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  1. Both my knees are uniformly bruised, so even I whacked the pair of em during the goal or I fell over when trolled on the Tuesday night.
  2. Bank account says no, heart says yes. Wasn't expensive provided you went off the beaten track. Had some great tapas, cheap beer (not a huge fan of Cruzcampo tho). Beautiful to look city - the Alcazar in particular. Found the people least friendly out of the four destinations - maybe the reputation of the English within Spain. If progress occurred, I'd have Munich despite a hammering. Turin as well because the atmosphere looks boss. Try and avoid Spain with its militant robocops and wouldn't want Paris given the high security there.
  3. Glad to that someone had called it out on him.
  4. Anyone copy this across from behind the paywall? Seen it getting some acclaim this morning EDIT: Babylon's done it
  5. I look at Derby's recent form and it appears what Nige was trying to do was justified. He was getting rid of the bad apples and the bottlers but the rest of the squad didn't agree with it. Not that I think Pearson has a role at LCFC any more
  6. If we can scramble staying up, then the options open up. I'm all for Shakespeare getting the next three games with an eye for rest of the season. He has the ear of the players most importantly. If we stay up, someone like De Boer with his Ajax background could begin moulding us into a different type of football to be played.
  7. If you are talking a 13 game comeback until end of season, yeah perfect. Anything beyond that I'd be concerned
  8. I think that's true in this case. It's about the peak of Bournemouth. Therefore I can't fathom why they don't prioritise the cups more or expand the stadium leaving a proper legacy.
  9. Still think if Ranieri even didn't have control over transfers, he should have fought more to keep Walsh in the summer given he found him the perfect midfielder last summer.
  10. You know like training on the day before a game in the evening. Changing tactics 90 minutes before a CL away game what saw a traditional CB play at right wing back. Get rid of a club psychologist at a critical time.
  11. This is my biggest crticism and it isn't seen by rival fans. If you ignore the really good parts the players appreciated then they start to lose confidence in you. Add some tactical oddities along the way and it becomes open conversation
  12. Was going to say a league winner in Italy gets the tin hat after 3 losses
  13. Excellent post
  14. I was sad last Saturday when we lost again and it felt numb because I was resigned to a loss after a loss. I think a lot are fooled by public Claudio because a behind scenes Claudio what's ****ed around with a few of our players and staff. I don't believe the romantic stuff because like it or not, last season we were still a product of modern football funded by foreign millionaires. I could see the warning signs early doors and I was hoping a couple of recent wins would have put us in a decent shape to stay up, then let go of Ranieri in the summer and get a manager in who wants to build a club.
  15. Exactly. You can't go ahead believing the stories of a players revolt without believing the stories that Ranieri made some howling mistakes in the past year (late tactical changes, ignorance of sports science and sacking of psychologist)