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  1. I don't agree that he doesn't try, I think he does put a good shift in, but that's irrelevant when you can't even control a simple pass and have zero footballing brain cells. He needs to watch clips of the great man Lloyd Dyer. Know your limitations and just run with the ball down the flanks, he would scare defenders.
  2. Not a chance that we'll be able to play with our desired intensity, after the international break, when we have 2 games every week. Saturday proved that, we were dead on our feet after 60 minutes. I'd expect to see Gray, Slimani and Amartey feature more over the coming weeks.
  3. Their league match before the second leg has now been moved from the Sunday to the Saturday.
  4. Unforgivable to leave Carroll from a corner and when Ayew went through one on one it was his weird positioning that caused that huge space to appear. These are the reasons this is his first start. He's mobile, decent in the air and very good on the ball, but his defensive intelligence is lacking.
  5. Isn't it a case that you get suspended after 3 yellows in the competition, hence why Huth was one yellow away? In which case only Huth, Slimani and Vardy are one yellow card away. Gabi and Luis were suspended for them on Wednesday, leaving only Gimenez one yellow away.
  6. Everyone seems to want Barca, which of course would be incredible, but I think my fear of getting humiliated would take the edge off the excitement for me, especially if the away leg is first. I just can't see how we'd play our usual high press on such a big pitch against arguably the best passing team in the world. The alternative would be to sit back, but we've seen how bad we are at that, we can't even contain teams like Swansea and West Brom! I don't want Atletico either, as although they are below Sevilla in the league, their defence is so formidable that we'd struggle to play our style of play against them. Monaco is probably the 'easiest', if you can call it that, followed by Dortmund, but I think Juventus would be a nice balance. One of the biggest clubs in the world, but not quite at the level of Barca, Madrid or Bayern in terms of quality.
  7. I doubt they'll be able to play at any sort of intensity after Tuesday, so I would make some changes. Gray in particular deserves a chance under Shakespeare.
  8. Same against Eibar. They were really unnerved by their high pressing. Still won 2-0 though. So important that we are tenacious and unsettle them from the kick off.
  9. That's why I put 'A sceptic would say...'
  10. A sceptic would say they hired Ranieri purely because he'd managed Inter, Juve etc. In fact, they pretty much said as much when he was announced. I don't think they had any idea that he would carry on Pearson's good work and take us to the top. Their thinking could have been 'oh, I've heard of him, we'll look good as the next club on his CV".
  11. The owners love a name. They can't help themselves. They hired Sousa because he was a legendary player, Sven because he managed England, Ranieri because he'd managed to some of the top clubs in the world and now we are being linked with Hodgson because he's an ex-England manager. They want to dine at the top table again and they think it's as simple as hiring a 'high-profile' manager. Most of those managers listed above have enjoyed great success in their careers, but they were/are not a right fit for this squad or club. We have a group of determined players who like to be the underdog, Hodgson's style does not suit that. He's also been shown up to be a dinosaur when it comes to modern football. It would be a disaster.
  12. I've never known anything like it. If we hadn't won the league and the hearts of neutrals last season then everyone would have thought Ranieri should have gone weeks a go. It's all very well being sad that cuddly old Uncle Claudio has been given the chop, but this isn't your club, you haven't witness the atrocious performances and unacceptable results. We should have let Ranieri get us relegated and looked forward to some humorous quotes in the pre-match press conference before a relegation 6 pointer against Barnsley. At least that way all those old bids with their placards outside the stadium last night and, of course, all these neutrals that only see us on MOTD would be happy and we'd avoid upsetting them. Maybe we'd win a noble peace prize or something. Football has become so media orientated that people care far too much about personas and interviews. This isn't a general election or I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. You don't get extra points for being funny or entertaining in the media.
  13. Nobody really knows what happened in the summer of 2015. For all we know the board got rid because they felt they could do better, as they did when they binned off Pearson the first time. Perhaps they've come to realise the good work he did and are willing to consider a return.
  14. I think Ranieri adjusted the tactics perfectly last season, something which I know Pearson wouldn't have done, but can't speak for CS and CW. He also kept everyone upbeat when there were low moments, which he is the master at due to his demeanour. He was the perfect ying to the the previous regimes yang. For a season when the two overlapped it was perfection.
  15. We need a modern thinking manager. Hiddink, MoN, Mancini etc aren't long term options. Football has changed and we need someone who is part of this new breed of football managers.