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  1. Not sure it's that simple to just replace Mahrez with the 'correct quality of player'. The only reason we have Mahrez playing for Leicester is because we took a punt on him when he was an unknown, and gave him time to flourish with us. Would be near impossible for us to go out and sign a direct replacement for Mahrez's quality, hence why I'd hope Gray, after showing signs of becoming a top player, could be the one who steps into the starting 11 and flourish similar to how Mahrez has. Obviously, we will still need to hit the transfer market and I expect us to try add another player or two with real creative flair, but we will be limited as always and there will be an element of risk with whoever we bring in, and it may mean we have to take a look at what Kaputska and Lawrence can offer us. I'm excited to see how Lawrence will fair after a successful spell in the championship and rave reviews from Ipswich. I also think the reputation Kaputska came with, means he potentially has something more to offer us in the long-term.
  2. Not exactly what I said. I think Gray will be the one to take that RM spot, or Albrighton to RM and Gray to the LM. Was just wondering what would happen if Lawrence and Kaputska both have an impressive preseason and where they might fit in
  3. Lawrence may be given a preseason to impress, although not sure he is a natural winger. Similar to Kaputska maybe and best suited to a no.10 or wide of a front 3. If we are planning to stick to a 4-4-2 then you're probably right on needing 2 new wingers. If Lawrence and Kaputska both impress, then be interesting to see where they will fit in, and whether Shakey is considering a change from 4-4-2 long-term. ------------------------Kasper--------------------- Trippier------Gibson----Maguire-----Chilwell ---------------Drinkwater----N'didi--------------- -------Gray---------Kaputska--------Lawrence ------------------------Vardy----------------------- Would love to see this attempted in pre-season
  4. 3. He probably worked a deal with Leicester last season, that he would stay 1 more year, if he was allowed to leave if a big club came in for him this summer
  5. Disagree there. Gray has been touted as a future senior England player and I think has the potential to be a top Premier League winger. Chilwell as well, comes with a big reputation and has an exciting future ahead. Andre Gray is my personal pick to cover Vardy, as I see a lot of similarities in his style and aggression. Also think Trippier is on par with Rose and Walker whenever he has played and would be a top signing for us. We will always be limited in the transfer market, by not being considered one of the eilte 5-6 clubs, but I'm not concerned we will become a Bournemouth or Burnley type/sized club, and especially not with those specific promotions/signings. I do agree that our scouting needs to be especially good though, as even with our new riches, we will always be priced out of deals by the bigger clubs, but that has never and will never change. The only positive, is we are pulling further and further away from the Championship clubs and the longer we stay in the Premier League, the more we will be able to cement our status as a financial powerhouse.
  6. We missed our chance with Keane last summer. Now an England international and talks of returning to Man U etc. Gibson is a decent shout. With Boro likely to be relegated, think we could get him for £18-20 million. If not, then would take a look at Harry Maguire. Also think we need to decide what we are going to do with Amartey, CB or DCM
  7. Definitely agree on N'didi. He has come in and had an instant impact. Agree on Slimani too, and I just wish he hadn't cost £30 million or China hadn't come in for him in January, as I think fans would have more patience with him. Also, add the niggling injuries and being away with AFCON, and it's not been a smooth start to his Leicester career. He has still managed to bag 6 goals in 16 appearances though, some of which were game winners. Mendy with his early injury and lack of playing time since, is still a hard one to judge. He came with great stats and captain at only 24 of a Ligue 1 team. I think he has an uphill battle now and I can't see him getting any real game time from now until the summer. 4 starts in the League is just not enough to give him a fair assessment though. Musa has had more opportunities to show us all something, and although there has been glimpses, the basics seem to be lacking and his pace alone doesn't seem enough to counteract that. I was surprised when Shakespeare used him from the bench against West Ham though, so perhaps he is showing more of his qualities in training and he still could prove a decent signing, once we figure out how to best use him. I would guess that all 3 could be moved on in the summer though. Mendy and Musa because they will have little chance to prove themselves from now until the summer and we may well cut our losses, without ever truly knowing if they could cut it at this level. With Mahrez set to leave and another offer from China possible, then I expect Slimani may go too. Shame, as all 3 on paper looked impressive signings, but there are a number of reasons all 3 have not quite worked out but I think it would be disingenuous by anyone to state that any of them truly got a fair crack at it here.
  8. Just playing devil's advocate with those 3 signings. These are total starts in the league: Slimani = 11 starts Musa = 7 starts Mendy = 4 starts I think total appearances can be misleading as many of them are only 10-15 minute cameos from the bench and often simply a time wasting exercise. Just interesting to see how quickly many of us (myself included) are ready to write off a player, especially when they come with a higher price tag than we are used to, due to no fault of their own and simply down to the crazy market we now find ourselves in. I'm not saying these 3 are all top players and we just don't know it yet. I just think we are all maybe a little quick to judge and their price tags only compound that.
  9. I think it's an area that will need addressing by the owners but it might only take one big appointment, who will bring his team with him. Luckily, we have a lot of young talent in the squad, so although there is work to be done to replace the ageing back 4, we still have a decent foundation for the future. I'd like to see us make an appointment sooner rather than later, so they can start planning for next season. Paul Mitchell who recently was released from his contract with Spurs, ticks the boxes and has an impressive history there and at Southampton and MK Dons.
  10. No doubt Trippier will become a target for them
  11. I'd be chuffed if he got his dream move to Barcelona. I am not sure he would be able to break into their first team there but, as I said earlier, his style is tailor made for a team like Barcelona. I think we have an able player in Gray to come straight in and have a similar long-term impact too. Add to that, another winger in the summer window and perhaps the emergence of Lawrence and Kaputska, and we are in decent shape, not to mention the 35-40million profit from a 400k purchase. Quite incredible!
  12. Anyone read anything about proposed costs of the expansion? That would be my only concern, is if it had a negative impact on our ability to spend in the transfer market. Would we have a couple of windows of inactivity or low spending, due to money being ploughed into the extension? With clubs even like Bournemouth and Burnley now spending relatively big, would even a couple of windows with less money available, mean that we struggle to compete? I think with our owners and the vast amount of TV money, probably not... but I'd still be curious to know the total cost of the expansion.
  13. Secure our safety this season, have a decent summer transfer window and a strong start to the 2017/18 season, and yes, absolutely start the wheels rolling with this expansion plan and look to start the work in 2018
  14. Absolutely. They are two totally different players. I'd ideally like a no.10 type player to replace Okazaki, who works hard but also has creativity and is more comfortable on the ball (and feet) than Okazaki Slimani offers us something completely different in attack with his aerial ability in the box and a history of scoring 1 every 2 games. Slimani 16 games - 6 goals Okazaki 58 games - 11 goals Not bashing Okazaki, as I understand his worth is more than just his goal tally. I just think Slimani is a match winner and I'd like us to sign a top class no.10 to do the role Okazaki currently does, but add some more creativity than he offers.
  15. I rate him but don't think he is good enough for Spurs. West Ham are after Defoe and I expect them to get him too when Sunderland get relegated. Wonder whether 60-70k wages may sway him to join here How good do you think he is? Few on here not that impressed