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  1. No. Shakespeare has just changed the team's tactics to a more potent attacking one, something that made last season a big surprise; which, for some reason, Ranieri changed things that made the team clueless both in attack and defence for many months that thereafter ultimately cost him his job.
  2. But it's only The Mirror, hardly a reputable/reliable media source?
  3. Glad they've got a bit of a strong stance against fracking personally. They've done well on road tax and other vehicles emissions expenses and penalties to road users; but think the big-four etc supermarkets and medium to well-known retailers in particular could do more in the way they operate to try and reduce its impact on the local environment - such as more fuel-efficient delivery fans and warehouse lorries etc. Some advise customers to reuse any plastic bags etc, but only a handful explain what efforts they're making to improve the outlook of the environments during any working hour - whilst many only reveal how their food is prepared in the right ''natural'', ''free from preservatives'' way but forget the bigger picture of climate concerns.
  4. Swap Family Stand with the Kop Stand, and then expand the latter imo.
  5. Reference to Ulloa back in January: Okazaki:
  6. A rather old and now-rarely expressed word in the game now, but "bouncebackability". Fairly certain that it was Iain Dowie who used this term when he was a boss ages ago?
  7. Got 53. Forgotten Amartey, Ulloa, Wise and Dublin in particular.
  8. So what have you got your Mother for tomorrow (condolences for those whose own aren't around anymore)? Got mine some Ragdale Hall coupons/vouchers. Going for dinner near Market Harborough as well.
  9. 'Give me the light: upon thy life (as a Leicester fan) I (Shakespeare) to charge thee (three)' - Mahrez, Vardy and Gray to excel the club to Champions League glory.
  10. Forest Green are one-up. Quite like the Sincil Bank, looks better than some of the league sides of the similar club size to Lincoln. Edit: Not really keen on in-match interviews with the managers by BT. Should just leave them alone and let them get on with the job imo.
  11. Hello, I'm seeing adverts like below, one I screenshotted from this website, regularly that I'm not interested in reading further about but feels a bit annoying seeing them when reading poster comments that are near the end of the page. Is there anyway of me permanently removing them and not retuning back? Thanks.
  12. Yes, it's 'Barcelona' etc. But why - after the season the team has had last season that got the club and also Mahrez the recognition the club and he deserves but one that is also still in the Champions League where who knows how far the club can go in it (they now must feel very confident in that they can give any top-quality side a game and potentially beating as now seen against Sevilla) - would he may want to jump ship when the season hasn't finished in one that potentially could be another massive-historic moment in the history of football come what may on Saturday 3rd June 2017? Strange things have happened like we all know, but he should use this as a target to keep Barca interested considering top-4 league position finishes for us may not happen again in his playing career. There were rumours of Barca wanting him January last year (when the dream was winning the league was already about to start) but then nothing occurred as well. He should be careful of what he wishes for as the team needs him with wingers like Gray and Musa in particular very inconsistent compared to him and that a stsrting place is already in effect guaranteed for him.
  13. Good British game to watch, in terms in intensivity and desire but unfortunately no goals. O'Neill must be bitterly disappointed.
  14. Thought most were related to certain words or topics on threads etc? Regarding related Internet activity, signed up to 2 dating sites but not really interested in much older women (!) than that. Edit: And last time accessed those sites was on 8th March.. Plus saw another one for 'Scholl Wart and Verucca Freeze' in London shooting thread, problems I never had before personally or researched..
  15. Work-related question. What's the estimated norm period in which a new employee should be settled in a job? Basically I've had a new role since start of month now but still trying to get to grips with various documentations (both relating to the job, and external things like Timesheets etc, work email addresses and the like), the work process, and not being completely comfortable in doing the every aspect of the role unsupervised (got a line manager and contact details if need him). Feel quite overwhelmed with everything above coming at once but think can get on top of it eventually and slowly starting to understand bits and pieces along the way. Probationary period is 6 months at my company on the initial contract, but have that feeling like they want me to get stuck in with no issues straightaway..
  16. Mourinho has done well to disguise himself and be a Leicester fan, and tried to stop laughing left of picture, palm on mouth and next to a man wearing cap)..
  17. Anyone interested at all with this? Just a 'friendly', but it will give a strong indication of where we are in terms of any progress under Southgate. The squad doesn't leave me with much confidence that we're going to prove much, sadly. Reckon 3-0/3-1 to them.
  18. That's about right. Though thought Benalouane would've been a bit higher than that rating given, received praise since then by many. A sense of fresh air from relying on Morgan and Huth all the time. What's Musa's future here, who knows, but even a poor substition performance (no matter how much time he was on for) is a cause for concern for his own confidence and development here.
  19. A fourth person (75-year-old) is now reported to have died. RIP to all. Quite out of the blue really. May have been mentioned but these types of attacks in particular are ones that are more difficult to erase. It could happen on any street in the UK but London is no exception (now obviously, unfortunately). Not sure how this type of incident can be stopped, can only imagine only that all vehicles should be checked for guns, knives etc - but that would affect traffic movement in an already bustling-with-traffic, popular tourist area. So-called Islamic State have, no surprise, claimed responsibility, but personally not entirely convinced without more hard evidence it is Islamic (or faith)-related, and if so if he did it by deciding himself or whether a member of IS directed him. Something, of course, investigators will pursue.
  20. And the way that some on here think he's not human and is a disgrace etc, this does show he's actually alright..
  21. Isn't Griezmann leaving for Man Utd in the Summer? Hopefully his head is turned by going to them by the time the tie comes and not at his peak form.
  22. Are @Zingari, @lavrentis, @The Year Of The Fox amongst other former popular members that haven't been heard in a while still alive?
  23. Soft furnishings trade. They say gambling addiction is difficult to defeat than alcohol and drug-related ones, and do feel for Willie as was a hobby that just obviously turned sour.