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  1. Rumours in the press today that Wenger will get 2 more years to 'rebuild' and that Sanchez and Ozil will be allowed to leave Arsenal fans will be chuffed to bits with that.
  2. Agreed. I actually thought Lallana was costly for England tonight in the sense that, for all his technical prowess, he doesn't always pass it quick enough. He's a good player but he had a tendency to slow down attacks by taking too many touches. There was 5 or 6 occasions when Vardy was right on the shoulder of Hummels and I was screaming for the early ball only for Lallana or Alli or whoever to turn back inside and play a needless pass. There's something to be said for just getting it forward as quickly as possible.
  3. Sané is class isn't he?
  4. England have played some lovely stuff tonight but at the end of the day they haven't really tested Ter Stegen in the second half. Lots of impressive build up play but sometimes a bit too much, they always seem to take one touch too many and allow the Germans to regroup. I think a direct game with with quick, first time balls would have tested Germany even more. I'm obviously massively biased but England could do worse than play the Leicester way. Encouraging signs though.
  5. I've noticed that 'transition' is a bit of a buzz word with managers right now. 'Our transitions weren't great today' 'I was pleased with the way we transitioned the ball today' Seems suspiciously like an Americanism to me. Like 'managing the ball' - another phrase I personally hate.
  6. On a completely pointless side note, I don't think I've ever seen a Twitter profile pic that says 'I'm a proper knob-head' quite as effectively as that journo's.
  7. Our best player, no question in my mind.
  8. Come on Shaky, fresh legs clearly needed here.
  9. Imagine if we'd stuck to what we're good at from the start of the season.
  10. Daft tackle from DD, daft positioning from Kasper - needless goal to concede.
  11. Word from my ITK sources is that the 'issue' is that Drinky has a permanent semi and they can't stop Fuchsy from staring at it.
  12. “I would love to speak to him, maybe go out for a kebab or a nice Chinese, maybe a curry....or a Nando's but, you know, too many cameras, too many security [people], and I have to think about next year and not getting a big suspension,” he said.
  13. Friday morning pal.
  14. Just gave the world's most in-demand manager an absolute schooling. Might want to pop that on the CV too.
  15. Then dock him half of it for giving the penalty away.