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  1. Hopefully it can go back to Wales but to Cardiff this time instead
  2. I was thinking the other day that most of the 'scandals' and things said or done would finish most prime ministers here but because he's such a ridiculous figure nothing comes as a shock anymore
  3. We lost Ben Wrigglesworth and Rob McKenzie (now at Derby) to Arsenal and Spurs, they'd both been here for a long while so I'd imagine our recruitment process was damaged when they left.
  4. I think if I grew up an Arsenal fan I'd have just packed it in and started going to Brentford games or something, I can't stand them.
  5. That's why I said vast majority, the fans I'm talking about wouldn't be on foxestalk. I agree that the club should create a waiting list.
  6. Loads of posts in this thread are people moaning about the actual names of things, I understand annoying synonyms or cliches but 'high press', what else do you call it 'closing down high up the pitch'?
  7. I am a very big fan of all these options being takeaways though, surely we're the best lazy scran munchers in the world.
  8. It's almost like people have different tastes and prefer some foods to others!
  9. The demand is there but I reckon the vast majority are just floaters that aren't that interested in the club, expansion to 40,000 makes sense but I think we'd have trouble selling it out considering our ticket prices aren't great (not the worst either but that's not what we should be aiming for).
  10. We couldn't sell out against Sevilla at home for the round of 16 in the Champions League until we started winning a few games again
  11. It's travelled a fair bit too
  12. We were conceding a load of goals early on last season which can partly be attributed to De Laet and Schlupp as well as our approach to games; it wasn't a coincidence though we tightened up when Kante was played in the middle. The same thing's occurred this season, without Kante (or Wilf) we simply couldn't play 442 so I agree that he was single most important player amongst all of the (still vitally important) players.
  13. We signed him from Sporting CP, the P stands for Portugal