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  1. Gone away, gone away He won the league, now he's gone away Why was he sacked we don't know, but we'll always love you Claudio...
  2. You got ranieri sacked, you got ranieri sacked......
  3. I feel quite emotional. All I can think of and it's a knee jerk reaction but, have they done it so if we do go down he won't be remembered as the man who won us the title and took us down
  4. Good job they didn't have clappers as I remember someone posting on here a while back that they are terrifying missiles when thrown!!
  5. Let him rot after his outburst. Quite prepared to sign a lucrative contract when things are going well but spits his dummy out when not
  6. Mahrez Mahrez Mahrez
  7. Absolutely spot on. Can I give you more than one rep point. Let's sing about the greatest achievement this club has ever done for as log as WE want.
  8. Well I nearly made the title out correctly 😉
  9. Proper words for the above chant please! I sit in k block and there seems to be two different versions sung near me. Last night had to relocate because of the invasion of the flock and the kop seemed to be singing different again.
  10. What I find really good is quite a few of the opposition fans do as well.
  11. Can't wait till you and your like have peed off back to who you were supporting two years ago
  12. With all respect to you Leo. Feck you. Your under contact. We pay your wages and if you don't want to play then rot. Refusing to play is breach of contract, so stay away on no pay. I would have played you above Slimani but not now
  13. Received this for my birthday yesterday, anyone read it and git any reviews? Will start it soon as I've finished Claudia's biography.
  14. Me and the other 22,000 that were around before we became famous!!!!