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  1. I've just had confirmation come through from TC, so I can stop stressing now! They did say we were supposed to be informed before your respective ticket sales date though
  2. Have you actually had your place on the plane and ticket confirmed, or just confirmation of the application? I'm on 200 points but have heard nothing apart from confirmation of my application. It's a bit disconcerting seeing tickets being sold on my priority band day and I'm having to hold off while I wait for the TC confirmation! Especially as the OS says "all successful supporters being informed before their respective sale dates"
  3. There are coach transfers from King Power to EMA with Thomas Cook trips, according to posters above, £12
  4. Hmm, I didn't factor in the coach transport to EMA. Now I wish I'd gone with Thomas Cook as it save the hassle of transfer to the airport.
  5. Just out of interest, Why is sports options a worst case? I booked with them as I don't want the stress and hassle of waiting to see if Thomas Cook accept my application and the possibility of missing out because the plane is full. Also, from reading this forum previously, it seems TC leave you hanging on right up to the last minute for itinerary details.
  6. Me too, desperately wanted it the other way round as I'm in Boston, due to arrive back Wednesday morning ?Now either I try to get a flight back a day earlier, straight after running the marathon, or I watch by myself in a bar on Boston. Any fellow Foxes in Boston that day?!
  7. Sounds horrendous. I hope we don't get Monaco for these reasons, although football-wise it might be our best chance of getting through
  8. Still looking for one!
  9. My mum is looking for a ticket for tonight's game! She went to Seville and watched in a bar, but didn't realise she might actually want a ticket for the home leg until it was sold out she'll be with me in town before the match, so any last minute availability can be collected there or at the stadium
  10. Very good write up. I hope a few non-LCFC fans read it and learn something
  11. I noticed he looked knackered in the last 15 minutes or so! Not surprising, chasing Vardy and co all game
  12. According to the BBC this morning, the deal means that BT have exclusive rights to all Champions League coverage. So there won't even be highlights on terrestrial TV anymore
  13. Agree, I was saying the exact same thing walking out of the ground today.
  14. Drinking on the streets is illegal?!
  15. This sounds eerily familiar...