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  1. The difference in the Albrighton and Fuchs under CR and now under CS, is huge.
  2. I'm sure Mrs Vardy is booked to do 'this morning' tomorrow about this and is just readying her Arsenal shirt.
  3. They've just announced the away leg, so I'd expect something on the Home leg later today.
  4. We've got to have Arsenal and Spurs thrown somewhere in that lot too, though I suspect at least one of them will become our penultimate game.
  5. Almost all WHU fans loathe it too. Just not a football stadium and they designed it to be all things to all people, and that just never works.
  6. Did you really mate? Or you just trying to keep relevant and get yourself in the frame for a job by using Ranieri and a story you knew the media would be all over?
  7. Going to have a wild guess and say Musa will finish with the lowest rating.
  8. Harsh on Slimani, given how stop-start his season has been, but Musa! Worse than Jeff, and that takes some doing.
  9. Huge credit has to go to the owners, players and most importantly Shakey for giving us our Leicester back.
  10. What scouts? Until about 2 months ago we have no scouts in Europe, only 5 full time and one part time across the globe.
  11. Drinkwater will pick up a bruised rib again and have to pull out anyway.
  12. SO excited, waiting for Mum and Dad to wake up now, but sitting by the tree listening for any nanoscopic hint of movement. Very hopeful about it, who'd have thought that just a few weeks ago.
  13. Warren Joyce in as a coach, had a good link with him when he was at United?
  14. Seems he's making considerable gains on this forum too. He's everywhere.
  15. Good shout.