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  1. You are all wankers. You want to let one of our best players go. Noooooo If we ever want to go anywhere in the football world we need to keep our best players
  2. Wish Jamie and his wife would stay out of the limelight. Keep their mouths shut. Let others talk crap.
  3. I think that we should not defend quite as deep as v seville as Andy Carroll will win all the headers. Best he wins them outside the box.
  4. What a back stabbing creep Kevin Phillips is. Pisses off to further his own career then starts slagging off Ranieri when he's sacked by direby in order to grovel to Shakespear to try and get his job back. Wouldn't want him back in the trenches with us.
  5. Andy King, Andy King Andy, Andy King When he scores a goal he breaks records Andy, Andy King
  6. The odds have been slashed on him signing for us
  7. Didn't do liverpool any good
  8. Been thinking exactly the same.
  9. As much as I love Claudio his time was just about up. He won the premiership with NP's team and everything went Leicesters way. No need for management interference. This season he's had to make decisions and mostly got them wrong in player recruitment and team selection. He's a lovely guy and I thank him for everything he's done though.
  10. If we wear the shirt tonight, I hope we takeaway the points
  11. Sorry, it even showed it up in red whilst I was typing just like the ****ing shirts. Now I'm cursed.
  12. Ever since we've worn the discusting, sh1tty red forest kit we've been crap. Millwall being the latest example. Please can we not wear it again and will people stop buying it. It's a curse.
  13. Just seen pictures of Slimani training in Sevilla stadium. This conflicts with earlier statements that he is injured and not travelling to the game. What is the truth?
  14. As it happens we are not in the bottom 3. Please do not be so negative. Help the team, support them, push them to escape the drop. Be the 12TH MAN
  15. I'm replying to myself but I will not accept that our season is over. We all need to stand together and push our Premier league champions to further glory. The best year in our football lives cannot be forgotten. Come together you Foxes faithful and make it happen