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  1. to be honest, he was awful against Sevilla, watched him for good 5 mins when he came on - he is 1 lazy bastard, guys been on running non stop for 80 mins, all he did was point fingers, a shattered okazaki still made more effort, i don't know if u watch him at the ground or on tv but I was right there and watched him, there was a ball in the end where slim should go and try and win it, he was backing away from the ball and the ball ended up bouncing on the floor 10 yards away from him, Shakespeare hands was in the air saying to slim, wtf was that?
  2. pleased for him, he never moan and seems genuinely behind the boys all the time he wasn't playing (as per his Twitter account) seems a nice bloke and want him to do well, he has never let us down the times he has been on and I'm baffled as to why he never played more
  3. same here please
  4. anyone kind enough to post link up? cheers
  5. any working link for this match boys ?
  6. you guys stop searching for the flights before the fixture even release, boosting the prices up - on a budget here
  7. 10's all round - absolutely fantastic, the players the fans. only critism is slimani, I watched him for 3 mins, purely just observing him when he came on, all he did was pointing fingers when everyone around him was working so hard, he had fresh legs and literally just strolling. apart from that , that is the best atmosphere I have ever experience down the KP, well done boys!
  8. Fantastic everyone a 10 if I have 1 critism it would be for Slimani, everyone around him are running and fighting so hard, I watched him for full 2 mins when we under the pressure and he did was pointing and strolling around so frustrating since he got fresh legs, apart from that- well done the players and the fans were so good tonight
  9. after seeing Seville and how beautiful a city is, good luck to the Sevilla fans coming to visit lol, to be fair I been to all the away games, apart from Copenhagen I thought Bruges, Porto and Sevilla is some of the most beautiful cities I been to
  10. in Spain games are a lot further than Bournemouth to Newcastle, mainland Spain is a lot bigger than England - plus they have teams in the canary islands and Balearic islands, Barcelona can play Las Palmas is gran canaria over 2000 miles away - whereas traveling from Leicester to Sevilla only 1400 miles, kinda mad
  11. I gave Albrighton MOTD, he was non stop from start to finish
  12. albrighton 9 MOTM By far Vardy 8 rest 7 those people gave Mahrez such high marks must be only watching highlights from MOTD, I watch every game live and mahrez been quite disappointing, he has improved last 2 games but nowhere near the standard of last season, before that piece of magic which got us the goal he has been poor and was about to be subbed off for Gray, I sit right next to the bench, after he scored, Gray been told to sit back down, until the goal I thought mahrez was was non existent but the goal gave him some confidence, hopefully is a start of getting the old Riyad2 back, I also think he needs to play on the wing, when he play behind Vardy we lack the energy where shinji process, mahrez not gonna be the one running and chasing players down, against Liverpool and hull when shinji went off, it left too big a gap and the opposition was able to play the ball out and had far too much time.
  13. I didn't watch the highlights but from where I'm sitting at the game, a early ball for vardy would have been a tap in
  14. no doubt he was the worse player last night, a 3 year old can sometimes walk pass him, he doesn't put his foot in and when a player dribble past him he does a half hearted jog after them. he can produce moment of magic which can win u games, but right at the end he should of square the ball to vardy for a tap in rather than doing 1 trick too many and he pass back to drinky for that chance, pass to vardy would of been a easy option. he is our most creative player no doubt - but sometimes he is so frustrating to watch especially when every player put 100% in