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  1. That certainly doesn't correlate with my experience. The reaction to events like this would probably be a lot saner if they did.
  2. Depends entirely on how much you've seen of him I suppose. If you regularly watch full Bournemouth games I apologise.
  3. I'm not saying it's wrong to look at someones record, but at the same time it's a bit simplistic to just look at how many goals somebody has scored and decide they're s*** on that basis when that's not the only thing footballers are there to do. Just because someone doesn't have the best reputation or record, it doesn't mean they wouldn't be a good addition and it doesn't mean the person signing them is being unambitious. As you say we've proved that putting together a squad that has a shared positive mentality and that fits a strong system can get an awful lot out of them.
  4. I'm not putting them in the same bracket as Josh King (I don't know enough about Josh King). But people dismissing players because they don't have fantastic reputations, and claiming that's unambitious, is a pet peeve. I was taking issue with ARTY_FOX's line of argument rather than making any point about Josh King.
  5. On the other hand he's in the Champions League Quarter-finals.
  6. In fairness though I'm sure plenty of people on Foxes Talk would have said that Marc Albrighton, Danny Simpson, Kasper Schmeichel, Wes Morgan and Danny Drinkwater were 'neither Amazing or Shite' but mediocre when we signed them and they're all now Premier League winners. Players don't have to be world beaters on paper if they're talented, fit the system we play and work hard. Our 'unambitious' signings have proven to be much more influential than the ambitious signings we made this summer.
  7. Tottenham need to finish 4th so we can laugh at them.
  8. F***ing hell 2-0.
  9. Dortmund/Monaco in the Semi-Final would be ideal, save Barcelona/Real/Juve/Bayern for our trip to Wales.
  10. I just wanted to vote for Pasta, the non-vegetarian votes were made under duress.
  11. Awkward