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  1. As Leicester fans it seems we have become spoilt. Wasnt that long ago we would accept our new manager and hope for the best. Who knew Pearson would do as well as he did? Or Ranieri for that matter. There might be some uninspiring potential new managers on the shortlist, but half of this forum could be worshipping them in 6 months. Lets just wait and see eh?
  2. Please not Pearson. Talk about flogging a dead horse. i'm not convinced he was the reason we stayed up in the first place.
  3. As much as Pardew is a ****, I think he would keep us up. Get him then sack him in May
  4. This is like asking what new dog I want after putting mine down due to old age. I don't want a new dog, I want the old one back
  5. I dont think you beat that post.. /thread
  6. I think the joke is a blank post
  7. I feel terrible. I felt that changing manager would be for the best, but now he's gone, I would rather he still be here. Sorry Claudio.
  8. Fuzz bumpers know how please women.. Who knew?
  9. This is it in nutshell
  10. It hurts, But it needed to be done I think, change was needed, and for whatever reason, Claudio couldn't turn it around. Sorry to see him go, But hopefully it's good for the club in the long run. We simply have to avoid relegation.
  11. We need a -rep button
  12. I feel the same. you think this is like the time Pearson got sacked?