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  1. I've booked with Sports Options. Not used them before but opinion from people that have is positive. The advantage of this for me was that once you book then then you know it's done i.e. you don't have to go through the lottery process of applying for Thomas Cook (where if demand exceeds supply there's a chance of being declined and potentially missing out altogether on transport and/or tickets). Also, because you have to sort your own match ticket out then, in the case of it being reserved seats as it seems to be, then you can pick the seat you want. Whereas with Thomas Cook you get the seat you're given as they allocate it for you. I went with Thomas Cook to Copenhagen and my seat was on Row B, although luckily it was unreserved seating otherwise I'd have been stuck down the front. Got my Atletico ticket earlier so I know exactly where it is (assuming the reserved seating remains). If anyone else is interested in Sports Options, I believe the original day trip and overnight trip from East Midlands is now sold out, but they still have availability for the overnight trip from Birmingham, and are looking to put on another day trip (not sure whether from Birmingham or East Midlands).
  2. Have many people used Sports Options for any of the previous trips? Are they reliable? Might be my best option due to the cost of flights out there now...
  3. Really annoys me that for cup games, the club gives L1 to away fans. At Derby it would have been easy for them to extend the away corner behind the goal where the away end used to be, but instead they put us down the side to keep their main vocal part of the ground intact. Instead, we're just going to hand ours to the away team and disperse everyone around the ground, meaning it'll kill the atmosphere, and give benefit to Derby. It's a midweek game, the family end will be half empty. Why not do what they did with the Champions League games and reduce the family stand and then give Derby and extra block or two from there instead? Not doing this can't be due to the existing segregation arrangements because Derby are getting block K which is beyond the normal cup game away sections, so they are going to have to put temporary segregation in place anyway. Finally, why have we also given Derby block K, as the required 15% doesn't include that?
  4. This talk of signing Gaston Ramirez has got me thinking. Have we ever signed a player from a Premier League club who was in their first choice starting 11? In recent years we've signed Huth and Albrighton but they were not first choice players at the time. Going back I can't think of any. Ian Walker I think was back up at Spurs. Frank Sinclair is a maybe, although I remember him as a Chelsea squad player who happened to be playing quite regularly due to injuries, but wouldn't have been in their team when everyone was fit and available. Is there anyone? Would Ramirez be the first?
  5. Lower blocks go from CC (front) to NN (back), then upper blocks goes from A (front) to X (back).
  6. As you left the concourse and went into the seating area, the stewards were saying sit where you like, same as in Copenhagen. You have to assume it'll be the case for all these european games and if you want to sit in the seat on your ticket then get in early.
  7. Has anyone got their priority point for this game yet? If I remember correctly, the point for the Bruges game appeared on my LCFC Direct account a week or so after the game but I've not got this one yet.
  8. Absolutely agree with this, for Bruges it was a much younger, predominantly male support. A relatively small city meant any sightseeing can be done quickly and then the main focus was on drinking all afternoon in and around the main square. In the stadium every single person was singing non stop and loud from start to finish. Last night couldn't have been more different, very disappointing. Looking around the away end last night, there were a lot more middle aged and elderly couples, and a lot less young adults. I guess that fact that you couldn't just drive across on a ferry, and instead had the expense of flights and hotels, plus it being an expensive place to visit anyway, meant it was a different demographic of supporter that travelled, treating it as a city break holiday rather than an epic ale session. Maybe the dull game and poor first half contributed to it, along with the very open away end which didn't hold any noise at all, but there were people around me, and in every direction as I was looking around, that looked like they've never joined in any football singing in their life. It was like a few blocks from the West Stand had been airlifted from Leicester to Copenhagen. The unreserved seating should have helped, but there were just small pockets of people singing their own songs, without more than a small section joining in. That springy metal flooring was ideal for a bit of bouncing around as well. Oh well, maybe it'll pick up a bit in Porto, by then we should hopefully be qualified (ideally in top spot) so there'll be no tension and we can just enjoy it.
  9. I can live with getting the flight details confirmed a few days beforehand, although still annoying because I can't yet book airport parking etc. However, the thing that's really annoyed me is the lack of updates or information from both TC and LCFC. Once the booking was confirmed I would have liked: 1) Some sort of communication from LCFC to let me know that they are aware of my booking through TC and that my ticket etc. had been allocated. The text/email I got last night about the potential shuttle bus from LCFC to East Midlands is the first evidence I've had that LCFC know about my booking. 2) An update from TC within the last fortnight just reminding me that everything was still proceeding and that the exact flight times would confirmed later. 3) Clarification from either LCFC or TC about the ticket collection process. I still have no idea whether I should be receiving a voucher to collect my ticket in Copenhagen, or whether they will be given to us by a TC representative (during the flight or in the airport). If I don't have a voucher by Monday morning, should I be worried that's it's missing, or is it because I'm not supposed to receive one? A simple email to explain to process should surely be common sense.
  10. I'm on the TC package. Heard nothing since the booking confirmation email a few weeks back. Has anyone had any form of communication from Lcfc confirming that their ticket has been allocated? Nothing on Lcfc direct to indicate I've been issued a ticket. Still slightly worried that the lack of communication between lcfc and TC to eachother is as bad as it is from both of them to us. Would have liked some sort of reassurance by now from Lcfc that my ticket has been registered in my name!
  11. A quick approximate count of the seats in the blocks that are currently being sold on LCFC Direct adds up to around 3500 which suggests that that's all the tickets we've been allocated in toal so far (the original ones plus the additional batch). These are clearly in the single tier end behind the goal. However, the seating plan on line for when the original batch of tickets went on sale did not match the layout of those block at all, but does however match perferctly the layout of the blocks at the front of the upper tier at the opposite end of the ground. Therefore I'm not entirely sure whether the original tickets were including in the blocks now on sale or not. I got a Thomas Cook package so no idea about my block/row/seat number yet so no idea where I'm going to end up. That's the problem with the Thomas Cook package, you have to accept the seat they give you. There's some great seats still available so I'll be annoyed if I'm on row A down by the corner flag.
  12. When you see your reserved ticket on lcfc direct, tick the checkbox to the left of it and then you'll be able to buy it. Saves hours trying to get through by phone.
  13. Yeah it wasn't clear from the club. They said Thomas Cook were applying the same priority restrictions so people just assumed that you couldn't apply in advance of those. If they'd made it clear that you could, maybe they would have had more interest in the Bruges trip because all those that where 180+, 170+ etc. that had intended to apply would have applied earlier, and maybe they wouldn't have had to cancel it.
  14. You can apply for applications before your priority day has been reached. I applied in advance for the trip to Bruges, despite my priority level not yet being reached, and my application wasn't rejected (and I got still my match ticket once the trip was cancelled). The details about the packages were a bit vague, so I called TC about it beforehand and asked to speak to one of the managers rather than the call centre staff. Eventually got through to a guy called Addy and he answered everything clearly. When you submit your application, they contact the club to confirm your priority level. If it's not due yet, then they 'park' it in the queue for the appropriate day. It will not be rejected for being early. The only way it will be rejected will be if the trip is cancelled, or their plane(s) are fully booked before they processes your application (they are processing them in 'priority' order). Even if it is rejected, you will still have your match ticket reserved, as long as tickets haven't sold out before sales reach your priority level. In fact, it sounds like it's advantageous to apply in advance, because (bearing in mind they are processing the applications one by one) you'll probably be higher up the application queue than someone else from your same priority band that doesn't apply until the day that their priority level is reached, and also because (as long as the system works as I was told it was) LCFC will have been informed by TC in advance that your application is 'pending'.
  15. The absolute worst way to go would be by bus to Madrid, 30mph through Spain after being slowed down by Police, having to wait for hours in a compound on the edge of Madrid, and then 40 buses at a time stopping at French service stations in the middle of the night on the way home with only a couple of toilets, 1 member of staff working and the shelves cleared of all food and drink by about bus 3. Having suffered that, the plane option sounds fine to me. I've been to Bruges before, so don't need to see the city. I've already booked 4 nights in Porto which means 5 days off work. Bruges and Copenhagen require time off, as does a midweek trip when we play at Bournemouth in December. I'm running out of remaining days I can take off work, so the option to fly in the morning, get there by early afternoon, have a few ales in the afternoon, watch the game and get straight back is all I need. With the bargain travel options mainly taken now, any method of getting there is likely to cost almost as much as a TC package anyway, and will waste precious days off work, so I'm still considering it.