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  1. All the money the club have made over the last year, and they still find the need to exploit the fans on such an occasion. Twats.
  2. So the scumbag is still alive? Oh.
  3. The police are given some right stick, but they are the ones running towards danger as we all run away. Nobody deserves to go to work to protect us and not return home. Fair play to them all.
  4. Extremely What must people think of us.
  5. What an absolute rip off.
  6. Ah well. The silly twat needs a good hair cut.
  7. As much as I don't like them, I would never wish any fan to lose their club.
  8. Did Kasper make a save by any chance?
  9. What a cluster **** that whole wague situation has been start to finish. Get rid.
  10. England isn't good enough for our players quite frankly but it's the principle that annoys me. Albrighton, Drinks and Vardy should all be there.
  11. Yeah you could, if you lack brain cells.
  13. I feel sick. Help me.