. I've seen the 54 minute version: Outstanding! Has it been updated to include the end of the season?
  5. That's great - thanks!
  6. Anybody know where I can download MOTD 8 Aug 2015?
  7. Which is the best you've seen this season? A goals compilation? The story so far? A single goal? Highlights from one match? A Ranieri interview? Something else? This one (posted by Ben yesterday) does it for me. I hope it gets updated at the end of the season, as I'm certain to view it in years to come.
  8. Thanks! That's the best LCFC video I've seen this season.
  9. Excellent! The first FIFA video to bring a tear to my eye!
  10. Received - many thanks!