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  1. Whoscored isn't the best source really, their team of the year is just full of defenders who scored the most goals.
  2. He's had one full window, we brought in N'Didi who has shone in a poor side and a CB. We needed players in both positions and that's what we got. It's his job to identify players, not sign them.
  3. Postman and the postbox
  4. It's getting tiresome seeing fans of other clubs and the pundits telling us the actual fans of our team what to think. Everybody congratulated us for breaking the mould, we smashed the glass ceiling and now we should just meekly accept relegation because of sentiment and the overriding opinion is 'well that's your level'. It doesn't matter what's happened in the past when currently we're a completely dysfunctional football team, we can't defend and we definitely can't score - most of our fans could deal with relegation if were putting up a fight in close run games but instead we lose without troubling the opposition to the tune of two or three goals.
  5. Emily Thornberry is delusional
  6. Those news items make me laugh, random cup defeats years ago somehow is relevant to being unbeaten for 66
  7. If the players felt that Ranieri was getting things wrong tactically, alienating the squad (Ulloa, Benalouane, Kapustka) and he didn't have control of the dressing room then surely they had to go to the owners?
  8. He's completely rejuvenated Hull in a short space of time, I can't see him leaving
  9. He's joining Lille next season
  10. That's not going to happen
  11. It's positive? I always thought you wanted to thumb someone's eye out when you press it
  12. I think we would have lost this game with Ranieri in charge and I still think we'll lose, we can't read too much from the result. If it's true that Shakespeare and Ranieri weren't getting on then surely Shakey will have ideas of his own on how to fix some of our issues, hopefully we'll see more effort and a changed side.
  13. Thank you Claudio, it was fitting that we won our first titles together. A gentleman and a hero who'll always be welcome and remembered unequivocally fondly in Leicester
  14. I cba to do loads of comparisons but ball recoveries against Man U 2015/16 and 2016/17 *season (obviously)
  15. We weren't really a pressing team last season, Vardy would apply pressure when a trigger occurred (a player receiving the ball facing their own goal, poor touch in opposition half that sort of thing) but we didn't consistently press high.