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  1. Isn't there some kind of wall that you hit?
  2. Absolutely. And it was then carried on and made real in the Presidency of a Republican - the Crook himself, too. As far as I'm concerned it's not a party political issue. The Earth isn't going to wait for the right person in the White House before it chooses to challenge us in some way. (That of course not being the only threat.)
  3. Sounds pretty horrible, but also sounds like the police response was good and stopped it from being a lot worse.
  4. Yeah, the old days of space exploration were all Cold War dick size contests, no disagreement there. However it's been said before and I'm going to say it again - that shouldn't take away from the necessity of space exploration in the future for the right reasons. We don't get going out there, eventually something will happen here that will make sure we can't. Ever. Edit: And that's not to mention the return on investment the money-grubbers can look at from investing in space exploration and the new tech that gets developed to be applied in it.
  5. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/trump-signs-bill-authorizing-nasa-funding-mars-exploration-46278588?cid=social_fb_abcn Well, one thing that the Repubs often do well is take space exploration seriously. This only really amounts to a ring-fencing of funding rather than much of an increase, but the ambition is good.
  6. Yep, that's about right. Especially the first sentence.
  7. That's fair enough. Perhaps I'm engaging in some kind of fallacy regarding sources here, but as I said above I think that video games tend to be more subjective in terms of what makes them good/bad than most other media, reviewing is less independent and so reviews across the board don't tend to be all that reliable. My issue is that article basically goes after that person not because of any good or bad job she did, but because she's a woman who dared to rise to a high position in a dev company and the pondscum don't like that. Multiple examples of this in the past. Sorry if I'm appearing contemptuous of a part of the gaming community here but quite frankly I've had it up to here with websites like the one above that purport to approach video game reviewing in a balanced manner and then use any reason at all to justify their own prejudices.
  8. American History 1800-1914. Lots of wars, Manifest Destiny, the country becoming what it is now. Interesting stuff.
  9. Tobacco industry proved a while back that redirecting public attention in a variety of ways wasn't difficult to do. They used a variety of methods including deflection, instilling doubt and apathy, making sensationalist claims that people want to be true (even if they're not) and making facts appear threatening to those they wanted to keep buying their product, ensuring that rather than seeing facts they would go defensive. These tactics were so successful they have been used ever since and right now form a key part of the current US government media platform, especially concerning scientific and environmental issues.
  10. The gaming press aren't exactly 100% reliable either, that's one thing the morons in their mums basements got right a little while back. (Shame about the rest of it.) It's going to be subjective - perhaps more so with games than with other forms of media.
  11. Right. Doesn't solve problems, just makes new ones.
  12. Pabs, a question: the competence or lack thereof of the supposed lead facial animator aside...do you really take anything that site writes down seriously?
  13. This. And a scapegoat that just happens to be a lady. Which suits TRR, PewDiePie and their followers down to the ground. If I wanted to listen to irrelevant GamerGater BS I would use a time machine to a couple of years back. Though I don't suppose such folk are ever going to stop.
  14. Erm...it's not like some areas of the gaming community don't have precedent when it comes to stalking prominent devs who happen to be ladies, no matter how good a job they do, is it?
  15. Pretty much this. Along with occasional articles on nuance and polarisation to be read by those who clearly don't have any and have a lot of respectively.