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  1. Amartey in the team - Leicester are about 14th and not looking like going down. Amartey leaves the team for a month - Leicester are 18th and looking like certainties to go down having not scored since he left. You've got some sort of hatred for him and you seem to have to write about it with every post you make. Has he shagged your missus or something? There's a long list of problems at LCFC but Amartey isn't even close to being at the top of the list.
  2. Amartey hasn't been in the team and we've gone 7 without a goal. Work that one out.
  3. Col in shoehorning Amartey into a diss shocker.
  4. Jamie Carragher has been banging on about it constantly. Sick of it.
  5. Why does there have to be some sort of scandal involved here? Why can't no goals in 7 league games no be worthy of the sack? Sick of the football press. Absolutely corrupt. Lies everywhere.
  6. I suppose the players waited to say their thank yous this morning. I imagine there were a few tears shed at Belvoir Drive today.
  7. It's impossible to say. we can only see what happens on the pitch. If you think a captain's responsibilities end as soon as they take their boots off then you're mistaken. The players clearly hold huge respect for Wes. I personally think he's had his day but he should absolutely remain club captain.
  8. Yeah so uninspiring. It's like anyone could have captained us to two league titles and the last 16 of the Champions League.
  9. what would be the desired outcome?
  10. We've asked him over and over and he's continued to turn us down. So, nah.
  11. Hiddink till the end of the season. Would steady the ship and leave us in a good position over the summer. In which time i'd like us to chuck a lot of money at Huddersfield for Wagner.
  12. That's absolutely tragic.
  13. Precisely. So Mancini comes out as the 'stab in the dark' bookies favourite... Sky then generate a load of stories and "breaking news" about us planning on meeting with him etc. Meanwhile the sister company offers odds on him to the point where he becomes hot favourite. The next day they release more "breaking news" about him not being interested. Not saying that that has actually happened here but you could see how Sky could easily make money like that.