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  1. ....on my mobile it still only shows posts up to Saturday evening but works ok on iPad and laptop. Anyone else having the same problem?
  2. What inckley said. Spot on
  3. He wasn't fully fit - see post match thread
  4. I was on a corporate package yesterday so we got a tour of the dressing rooms. Mahrez was in already as we went round and we weren't allowed into the physio area because "someone is being treated" - obviously Riyad. Don't think he was fully fit and they were trying to keep the lid on it
  5. Tom27111 - you've introduced me to a whole new world of VPN's, KOBI and video add-ons. Managed to get everything loaded and I'm now tantalisingly on the NSBC screen prompting me for a username and password. T'zit? Please. Pretty please. G'wan, g'wan, g'wan. You know you want to. Foxes should stick together.
  6. Shocking all over the pitch. Really don't know where we go from here. Ulloa's first touch is terrible but he could be messi-esque and it'd make no difference. Utterly depressing
  7. #207 leicesterseddon First Team 1,195 posts Joined:15-April 07 Posted Today, 01:02 AM Was a rubbish game really, both sides on the day lacked quality, although the dreadful weather hardly helped. Still, it's rather comforting that we can go away from home in this league with what was effectively a part-reserve team and still come back with all three points, especially at a ground where our record has been quite poor in recent times. It's testament to the progress the squad has made since last season - think we really look like we could do the business this season (touch wood). Just a few quick points for people who didn't go to the game: 1. Pearson played a very risky game today in his second half tactics. At 2-1 he decided to stick with Schlupp up front, draw men back and invite pressure. In the end Millwall didn't equalise but it I'd rather we not do this sort of thing as often as we do, particularly away from home. Millwall were pisspoor and sustaining pressure on them would have been an easier (and less risky) way of seeing out the game IMO. 2. Call me a miser, but I'm really struggling to give GTF much credit for his assist and Schlupp much credit for his goal. It didn't look to me like the former initially intended to set up Nugent, and only decided to cut it hopefully back into the box after he badly miscontrolled it off his thigh, and Schlupp's shot was pretty poor to be honest - most keepers in this division would have saved it. 3. Knockaert had a good game, Dyer was dreadful (don't get me wrong though, I still love the guy). King was pretty anonymous. 4. Miquel is not a left back. He's also surprisingly 'route one' for someone who has come from Arsenal. 5. Didn't think we were very loud today (in part due to the numbers), but our songbook was quite varied. Really looking forward to Stoke on Saturday. Agree with all of that although GTF more than justified his place with some of the rest of his play. The holding on tactic would have looked very different if Easter hadn't blown his chance when Kasper had the rush of blood and ran into no mans land. What was that about ffs? A parks team standard payer could have lifted the ball the ball over him
  8. This f**king ref. every 50/50 decision given against us, and a few 70/30's too. The only booking was for kicking the ball away but Henry should have had straight red
  9. Schmichael - 6 made good save when first called into action, couldn't do anyang about the goal De Laet - 5 nothing special. Poor final ball when got forward, and roughed out of a few challenges Morgan 6 ok, but nothing better Whitbread 6.5 Just about MOM, with 6.5. Says it all. Won most aerial battles but never had ball under control Konch 4 Poor. He and dyer got out passed a few times in the first half, and distribution was awful throughout Knockaert 5 couple of classy moments, but continually over ran the ball, picked the wrong pass (I.e to Dyer) all the time, King 2 shocking, shocking shocking. Like playing with 9 men ( see vardy comments) Drinkwater 4 can't pass a ball 10 yards at the moment, or keep a shot under 30 feet. Dyer 4 did nothing of note Vardy 3 ran around ineffectually and never posed any threat. Better off not being on the pitch Nugent 5 decent volleyed shot towards the end of the first half, but a shadow of usual self subs: Marshall, 5 , futacs 6 James 4 Pearson: 4 crap selection. Got his head in the sand at the moment. Utterly depressing.