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  1. We'll be at the Liverpool St Spoons, quite a big one actually, outdoor area ain't too bad.
  2. Was on this. When he mentioned the low fuel I was worried on that last attempt. Heard from a few others that prior to us landing 2 planes aborted landing. It was very much all or nothing, wing was close to scraping the Tarmac like you say.
  3. Where is everyone?
  4. Anyone know if you can upgrade your ticket?
  5. Stags head tonight for me after we left booking too late
  6. Been told I can get the days off now at short notice.. Doubt I'll get anything but any advice on travel is appreciate.. Cheapest I can find is from Luton weds to Friday £260 staying at the generator (where a lot of Leicester fans are I guess).. Thanks
  7. I'm planning on travelling up from Hammersmith don't know whether to get on the train.. Getting back for the morning is gonna be a nightmare
  8. How did people manage getting tickets in the home/neutral ends?
  9. Got 4 tickets for sale 3 adults 1 U22 can no longer make it FV £35 and £31 for U22. PM if interested cheers
  10. Selling a spare adult ticket for a friend FV £30 with FoxTravel £16 (coach 4 I believe). Will sell the ticket seperately if need be for him. Cheers
  11. Will have a spare in away end if I can get back what I paid for it, DM me.
  12. Bought a concessions ticket under 20s. Just turned 20 in April? Will this be a problem at the turnstiles? Most grounds I've been don't ask for ID but Chelsea are normally tight on everything? Should I be worried?
  13. How do you go about reporting touts again? Offered 4 tickets at £1500 a piece ffs
  14. The thing about posting to become a real fan ^