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  1. "Not being interested" does not automatically mean he won't or can't be our next manager...
  2. What are the odds of the new manager being signed on a short-term deal until the summer, then damaging his shoulder in his first match in charge only to never to return to the club after that?
  3. I know. I'm just saying it's pretty much the norm. So I wonder why you act all that surprised.
  4. Many footballers have somewhat crippled feet. You'd be surprised how many famous footballers' feet look like. It's the price you pay for being a pro.
  5. We are NOT the 20th richest club in the world!! When do people finally get to realize it's about turnover only?
  6. What makes it even sweeter is the fact that they were 2-1 up with ten men at one point!
  7. Just saw Alli's tackle today - my word is he an absolute idiot! Potentially career-ending attack on knee-level! Twat! He's got talent, but his character on the pitch and his constant diving will prevent him from progressing from hereon.
  8. Sad to see him go, but the manager is always the one to get the axe, irrespective of responsibilities in this kind of mess. Our league record this year is abysmal: Six games, no win, five losses, one draw, ZERO goals scored. Exit in the FA Cup at the hands of a League One team who beat us with a man less on the pitch! Worst form team for weeks and months, lack of spirit and character, a complete shambles, an implosion of unprecedented dimensions. Up until last May, I've gotten to like Ranieri a lot and everything fell right into place. This season, the magic's gone and I don't consider him to be the sole culprit, but he's the main scapegoat and it's easier to sack a manager (and his entourage) than it is to get rid of underperforming and overpaid, lazy and petulant players. Now then, there's no more excuses. No more hiding behind the "Dilly ding, dilly dong" manager. These players need to stand up and be counted. If they fail to prevent us from relegation, the backlash from the media and the fanbase will be immense and they'll deserve all the scorn they can get. I don't like to use the word "traitor", but in some ways, as a supporter, I do feel a bit betrayed now.
  9. Who cares about what others think? We have always been a rather unknown force, a sometimes belittled grey mouse with a rollercoaster past in the grand scheme of things for years and decades. Try to ask any outside football fans when we were in the Champions League the last time - they couldn't remember because they don't care. As long as we care and we continue to support the club, who needs bandwagon jumpers and fairweather fans?
  10. Porto's Ander Herrera shows off cuts caused by Juve's Lichtsteiner in the recent 2-0 home loss:
  11. Let's not forget that German team beat Fiorentina 4-3 on aggregate, that after being 3-0 down!
  12. When one uses him as a left midfielder, it invites trouble. Because he neither has the composure, control nor technique to create something on the left-hand side. Left/right winger, closer to the opposing goal area, is more like his natural position, not so sure about his physical presence as a striker. Speed alone won't do, see Adama Traoré for comparison.
  13. Leatherhead... Currently managed by none other than Jimmy Bullard.
  14. I have Grewks on ignore still, that's why I didn't see the original post.
  15. Wonder how this FIFArenderz guy gets all the info... Must be connected to an EA employee surely. Well, all I can see is that he's Dutch and still going to school. So maybe I need a hobby, too.