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  1. What a man. History will be kind to him.
  2. I agree it's a bit wague.
  3. I don't care what other fans think. But in an ideal world I'd like my club to represent my community more than just in terms of results on the field. CR was class, and was a great ambassador for the club and the city. Giving him a vote of confidence then sacking him is pretty classless. Naive maybe, but it certainly leaves a sour taste.
  4. There are quite a few with delusions of grandeur. They need to realise they're not Premier League stars and if we go down no top team is going to sign them on the wages they're on now. Drinkwater in particular has been absolute tosh this season and comes across as a proper sulking bastard. Even Pearson once said he was mardy which is saying something. Indulging these players with free cars was pathetic in retrospect. Kind of devalues the whole idea of winning a title.
  5. I love a good celebrity social-media flounce.
  6. That's God telling you not go and see Ricky Gervais.
  7. Successful, yes. Not sure about 'class'.
  8. They've done an amazing amount for this club. But I'm a bit tired of hearing about how loyal and honourable they are (which seems to be completely based on their nationality) when they use our title celebrations to carry around a painting of an autocratic ruler then sack the man that won them the league less than a year later.
  9. Wtf. There's a good case that he was very successful with us in the past. But that he's 'the best we could plausibly attract'? Are we that unattractive?
  10. I can kind of see both sides of the argument. I accept his management has been poor this season. But overall I agree with a lot of the sentiments of the original post. Some things are more important than short term results. Personally I think the club, the fans and the community will end up regretting this decision. If we'd stayed up and he'd retired / resigned the legacy would be intact. But whatever happens now, even if the new manager comes in and manages to keep us up, the title win will always have this unpleasant coda. An ending which goes against what I would ultimately like my football club to be about.
  11. Trips abroad just weren't the same under Claudio.
  12. I doubt it. He was sacked for non footballing reasons, I really can't see the Thais bringing him back after they apparently had such a disagreement before. But who knows with this club. I actually think he'd keep us up and instill a siege mentality that we need right now. But if the players have got Ranieri sacked because they wanted their old boss back, then they're the ones who should 'tough it up'.
  13. Tough fvcking shit. Maybe if his talentless, gormless son had kept his dick and his mobile phone in his pants he would still be here. But he's not, so if the players feel incapable of putting in a performance with any other manager than Nigel Pearson, sell them to fvcking Derby or wherever he ends up next.
  14. If only I had a job where I could perform like shit for 6 months until my manager got fired and then tell the CEO whom I wanted to replace him with....
  15. I think he probably knew last night.