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  1. 'Ranieri out' comments also massively embarrassing We won the ****ing league. WYS
  2. Becoming more and more clear we can't play 442 away from home against top teams without kante. We need to adapt WYS
  3. Comment of a grade A w*nker
  4. Delph and wilshere but no mark noble?! Ridiculous. WYS
  5. What do we think the welcome for the team bus will be like tomorrow? Would be absolutely brilliant to get fans lining the streets as the bus pulls down Filbert way, a sea of blue flags giving them a proper champions welcome for the last home game of the season. I'll be down near the ground earlier tomorrow no doubt! WYS
  6. Well surely you must of thought you had a chance after spending £200 mill? Slightly different situation i think. But hey thanks a lot mate. WHEN YOURE SMILING!
  7. Was in the top tier in the East stand aswell. Don't think our end was that good? Didn't really hear us much. The end was brilliant though when all the Leicester fans from around the ground joined in. Loved the owners coming over aswell. WYS
  9. And we're the lucky ones are we?
  10. Okazaki has found some really good positions, but his final ball is missing as per most of the time. Mahrez hasn't found any space yet to be fair to him and has always had about 3 Sunderland players on him. Would be thinking about bringing king or schlupp on for okazaki to tighten things up. WYS
  11. Also enjoyed... "How shit must you be. Were top of the league"
  12. LCFC shirt spotted in Burma. Vardy number 9 WYS
  13. They have one of the best sets of away fans agreed, but does that make them passionate as a whole? Leeds have the best away support. WYS
  14. Clappers aren't working for Swansea.... WYS
  15. A cheeky reference to the 5-3 game would be class aswell WYS