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  1. Brugge. Watford when Muzzy scored. Stoke in the play offs shortly after.
  2. Rachel I presume
  3. I think we might score. Mahrez anytime tempts me. Him to turn it on in spain. Shop window and all that.
  4. Mates had a fiver on that. So he hopes you are right.
  5. He was marginally better, than the twat who just kept grabbing his knob, ****ing strange man, but your right there must have been several in that corner that saw less than 3 mins of that match, spent the whole game looking at the away end. I will say tho, whoever managed to get me with a 2p, decent arm that, I was 5 rows from the back. just glad it twated my chest and not my eye.
  6. When he leaves or is sacked for a 3rd time. Should claudio or Sven come back for a 2nd time?
  7. Hotel for ticket collection is on the voucher, but i've not seen an email with all the other stuff this time as we had before.
  8. Did I state that someone did. And I'm aware plenty of them still went. But if the OP wants a bit of input them I'm merely pointing out that he could pop down. Lend a hand and get involved if he wanted. They are attempting the biggest surfer yet and that involves a lot of painting. Maybe he could help out rather than just suggest they do something. How about he gets involved. Or stumps up some cash to get his idea a reality. I doubt ufs who were set up to back the team whatever the result or occasion are likely to spend donated cash on a. You're all overpaid wankers now ****ing put some effort in tifo. That's not what they are about. Yes they see the same shocking performances as well all do. But they are there primarily to support the team during 90 mins. Or maybe he could take them a bacon sarnie and a beer
  9. Sure as they are camped in the car park today as where those who didn't make the game yesterday sorting one for Sevilla home game. You could nip down and offer some creative input. would mean giving up your Sunday tho.
  10. No he probably doesn't and that is the ****ing problem. So many things wrong with the club from top to bottom. From pre season too recruitment. But the players have let themselves and the club including the fans, manager and owners who tried to look after them down. Big time and whilst I'll always have the memories of last season. Other than a day out at Wembley and the trips abroad this season has been up there with some of the worst football and effort I have seen and we have watched some shit over the years.
  11. I was just thinking to myself. This set of players won the premier league and 18 months later could be turning out in the championship. That's ****ing embarrassing. For them. Where's the professional pride.
  12. Benny should have kept his place after derby. Yes I'd be tempted to bring back fuchs but his legs have gone. But he's still better than Chilwell. Who is rapidly looking like mattock not the next England left back. Mendy. Has he ****. Although the thought of drinky playing doesn't fill me with joy right now. I'd have amartey in a rb if we are going with benny at cb yes. However we will get Simpson huth Morgan fuchs and we know it.
  13. Hope they didn't bottle it like Chilwell. A professional footballer not wanting to take a throwing cuz he got a bit of abuse and a bit of change and a lighter lobbed at him. Ah poor him.
  14. Related
  15. Not pissed off, couldn't really give a ****, I only really went into town, to take my boy and say we say part of the day, I'd seen the bit that mattered to me, on the pitch and the Everton game was just class. What I do find is the bizarre situation were with 23k season ticket holders and what 4k golds and 6k silver, I don't know about this city fox numbers,that we couldn't sell roughly 8k worth of tickets to 10k plus members, I'm still not over the fact I missed Copenhagen at home due to a family holiday, but that was half term. This game could be our last in this competition ever, I know everyone has there limits and has to make a choice, but isn't the whole reason you paid for a rip off membership for the right to get tickets on nights like this? I just find it odd that the interest has dropped so quickly, Leicester being shit, is just the norm, ok it's a big fall from grace, but to witness this match is historic for our club, I guess we can put the expansion plans to bed, and before anyone starts, bigger ground isn't gonna mean cheaper tickets, so that's one pointless argument we can do without.