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  1. Stop watching milf porn, problem sorted.
  2. Why should he have to limit the things he does because some cvnts can't use social media responsibly?
  3. I can't believe there's Leicester fans on here belittling this story. You're just as pathetic as the people threatening him.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't too sure myself.
  5. Incredible once again! would love to see the classic Atleti LCFC game in a hype video
  6. Same happens to me on the Mercury website, scroll don't the page a bit and then all of a sudden it'll load a random URL and open the app story
  7. Did anyone see the pie lobbed at the linesman vs West Ham?
  8. 9/11 was the first I remembered. Closely followed by the London bombings, we had "News Hour" at school where we went through the Newsround website so we watched it unfold from a power outage to something serious enough for the teacher to let us play for the last half an hour.
  9. Martin Keown.
  10. We still have the potential to have our second highest premier league finish in over a decade.
  11. Oh shit Haye survived that round by the skin of his teeth!
  12. ****ing gravel throat
  13. Love these videos George, great work!
  14. So **** off Roy Hodgson, Please don't take the job son, You're an owl owl owl You're an owl owl owl
  15. I thought it was common knowledge that betting odds are as much based around popular bets as they are actual evidence.