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  1. An away win at last! Fantastic performance, but we were obviously completely shattered second half. Musa and Slimani need binning asap. Both utterly useless.
  2. If only he'd left after last season. Could have been contenders again playing like this. Maybe next season.
  5. GET IN!!! What a start to the match!
  6. Yeah. Every time I see it, I think it's just someone's Football Manager save or something. Still pinching myself.
  7. This is amazing! Get in.
  8. Just saw that! Great news! Let's win every game 3-1 please. I think Shakey could turn out to be a very good manager, but I'm just so relieved it's not Hodgson more than anything else.
  9. You're really milking the puns.
  10. I was going to make a joke out of it, but I'm really struggling to think of anything more dull.
  11. Really struggled to try to work out what his problem was. Why wouldn't Shakey want the job? Why would anyone blame him if he did? Why would anyone care if any interim manager did or didn't want the job? He must have a chip on his shoulder or something.
  12. Good point! Seems bizarre that that is possible. It's not going to happen, but I'm sure I said that about the PL title last season. This has got to be the best club in the world to support, surely?
  13. Had a feeling we'd win, even when we went a goal down. Didn't want to say during the match in case I cursed it. You just know that we would have lost that if Ranieri was still in charge. The old team are back! Loving every second of it. Can't wait for the next match. Great to have the old Vardy back. He was electric. I hope that tasty Mahrez goal is just the start of having his old self back, as well. That might be greedy, but we could still end up top half with those two on form. How quickly things change! How different this season could have been. Could have been in Europe again next season.
  14. The owners would be making themselves look stupid if they hire someone now and it all goes tits up again. They have the luxury of holding fire until results get worse. They should just keep Shakey as interim. If we start losing games, then they can hire someone. If Shakey leads us to safety, then he should get the job officially. If they get some dinosaur like Hodgson in while we're winning and putting in good performances, I will be absolutely gutted.
  15. You know what I mean.