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  1. Southampton are one of a number of clubs who might disagree with that.
  2. Neil Taylor is a fvcking disgrace. This whole "he's not that type of player" crap is bollocks, the bloke's an absolute clogger.
  3. This isn't Harry Potter lads just say what player you're talking about.
  4. I roll my eyes at people excessively complaining about things the club do but they really are bastards aren't they? As if they've put it up from 50 quid. Why? That extra fiver makes fvck all difference to them. Such a long and expensive season for us all.
  5. Hate to be a cynic, I really do. But it had all gone quiet on the tabloid front for the Vardys. This story gets in all the papers on Monday and BOOM! Guess who's on Loose Women on Wednesday, and also in 2 Daily Mail articles and on the OK! Magazine website already today.
  6. Ffs why this thread? Reminds me of the people posting about what end of Wembley we'd get for the cup final after drawing Villa in the 5th round.
  7. It's a bit hard to quantify anyway - naturally a club moving to a bigger stadium can expect to do better off the pitch - bigger matchday and sponsorship revenues etc etc, and theoretically this can be expected to lead eventually to doing better on the pitch (except if you're Arsenal apparently). But the notion that moving to a new stadium has a direct and instant impact on the performance of the team is a bit fanciful. Given the turnover of playing and non-playing staff at football clubs if a club starts doing better on the pitch 10 years after moving you can't really say the stadium helped the team at the time of the move. But you can say it contributed to the eventual success of the club. The way I see it is it took 14 years after moving for us to have a season that surpassed our performance under O'Neill at FS and even Taylor's first season. We went up in our first season but that's not an improvement on the last days of Filbert Street. After that it was absolute shite. The last few years you could argue were made possible by moving to a bigger ground but it didn't improve the team. Arsenal's decline to noteworthy also-rans swung pretty precisely on their move to the Emirates. Compare the 10 years before the move to the 10 years after. And this is with some of the personnel still the same. It hasn't improved the team at all. Too early to say what West Ham's move will do for the club but it sure as hell ain't improved the team.
  8. Who are you basing this on? Cos Arsenal and West Ham certainly haven't.
  9. If I was saying that then I would have said it. My point was two-fold and pretty obvious I thought but I'll take you through it - firstly that you're either a tosser, or a child, or both, for literally trying to call out our fans for trying to stick up for one of our own players, one who seems like a decent young guy making an honest effort, and give him the benefit of the doubt during a problematic season for him. Secondly, that things can change can football. This season he's been playing under a gaffer who'd lost the plot. He's not played in his best position all season. He has made positive contributions in games this season. He's 24. He's not much use for more than short sub cameos at the moment. Football is complicated. You shouldn't just be binning players because they aren't an instant hit. The bloke has played nearly 200 club games and dozens of international caps. I don't think it's quite as simple as 'he can't control a football, he's shit, get rid'. I'm pretty sure somebody would have noticed before now if that were the case.
  10. I know you'd want something a bit more concrete mate but there is a real sweet spot in the rows a few from the back (JJ/KK/LL i think) across the Kop that's perfect for what you describe, where everyone in front of you is sat and everyone behind is stood. I'm the same as you - though I am able to stand throughout and prefer to, I do like to sit down for short spells here and there, at half time and when there's a lull in play etc. Been in that area in SK2 for all the CL home games and it's been great for that. You can switch between the two freely and nobody moans, plus it's a great view if you like being behind the goal.
  11. I'll be honest, I don't think I'd be much affected by a few knobbers with egg pictures and handles like Mesanti Cazozil sending me laughable shite on twitter. Can't see Ranieri being the type of bloke with mafia connections, Italian or not. Though they do say it's the ones you least suspect...
  12. And the following day their gaffer gets the old tin tack.... What is going on over there?
  13. Who was it on here that said Sterling would win a Ballon D'Or one day?
  14. Because we're not 12 years old? Or maybe because we know things can change in football?
  15. Probably my favourite entry in the Football Commentary Glossary: 'A real handful' - Striker who is absolute dogshit but commits a lot of fouls and is decent in the air.