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  1. Yeah would be decent. I'll be on around 9.30, will PM you my PSN.
  2. I reckon about 15 quid, as they'll want to make buying premium worthwhile as with previous titles.
  3. Got a PS4 and this just after xmas, pumped a fair few hours in to it, took a while to get used to Battlefield controls and feel again but properly back into it now. Started as assault, now using medic. Impossible to lone wolf on this game compared to the BF titles though, if anyone is struggling get yourself in a squad and follow them around.
  4. Liverpool vs Everton. BTTS, Over 2.5, 6+ corners each and 30+ booking pts each. 25/1 £5 free bet on.
  5. Some places will let you hire a car under 25 for a small 'young driver' fee.
  6. Easyjet to Malaga then 2 hour high-speed train from Malaga to Seville
  7. Flights booked 60 quid from Bristol Tues to Thurs
  8. Easily my favourite player in a Leicester shirt. Will never forget the scenes when he scored the screamer at Blackpool away.
  9. This is ridiculous. Shows the entitlement that our fans think they have these days. A couple of years ago I would've given anything to see us get dicked 5-0 in the Champions League. If we'd been dicked 5-0 by a shit club in a shit competition then maybe, but in this scenario? Get a grip.
  10. Yeah I floated Sziget to my mates and they seemed up for it. The variety in the 2016 line up was ridiculous.
  11. That Open'er line up is off to a great start! Primavera has got a fantastic line up too and was top of my list until Open'er Looking to sack off English festivals and go somewhere in Europe next. Sziget looks like a quality venue too.
  12. Surely you didn't expect us to genuinely compete again though? We're Leicester, we're not entitled to be challenging year on year we had one chance when everything fell into place and we took it.