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  1. It's been highlighted up until a few weeks ago in ex-footballers having an increased chance of developing dementia later in life due to having a career that often involved that heading a ball. Billy McNeill, a Celtic legend, was this week revealed to having the condition and now sadly unable to speak and his family want further research into the possible (though for good reason considering the sport) links between football and dementia or brain-related injuries. Though I understand research is being increasingly requested by ex-player's families and ex-players themselves recently (including Alan Shearer, who is set to front a documentary about this) - but I'm personally unsure how it would help the game in terms of preventing any condition from happening after players finish etc, or is it more to help Sports Science teams at football clubs, or to try to appease the neutrals that heading simply must not be in the game either in training or in competitions regularly?
  2. Certain people have a go at Albrighton but he's the one that accurately assists Vardy with his goals via great cross-field and long-range passes. Also, Drinkwater needed that goal he took sweetly for his confidence needs. The defence was quite questionable for their goal and was often shaky after it.
  3. Valencia might be keen on him returning at the end of the season. He will know that going to China would affect his reputation as a fine gentleman, so that's appears unlikely imo.
  4. Back to his best now for sure, as if he's refreshed and has renewed motivation. Regarding his lookalike, despite him being quite annoying, feel sorry that he's been a victim of his 'success'.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-39050298
  5. I mentioned this earlier on in the day. Without Shakespeare, both Pearson and Ranieri would probably have been less effective in terms of management and tactics during their times here. He's like Rudkin (though more useful obviously) - not only does he knows the club well, but he knows the player's strengths/personalities and know how to put them all together as a unit and let them to decide with good effect in what to do in any on-field situation.
  6. Thought he did alright, very tidy on the ball and confident under pressure. Such a relief seeing him play with what he's good at, compared to Musa running and losing the ball most of the time...
  7. A big thrashing is due. 4 or 5-0 home side.
  8. Without replacing Kante effectively in particular, it was always going to be some form of struggle - the recruitment side hadn't helped him much either (I expected more from Musa and also Hernandez, but Slimani is decent and Amartey is slowly improving). What I didn't understand with Ranieri was that he was too stubborn to change things at an instant (or too afraid of doing change for the benefit of the team, for all we know Ranieri may have Aspergers). For example, Ranieri only changed tactics to more attacking after Man Utd went 4-0 up at theirs, and at Swansea the team only changed to the spirit of last season at 2-0 down, hence changes were too late to make up for trying to overcome why Ranieri didn't adopt a different approach much earlier.
  9. Hope Shakespeare gets it. Without him, neither Pearson or Ranieri would've done well as they had imo. He's been like Paul Clement has with Ancelotti at Bayern Munich etc, observing performances and the like, but probably feels himself that this is a good opportunity to make more of a name for himself as a more authority figure.
  10. Anyone got any updates on his condition? The club needs a lift, and The Birch returning would certainly help with that.
  11. Can see him going on a goal-scoring spree now. He's not got nothing to prove after last season but he'll know he's had a bad drought recently and scoring against Sevilla gives him the platform to add to his tally. Now he's 30, not sure how long before his pace declines, though.
  12. Looks like he's got some weight off his shoulders, but at the same time looks like he's got a bit on his mind/confused! As of he's enjoying himself with family, but wants his future sorted/time for himself without the media spotlight on him after what's happened.
  13. Shakespeare may be a 'hidden gem'. Knows the team well, and knows the team's strengths and weaknesses. I believe somewhat he and Ranieri didn't get on 100% as some claim due to Ranieri not willing to change anything despite Shakespeare's advice/suggestions.
  14. They make it as if he's a criminal, it's disrupting his privacy. There should be some form of newspaper/media regulation, whereby celebrities/politicians/famous sportsmen etc can request the media to put the spotlight on them when they want, so that they can get on with trying to enjoy their lives without having the feeling/without noticing they're being watched all the time. Working in media surely has its advantages but some journalism, it's etc need to learn when it's actually right to observe people to get a balance of writing something to make a headline without the unnecessary need of 'being in the way' of well-known people trying to get on with their lives in private.