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  1. Rolling the dice here but looking for 2 tickets from Everton fans. Lifelong Leicester supporter since 1991 former season ticket holder at filbert st attending many more games, never given up on the team will pay at least face value, donate to charity, buy you a gift and write you the best thank you letter you could ever read! please, please, please! Much love to all Leicester and Everton fans whatever the outcome x
  2. CHAMPIONS! I've been rigorously firm in my superstitious beliefs (which have increased vastly the closer we have got to this unbelievable achievement) and committed to stop posting since Deeney broke hearts. Since then we've generally been on the up - although I did nearly get on here when I became convinced we would get relegated last season! But I saw these daft beliefs through and oh my it's gone crazy!! Of course it has nothing to do with me, the reason I am back on here though is because we've done something monumental and got over the line and I can sleep easier. That, but mainly because now I'm off to beg for a ticket! Whatever happens I'll be in the city on Saturday. LEICESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Meltdown on foxestalk as we all turn on each other. This is bad though, we look a shadow of the team we were and at this rate will be lucky to make the play-offs. I personally have never seen SSL have a decent game - not seen him that much but he's out of his depth in this game. You can see by the desperation when he nearly gave a penalty away. Wellens actually decent I can hardly believe it. Good way to turn this form around and shut us all up would be to go on to win 3-2.
  4. What on earth are you talking about 'banging a drum for the away fans'? Are all the ???????? and !!!!!!!! completely necessary?
  5. This JockWallace user is a very angry poster. In fact it seems to be severley clouding his judgment.
  6. Not very superstitious usually and this does not really count as pre match but I refuse to throw this T-shirt out. It's pyjama material now.
  7. that's not helping
  8. thought I would bring this thread forward again. I take no pleasure in seeing the early problems snowball but seems something has gone wrong. I offer no decent explanation myself and have been deliberately ignoring foxestalk because I don't want to spiral into depression. anyone got anything to make me feel any better?
  9. I'm not voting you up twice . Good to be reminded of what I already know though. Stops me throwing things around. and grunting like a neanderthal.
  10. I signed in just to vote this up. that's by far the best post I have read on these forums. right at a time when I was stressing about our current shiteness and needed some perspective. thank you!
  11. So many. But Leicester 3 Arsenal 3 comes straight to mind. I love that one because a lot remember Bergkamps hat-trick but forget how it was Leicester who showed the almost trademark O'Neill era resistance and stole the points from Arsenal. we were 2-0 down on about 80-85mins I think, leveled to 2-2, looked like Bergkamp had done us but then Walshy gave us a point. Loved it because it typified what we were about and just because a player and team oozes class does not give them a divine right to steal the moment. Be the party poopers.
  12. Ha. You joker! That's obviously never happened.
  13. Maybe you should drink it more often.
  14. Thanks for all of your insights - just what I was looking for.
  15. Maybe I should have called this "whats the difference in the last 3 games to the previous 5?" I'm still feeling good we are having a great season. I feel we will definitely finish in the top 6 and are still in the hunt for automatic. I understand and accept loss and loss of form as well. However I would like to know why the team do not seem to be performing as well whether there has been a change in tactics, drop in morale etc. Obviously something is different in the approach of the team and I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on it. Who said I'm not enjoying it? 1. Said who? 2. We know 3. I'm not it's called analysis. Thankfully our management team is good at it.