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  1. It is absurd. I'm not sure it's 'we care more than you', I just think these days people are desperate to feel part of events. I know people who marked themselves as 'safe' on facebook hours after the event when all their friends and family knew they were nowhere near Westminster. Social media has encouraged people to see their lives as some kind of exciting, unfolding narrative and we are desperate to be part of big stories.
  2. Good luck Buce. Similar experience at my Grandparents' wakes. Helped that the 2005 ashes were in full swing. Didn't help that that side of the family are all Derby fans....
  3. I'm guessing he's talking about the crap ex Leicester manager. The other one is dead.
  4. This is getting kind of sad now. Ban for his own good maybe.
  5. Think I've cracked it. Firegrande is Steve Bannon.
  6. Old boss of mine used to say "let's get the ball up and running".
  7. Kind of pains me that the BBC has gone from proud national broadcaster and greatest pusher of soft power in the World to.... Jermaine Jenas struggling to conjugate the verb 'to be'.
  8. Leicester is a city in the east Midlands. Leicester City is a football club. The team is playing well at the moment. 'Team' is a collective noun, both plural and singular are possible, depending on context.
  9. "This football club" "Need to win some football games" I know what fvcking sport I'm watching.
  10. Had a long weekend in Parma and Modena recently. Would really recommend it. Amazing art, architecture, food and of course a classic football team.
  11. Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod Tell me tell me tell me
  12. A good doner kebab from Turkey or neighboring countries is perfection. Not the kind that come in polystyine boxes and end up on cab floors.
  13. This thread sometimes:
  14. Love how they think there's some rivalry between us. If I saw a guy in a Cov shirt at the JP I'd give him my spare change.