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  1. The owners has absolutely no other option but to sack claudio, is a no win situation for them, sack him and face the media and fans backlash, don't sack him we get relegated as the players don't want to play for him. name and shame the players whos not playing for the manager, shame them all, I will be singing Ranieri name loud and proud on Monday night, thank you for the memories and you will forever be in the hearts of all true Leicester city fans. I also feel for the owners, they have been great for the club and without them we won't be where we are, I love to know who the players are....
  2. someone chucked a flare from the upper stand towards the lower stand and missed nearly got our own fans, that was totally unnessary, even the Sevilla fans to our right complaint and weren't happy with it, there was children everywhere, on way back saw a drunken Leicester fan punched a taxi driver for refusing to pay and walked off? but the police was 20 meters down and 2 riot vans came and arrested him
  3. probably the poorest showing from a single player I ever seen, he waits for the ball, can't control with any part of his body, their right back is quicker than him, fault for the 1st goal, ran the ball out of play, he hasn't plenty of time and decide to cross a nothing ball to the box, Gray done much better coming on but was too greedy when albrighton made a 60 yard sprint to join him and should of square it to him but as usual went for glory
  4. indeed straight to the bench
  5. not sure if any of you guys will be going same flight as us, I got 3 x return tickets for madrid to Seville train tickets, originally we had 7 going but 3 of the guys dropped out for family reason, so we got 3 x spare train ticket leaving madrid atocha train station 12pm Tuesday 21st arrive in Seville 2:30pm return leaving thurs 23rd Seville 9:45am - arrive madrid 12:15pm paid £91.50 return will be happy to take £40 each or £20 each way.
  6. Kasper hasn't been great last 5 games, he was at fault for some of the goals conceded
  7. all depends on which division we are playing in and they could even be playing for the European champions with the defence of the champions league title next season to look forward to......wishful thinking but not entirely impossible....
  8. it's not just 1 player, is the whole team, as a team we are everything that we not from last season. Vardy was a 25 goal a season man last year, now he is a man that hasn't scored in 25 of the 26 games he played in and hasn't contributed anything at all and his work rate has gone down the pan, let's not talk about Musa because his touch is terrible for a professional footballer, Mendy can't lass the ball for a player who suppose to have a high pass rate completion, Gray is scared of getting hurt, despite his height he doesn't win a single header, if he was brave yesterday and not think about getting clatter by the keeper we would of scored of won a penalty, drinkwater playing like drinkvodka, chillwell had as bad a game as huth and Morgan yesterday, mahrez hasn't scored from open play this season, the list goes on.... okazaki been shite no doubt but I still see the work rate and his still put his head in where it hurts, as long a player tries I can't complain, Ranieri got it wrong yesterday , wague got injured why put another defender on when they gone down to ten? we should have gone for the jugular, game was crying out for mahrez to stretch them and with gaps opening up, he is the only player with some sort of creativity on the team
  9. I was a big fan of his since start of season, he has been terrible since November time, but who hasn't? every single player is lacking in confidence big time, his missed cost me £300, I put £120 on a 6/4 I thought it was great odds, bookies never wrong, even we have Messi upfront we going to struggle, our team has zero creativity, once we get to last 3rd no one knows what to do....still can't wait till Seville thought
  10. Benny long diagonal balls actually finds a Leicester player for once
  11. not the worse player today, clear sitter but Mendy can't pass, Gray backs out every header and tackle, chillwell had a shocker, list goes on .... every player doesn't have a clue what they're doing but LTID
  12. I'm going to get my tickets on Tuesday, hopefully be OK
  13. Ronaldo would of finished top in European goalscoring chart for last 5 years, Slimani didn't even finished as top scorer in the portguese league for the time he was there but saying that he has a good record, averaging more than a goal every other game
  14. yes - since he scored against Liverpool in the 4-1 defeat way back in 10th September, he has played for Leicester a further 24 games and 23 of those he hasn't scored, obviously everyone knows he scored a hat trick v man city, since then he has played a further 8 games firing blanks. anyone else would of been dropped by now, like Neville said,.he need to go back to a non league striker and harass and press the defenders, he lost that nastiness and working not as hard, yes the midfielders still need to give him service, plus our defence normally by pass the midfield and lump the ball 50 feet in the air for our strikers
  15. we land Manchester 23:15 - there is 6 of us so we booked a 7 seater taxi