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  1. Plastic
  2. That's a strange one, never had that before
  3. Why doesn't someone just ask jim on lcfchelp?
  4. Do they know the game is on Wednesday?
  5. Already for sale from £60, no memberships to buy, no season ticket needed
  6. Don't forget tops old man's got to get his money back for the beers he bought us.
  7. You better hope for extra time to get your money's worth.
  8. I got fcuk all
  9. Very surprised you posted that without an explanation.
  10. Don't worry our TO will have it covered
  11. What's your priority?
  12. So the club expect tickets to sell out at 175+?
  13. Don't see how they can say TC sales go down to 175+, that's not till Friday, it went off the TC web site yesterday, so minimum 195+ as I see it, (unless you know someone in the TO)
  14. Fixed it for you