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  1. Probably not
  2. You can see why Nigeria didn't qualify if they play Musa up front
  3. Kapusta dropped to the U21s
  4. One of the most boring England kits ever
  5. If we played to his strengths and got the ball to the wingers to cross into him all game he'd score loads I'm sure. But why do that when Okazaki and Vardy win games.
  6. Lots of hype for this guy. Whether he can step up to the Premier League might be tough but I've heard he is very good.
  7. I'd put him top of the list for keepers in the league. De Gea has looked dodgy and Courtious has always been overrated for me. Only reason you'd swap for one of them is age.
  8. There was a moment where Musa had the ball with loads of space in front of him to just kick it and run but decided to turn back towards our goal and lose it. The camera cut to Shakespeare and he looked baffled. I doubt we'll see much of Musa this season again.
  9. One of the best saves I've ever seen against Carroll.
  10. Why's he sticking around?
  11. An orange 81 Albrighton card would have been fun to see.
  12. Sounds like he wanted Drinkwater
  13. Jake Livermore ..but then you try and think who else could get in and theres not many. I'd have Tom Davies and Drinkwater over him. Can't believe Tom Davies only made the U19s.
  14. Can we not wait until after our game before making this thread
  15. Voted Hazard