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  1. Its definitely high on my list but I'd say places like Antigua are next / honeymoon level. Maybe a consideration for 2018!
  2. Sounds like you struck gold, stumbling upon spring break I previously stayed at the Beach Palace and thought it was outstanding, I get the impression the service and atmosphere in hotels would be excellent throughout Cancun.
  3. Has anyone been to Riviera Maya? Thoughts? Went to Cancun a few years back and loved it but said if we were to return to Mexico we'd opt for Riviera Maya as there seemed to be a lot of interesting looking day trips / sights to see. The missus now doesn't seem to be able to contemplate going anywhere other than there, ideally I'd lean towards visiting a new country to check off my list.
  4. I wouldn't bother mate, it's really not worth it. Tell all your 175+ buddies they should avoid it too.
  5. In my boredom I've just messed around with a little formula using my best guestimate of how many are in each category and how many purchase at each priority level. Results tie in pretty well with your sales figures. I can confirm that this sells out at 165+ Please let me be wrong
  6. I'm the same, not feeling too optimist at the minute I think it's looking like you'll scrape it Ben. Exactly this, block 406 seemed a popular choice.
  7. Get your flights booked mate
  8. I wish there was some sort of correlation between the priority levels and number of tickets sold. Sales just seem so random and it's impossible to forecast how far the tickets are likely to stretch.
  9. Only 4 single seats left in 406 now.
  10. Yep €142 each. best case scenario, I manage to get tickets in our end and sell these on in Madrid.
  11. Let's hope so. Im still optimistic I'll get a ticket in the away end though, touch and go on 164 I guess.
  12. Only about 20 seats left in 406 now. Hopefully it's all ?
  13. How much are people paying for these tickets in 406!? €142!?
  14. Just finished watching 11.22.63. Decent in my opinion, Slightly disappointed that there doesn't seem to be any way they could carry it on for another series.