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  1. His first match back would be Hull, this is too perfect not to happen.
  3. Stop trying to kill my dream.
  4. Delusions of grandeur.
  5. Damn.
  6. For those of us unfamiliar with odds what does that realistically mean? Can I start celebrating?
  7. What makes Rowett a better option than Pearson?
  8. I'm both.
  9. Says who?
  10. I love him.
  11. Would prefer Cattermole FWIW.
  12. I'm not seeing it Matt. I think I share a pretty similar disdain for our owners and for the treatment of football as a business, as you do. And I felt very very hurt when Nigel Pearson was sacked because there was quite clearly no argument for doing it that wasn't completely unrelated to football. This on the other hand is probably pretty justified. Not just because we're playing badly, not just because we're going to go down. I could cope with that and still support the manager (as I did with Pearson) if there was any sign that there was a clear plan in place that was going to make future success a very real possibility. But I'm not seeing that, and it's a shame and I would have been fine with us sticking with him for the season and probably longer but it would have been out of hope rather than belief. Everything that was a constant of our progress in previous years appears to have gone, it's been incredibly painful to see it happen, and I couldn't really see how it was going to come back. I feel sad because the manager who played a huge role in us winning the top flight of English football couldn't build on that. But this 'what's happening to our beautiful game' bandwagon is pretty sickening when the media, fans of other clubs and fans of our own couldn't give the tiniest s*** about the man who took us from the third tier to the top flight of English football being sacked. The backlash from the press isn't about the way football should be, if it was they'd be saying it a lot more often that they do, it's because Claudio Ranieri is very likeable so it's a good story. The backlash from a lot of other fans is easy because they don't care about the future of Leicester City so they don't have to look at the situation logically. They can be romantic about it, they can get wrapped up in the morality of the decision without thinking about whether there was any hope of Leicester City actually moving forwards. We spent the summer in the ICC tournament, we lost our best player to a billionaire, we weren't given an explanation for the sacking of our last manager. There were more than enough reminders that we're supporting a business over the last few years, and maybe this decision was just a panicked response to the threat of relegation, but to be honest, I woke up feeling more optimistic about our long term future (purely on the pitch) than I did a few days ago. I'd rather we weren't on the managerial merry-go-round again, of course. But if you're going to stick with a manager for a long period of time there has to be a reason to think that the team is going to either keep improving or matching our expectations and I don't think there was much reason to have believed that. I don't know, it's depressing, but I'm finding it difficult to feel too outraged about this decision.
  13. Oh FFS I thought yesterday had put this s*** to bed. We've just sacked the manager who won us the Premier League, they're businessmen, they obviously don't care about honour or humiliation.
  14. I guess as you've only been following Leicester for a few years that blasphemy can be forgiven... nah actually probably can't. Shame on you.
  15. Pearsonite.