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  1. God knows why they haven't got him to a record a copy for when he can't be there.
  2. Losing to Chelsea is fair enough, rolling over to Chelsea with your pants around your ankles is not acceptable. Bar a couple, nobody is willing to put their body on the line for us. The occasional wins of this season are merely painting over the cracks. We are deep in the shit.
  3. Just chant his name. Let's not turn it into a one direction concert with stupid phone lights.
  4. I really want to see a 1st team squad for this. I hope Ranieri realises we need to beat these twits.
  5. Do we need to sell for money? No. He can still offer something here. No need to sell.
  6. Please no Genk alliance pin badges for Christ sake!
  7. Lincoln away. All hell would break loose
  8. Watched Brotherhood last night. Not a bad film. Liked all 3 of the films to be fair.
  9. Can it get much worse?
  10. Depends if the mrs is in a good mood or not
  11. Nice gesture but "get kitted out" a £5 voucher really? Talk about over egging it. Might stretch to a pencil
  12. Didn't see this one coming.....
  13. I really do hate this team that we have become. So bloody boring. You could have turned sky on and quite easily thought that was a league one match.
  14. Why is he so bloody slow to make substitutions in every game where we are playing like dogshit. So frustrating! Change it up with some time remaining fgs.