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  1. Does it not make all the sense in the world to give the job to Shakey till the end of the season, and take our time in finding the next, correct appointment?
  2. I bloody hope so....
  3. It's not only his tackling. He can play football too. His passing is crisp and precise and he looks to have a goal in him. I thought he was exceptional tonight. Imagine him in a couple of years time having had lots more experience.
  4. Feel completely vindicated tonight. Ranieri left and we put in a display of that nature. He should have gone after Christmas and I think it's likely we wouldn't be where we are. All of them were exceptional tonight, minus Mahrez really. Ndidi brilliant. Albrighton brilliant, Vardy...give him supply and he'll score..
  5. I'm confused.. We are three nil up, everyone is playing out their skin. Shaky is gonna get his first win..and the crowd are holding up their phones and singing 'Ranieri' What a weird time to be a City fan. Have football fans gone COMPLETELY bonkers?
  6. Mahrez off, Gray on Quickly...
  7. Really liking Ndidi again. I think if we can keep him he's gonna become a star for City
  8. That's more like it! Drinkwater with a goal!
  9. Where is Mahrez again ffs!
  10. Vardy has nobbled Mane!
  11. Apparently the players wanted to revert back to the 442. Who, the fook, is running this club? The manager/acting or the players? I think it's perfectly clear which. We so need a manager in who can actually manage.
  12. Your posts make me 'owl...
  13. Yer it could be. They aren't really very good players. Some of them anyway. Wes is now rubbish.
  14. I thought Shaky TOOK the training?
  15. Aye...