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  1. you're telling me nasa scientists didnt realise stars had fixed positions until after "doctoring" a photo?
  2. there are actually people out there who think the world is flat.
  3. The **** who plays guitar or the bird who gets her tits out
  4. Orders must be obeyed
  5. I want to get through it, I fired up DS2 just before and decided to play it from the beginning before picking up DS3. DS2 looks awesome I was really enjoying it until i made the decision to stop and try DS1
  6. thank for the tip mate
  7. I climbed through some sort or drain and went up to another bonfire, lots of skeletons and a hidden trader there, killed those ok, but there's a huge knight in my way. in the other direction through the graveeyard, i killed some tough bastards and got greeted by a massive tough bastard. so many options
  8. Still enjoying it though, and that's exactly my point, I'm wandering around getting killed in every direction, not knowing what the right path is
  9. well i ran past the first dragon only to get electrocuted by a small blue one
  10. shit, i sneaked up on the dead looking dragon and got some gear, if i had waited would the gear have been better?
  11. I had started with a knight, but he's quite slow and heavy in the early game, and a large part of my bloodbourne play was dodging, so after a google and learning the class mainly only affects the early game, i rolled a few more characters and played them up to just after the first boss, killed the demon in 3 hits with a wanderer, so went with him lol. Enjoying it, really interesting and refreshing to play a game that doesn't hold your hand and drag you through. Each area is a puzzle to work out, and I love it. Tried to go through the valley of the drakes. nasty
  12. WTF was she trying to do?
  13. I had a dodgy pork pie the other day, made me quite ill. Bloody ISIS
  14. After dabbling in Bloodbourne last year, I have finally fired up dark souls that I bought in a past steam sale, enjoying it so far, but its pretty hard and frustrating
  15. Oh. I thought he was dead