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  1. Hmm... Let me guess - because he plays for Barcelona.
  2. You don't get me point which is me saying that you only appear to quote Barcelona fans on Twitter - Real Madrid has nothing to do with it. It could be any (neutral) fan, yet you choose Barcelona.
  3. I'd still say there's a difference between being hailed the next best thing in football and being called the "most effective midfielder in Europe at the moment".
  4. People are buying into the "let's laugh at Kanté as best (defensive) midfielder" hype like crazy and trying to compare him to greats who operate on a different level (or have been doing so for years) is far-fetched. Busquets has a lot more experience both with Barcelona (270 matches) and Spain (close to 100) - and it shows. The understanding of the game within both squads is seamless, these guys have been knowing each other for years and play to their strengths. In comparison, Kanté in his second year at his second PL club isn't doing too shabby, is he? @the fox: Quoting Barcelona fans again in the space of only a few minutes? No personal tendencies there whatsoever...
  5. I think the general media response so far tends in the direction of him potentially being able to become one of the best one day. I wouldn't say it's talk about him "being the best" already.
  6. You'd wet your pants over a Mahrez move to Barcelona.
  7. They need to think better because they're both slow as fvck (Busquets in particular), which leads to them being forced to read the game better as they get older. One false move and they're exposing their whole back four (not that Barca's defense is bad, mind). They don't have the energy nor the complete tenacity of a player like Kanté who's still only 25 years old. "He seems like just another athletic beast" - well, so far he's been very effective in his nearly two years in the Premier League. Whether he'll be able to replicate that on a bigger stage (with France he's shown at the World Cup that he can) is another matter.
  8. Maybe it's because I don't give a toss about Twitter. And yes, it's ultimately still your choice to forward that Twitter feed. Your choice. Your intention. Don't start diverting from that and putting the blame on Twitter. Weak move.
  9. I quoted the BBC article because you seem to side with an allegedly random Barcelona fan who's belittling Kanté with the "muscle over brains" comment. When you read from and listen to people who've actually worked with the guy, you come to a completely different conclusion. But hey ho, to everyone their bias. Right?
  10. I think some editors come with a certain amount of bias, especially in lower leagues you'll see some mind-boggling ratings: Higher for the club favoured by the editor, lower for most other teams, especially rivals. I think the Swiss Super League being a prime example (the editor is an FC Basel fan from what I gather).
  11. Following him enough to dig out his Twitter feed for you to justify your opinion.
  12. Here's your antidote: Read from people who've actually worked with Kanté over the years and then come back again.
  13. Algerian Barcelona fan following Spanish Barcelona fan on Twitter. How cute. In the end, Twitter is all about opinions. But unlike the case with online forums, you're forced to elaborate on your important opinion with only 150 characters at hand. Which usually ends up in failure.
  14. Well, losing Messi this close before the match must've had some impact on team morale. Add to that playing on that altitude and with such oxygen pressure in La Paz which wears out every visiting team. And it's not as if Argentina didn't create chances.