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  1. Depends if you liked him or not?? If it was my ex father in laws funeral the message would be vastly different from the replies on here !!!
  2. Ohhhhhh I thought this topic was going to be about the magnificent lady who jumped out of the crowd on Tuesday night, and saved that blokes life pitch side by giving CPR. She worked furiously and tirelessly for ages
  3. The lady worked so hard, didn't stare too much but the effort she put in was incredible.
  4. Unbelievable
  5. As i'm only 18 stone I Bow down to you then ?
  6. Haha no, completely the opposite. A 50 year old fat bloke? Just going to sample the atmosphere in the sun and sink a couple of beers
  7. Oh just on my way. Could be fun
  8. Anybody heard if there is one? Not seen anything advertised
  9. Not really to do with this but, is there a fans park today. I've not seen anything advertised?
  10. Was talking to a Polish mate at work and he said there's a high chance of trouble tomorrow. Apparently a couple of years ago a Polish team played seville in seville, and two Polish fans were stabbed. Now wherever seville travel the local poles look for revenge, indeed there's a chance some 'hardcore' poles are flying in just for this game.
  11. Thanks for a decent reply, not like the previous one
  12. Clever tw@t !!! That's why I put the upcoming match !!
  13. Anybody heard whether there will be one for the upcoming match? I've not been to one yet but am tempted to try it this time as possibly the last one we will have. Any experiences of the others we have had?
  14. Going on hols soon but weight allowances are shocking so looking at getting a kindle instead of taking a few books. No idea about them as never owned one. They seem to range from £60 to anywhere near £150. Any guidance appreciated as the best value and differences between them. Or am I best to get a tablet that will link to my Samsung phone, I believe you can download books and magazines to a tablet?
  15. This classic from the hull fans... City of culture, you'll never sing that!!