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  1. Clearly Kasper had some involvement. His interview says it all.
  2. You may have no influence, but that doesn't mean you didn't try. Avoided the question entirely.
  3. Lost a few games? Are you mad? We have done nothing but. We haven't scored in the prem in 2017, we couldn't score against a 10 man millwall, we are leaking goals like a broken toilet and Claudio did NOTHING to change that. Get over it and stop living in the past.
  4. Get over it! It's a sad end to the fairytale but fully justified.
  5. Oh bore off. Look at the results this season and look back at yourself instead.
  6. The players have underperformed this season, that is of no doubt. That said, they didn't force Ranieri to start Musa against Sevilla, or play the same hopeless defence game after game or shun Ulloa. Ranieri was the maker of his own downfall.
  7. I do feel sad that it's actually happened but at the same time, it had to. Making the same old mistakes every week and hoping something would give is not the way to win survival. Thanks for everything Claudio, you are a true legend, but you had to go.
  8. Yeah that told them! Jesus.
  9. To start, he needs to be a shit, inconsistent liability. Then Ranieri will be all over him.
  10. Morgan, Huth and Musa shouldn't be anywhere near the ****ing team. Wake up Claudio for Christ sake!
  11. Absolute ****ing defensive calamity the pair of them. **** off leicester.
  12. No changes. **** off Ranieri you silly old prat. Just damaging your own status at the club now.
  13. We are just am embarrassment. Shame old shit by Ranieri. This setup has gone rotton. Claudio HAS to go.
  14. **** sake. Not taking this game to them. Same old shit. Royally fed up of this wank.