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  1. Need a man with a large football brain, full of ideas.. Del Bosque, gerrimin!
  2. No, he's done his bit - a bit that one one else will acheive with the club again (league champions). He won't want to s*it stir something up like this to make himself and the certain players in question to this to appear worse.
  3. Quite open to Pellegrini, can help in trying to get further in the Champions League, and enhanced league success in the PL obviously.
  4. Didn't Shakespeare and Stowell manage the team for a few games pre/after Pearson, and did quite well iirc? Can trust them to magke a good account of themselves before the new manager comes.
  5. David O'Leary..
  6. He might appear as dull as anything and not the soul of the party type but he doesn't deserve to be called a 'dick' and 'thick as pig sh*t'. Before this Director of Football role he's failed in, he's been praised for his past work in the academy.
  7. Some people I know, including myself, actually think he's a decent human-being and honest man. Would do anything for anyone type. He probably didn't like your personality you're coming across as here on that occasion.
  8. Watched East Midlands Today just and they produced good coverage of the situation, from the highlights of last season to Ranieri leaving his Leicester house. Made me more sad and motionless feeling.
  9. Please, Musa on bench and Gray on from the start. Maybe bench Albrighton as well. Vardy could well be up for it now his drought is over. Just the defence that's the key worry as per.
  10. Very heart-warming and a nice touch. Apparently Pearson's statement when he left wasn't appropriate to release in public..
  11. Some ideas after looking. https://www.totaljobs.com/job/work-from-home-business-opportunity-part-time-or-full-time/global-dreams-inspired-job68075789?entryurl=%2fjobs%2fwork-from-home%2fin-leicester%2368075789 https://www.totaljobs.com/job/online-retail-assistant/the-freedom-team-part-time-job68002969?entryurl=%2fjobs%2fwork-from-home%2fin-leicester%2368002969 https://www.monster.co.uk/jobs/q-work-from-home-stuffing-envelopes-jobs-l-leicester,-midlands.aspx https://jobs.workingmums.co.uk/job/18500416/book-champion/?TrackID=23&_ga=1.113243015.243098198.1487954959#sc=widget&me=referral&cm=23
  12. What can he offer for that position from his previous positions within the club? It now appears the role was rather entirely unsuitable and tarnishes his reputation at the club sadly.
  13. He should just stick with the academy side of the club. Need an experienced and reliable person for the DoF role - it's an important role for the management of recruitment and hence not really for someone to get promoted to just because he's (or was) well thought of at the club due to being at Leicester longer than anyone else.
  14. A bit embarrassed tbh now with quite a few rival managers defending Ranieri as well as managers overseas and the England Rugby coach.
  15. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend. There's plenty of cleaning jobs around, such as Molly Maids etc, that go to people's houses around Leicestershire - if she is unable to drive, she could be a passenger as often cleaning companies normally have 2+ in a car for that sort of work (although heavy lifting of equipment may be involved, so that could make it difficult for her with the dizzy spells). You probably know already but there's plenty of agencies around with work available nearly all the time - choose some you wish to contact and go from there I suggest (but be wary thougg that customer service can be rubbish with recruitment agencies). - Not certain but I think you mentioned on here sometime that you live in Kegworth (apologies if confusing with another member)? M&S Distribution Centre in Castle Donington will have vacancies in picking and packing for their online clothes sales (employ loads, as often people can leave at anytime, so that might be a good idea as well? Their Recruitment Team for that site is called 'Blue Arrow', their number is 0800 169 2945 Or have a look at M&S's distribution careers website: http://careers.marksandspencer.com/careers-at-m-and-s/logistics/warehouse-operatives I wish you and your girlfriend all the best, whatever is decided, of gaining some form of employment soon.
  16. This has done it now, literally anything can be moaned about on here.
  17. Reminds me very much of Piers Morgan. Very opinionated, to the point where the point of him saying stuff is to get a reaction.
  18. New manager announcement already?
  19. Rostov have surprised a few in the competition and play a similar style to us last season. Could give Man Utd a few problems. Never heard of the teams Gent nor Genk before until yesterday...
  20. Always came across as decent manager to me, but that training incident with Balotelli is automatically on my mind with him. Showed he can have a bad side of him under pressure.
  21. Reckon 18:00ish tonight there'll be some new manager press conference. Enough time for Liverpool game.
  22. Reckon there will be a press conference tonight (18:00ish) with the new manager..
  23. ''Pranksters'' who turn traffic lights in the opposite way they were first installed.
  24. Lennon, Rowatt and O'Neill wouldn't be bad options as some may think. They were popular with fans during their times there and have decent managerial records. Maybe hiring someone who knows the club and it's fans as well as a team action plan would be the perfect combination to bring the club alive and kicking again.