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  1. Can't believe you missed out Alan Smith!
  2. Steve Moran also
  3. Rare chance of a double this season if we do win also
  4. I think it's good that this was a Tuesday match (instead of Wednesday, which the away tie in Sevilla was), so the players have an extra day to recover ahead of Saturday's game. A draw there would do nicely....but if the West Ham of earlier in the season turn up there then a win!
  5. If the owners wanted any vindication for their so called 'controversial' decision to sack Ranieri when they did last month then look no further than the last three games now! Without wanting to speak too soon because of our 'still perilous' position in the league, then happy days are here again to date! Shakespeare has seemingly returned the feel good factor and confidence back in the side with his selections/tactics, for sure....
  6. Hope Davie G can repost them!!
  7. Cheers, if poss. just post it on here tomorrow - but no worries if it's not do-able!
  8. The Jeep ride GIFs were both superb - wish I had thought to save them both on my phone at the time!! No way to retrieve them now I suppose
  9. Still funny, although sadly the Jeep ones with Sven and Nige (with the likes of Morgan, Nuge, Schmeichel, Stevie Howard and Andy King in tow) have since disappeared !
  10. Powell could well be next on his shopping list after McLaren's surprise second sacking from there yesterday!
  11. As others have said, definitely the next best thing to a third N.Pearson return! It is a job to say what will happen in the summer though, no doubt the owners are now just waiting to see what's going to happen between now and then before making any big decisions.
  12. Should be amongst the contenders for goal of the season.
  13. Same, anybody who thinks differently is either heavily pi-eyed or from a different planet!
  14. As nationally despised by most that he is for whatever reason, then I'm surprised that Neil Warnock hasn't been mentioned once as far as I've so far read! Perhaps seen as another controversial Pearson-like figure by the owners though that jo average fans seem to dislike with a 'pashun' and so they wouldn't entertain it! I doubt he's even on the owner's radar come to think of it now!
  15. Voted Pearson for obvious reasons. much like I did in 2011 after Sven's sacking. As things stand at this precise moment then he'd be the obvious choice to keep us in this division re singing off the same song sheet at Shakespeare, not to mention the fact that the core of the team is still what he & Walsh put together to come unbelievably good last season after the miracle that was April-May 2015! As businessmen then the owners should be looking way beyond their pride related matters of principal or their cultural/religious parameters if they want to remain in this division, at least until the end of the season! Sticking with Claudio for arguably two months longer than they should've done (with a piece of hindsight), could now prove to be fatal unless they get the next appt. spot on.......whoever it may be if Shakespeare isn't deemed experienced enough to be steering a sinking ship until the end of the season.....