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  1. I just know people what have contacted staff members and got tickets. Simple as that
  2. It's 2 or 4 per box but the club is leaking tickets elsewhere.....staff.....
  3. We have a generation of young fans missing it out - I don't care if it's not full for 50% of games or the rest of it. We are in the process of making nearly £100 million this season and if we stay up, we are off to Hong Kong and Shanghai for pre-season making another load of dollar. Get the planning in and start the consultation period. I also think it shows the ambition that the club lacks at times. Would keep existing players on toes and show to new signings what we want to achieve.
  4. Exactly, when you get in the ground they'll be a shrug of shoulders
  5. Shame worked very well in Sevilla. Those that wanted to sit to the front and those that wanted to stand at the back.
  6. Exactly and the club have made millions upon millions from the CL this year. Just have a free doughnut and a packet of crisps instead.
  7. We've been scouting Bobby Wood of Hamburg according to German press. Just to highlight defenders are needed badly.
  8. The website reckons 30 minutes but traffic is gonna play a part in that. I know Ryanair flights are going into Terminal 1 and it can be difficult getting to Terminal 4 from there.
  9. Line 8 is closed. They have replaced it with a bus. The bus takes you to the station you'd normally have to get off at to change onto one of the other lines heading towards central.
  10. Bit of a queue for me this morning but fine once I got on. The anxiety of it all has calmed down we relastically have an idea of the priority levels. For someone what's said he's gonna prioritising away games this season, I've done 16 this season - I daren't total up the costs of that.
  11. I'd fully expecting getting ripped off in those bars though - just as the Irish bars in Sevilla did. Its what ever floats your boat but I found going the back streets all the welcoming, cheaper and fully worth doing. It had consequences for my head the morning after in Sevilla mind.
  12. A good well mannered set of Nao Nazi's what kicked off with the Policia at their game against Leverkusen.
  13. Basically don't act a twat and be careful on the booze. It's common that Spanish away fans sit amongst home support - you just have to avoid ultras end and keep yourself sensible.
  14. Haha - all I am saying is why can't the club announce the details today with an eye for tickets going on sale say Friday? Two reasons for that. 1. They can't be criticised by people saying 'I didn't see it' - because the details will be published in the Mercury. 2. We've all just paid between £200-300 in flights on Friday. I have the money but the cash flow means I'll have to take the hit for now. Those of us who've had head booker duties have roughly £600 ready to hit off their card. I find your post a little bit distasteful really because not everyone is as lucky as you or myself.
  15. No he isn't. V9's choices so far have been a bit laughable given some are on professional contracts. The ideal world you give this lad pre season to get in pro level fitness, a few games for under 23s and then look to loan him at League 1/2 level.