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  1. Took Mum out for a nice brunch this morning and i've got her an ornament for the fireplace that she wanted.
  2. In Grewks' case it's prize money from winning/doing well in tournaments.
  3. Yeah you'd hate the pic i've just seen. **** me.
  4. You think that's bad? My Grandad pronounces "Okazaki" as "The Jap".
  5. My Grandad says Martin Walenski, meaning Marcin Wasilewski
  6. I'm amazed that Tandoori Chicken vs Doner Kebab is even close. Who has a kebab unless they're too drunk to taste it?
  7. Should that day come I'd like to go down like Newcastle and Villa have and for people to say "Can you believe clubs like Barnsley will be going to the King Power next season?"
  8. My point is that a traditional Mexican burrito pretty much is just a wrap with beans, rice and meat. Just as a traditional British fish and chips is Fish, Chips, salt, vinegar and mushy peas.
  9. If you're adding cheese and salsa to your burritos then they become American shite. The Mexican version is what you're voting for.
  10. It won't win. I would imagine the utterly abysmal West Ham defending makes for poor viewing in the neutral's eye.
  11. No it ****ing isn't.
  12. Earning 6k playing Fifa at Uni would have been ideal for me Nice one mate, thought about going fully pro?
  13. Johan Cruyff died a year ago today.
  14. Yorkshire Til I Die by Devvo for Vardy surely?