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  1. That is a puerile and childish response. ...that really made me laugh
  2. The more I think about it the more I think that this whole notion of 'earning the right to take a team down' is actually a completely ludicrous debate. I would argue that no manager in history has earned the 'right to take a side down' because the whole thing suggests that the manager is bigger and more important than the club and in my opinion that should never ever be the case. I'm not saying that that managers should or shouldn't be sacked in that situation - that's up to their club, I'm saying how can it ever be a manager's 'right' to take a club down?
  3. I honestly don't care what these guys think. Over the last few days all they've shown is a) just how little they knew about our situation and b) that they are almost all only interested in presenting themselves as morally superior. Unfortunately it's fashionable and very very easy to criticise LCFC right now so we just have to get used to it or ignore it. It'll be interesting to see if any of them change their tune if we stay up in style. I'd imagine they will, they're a pretty fickle bunch, most were mocking Ranieri when he first got the job.
  4. I'm really not sure we will. Just hope Boro's lack of goals and Bournemouth's terrible defence drag them into the equation.
  5. I wonder in what capacity he'll employ James this time? I wonder if he's had his appearance altered to sneak him past the owners.
  6. I often sit on watching these guys on a Saturday afternoon and marvel at how little they know about football. They must spend at least 80% of the time talking absolute drivel. Merson is the worst, seems to have made a career out of getting foreign player's names - how ****ing hilarious.
  7. Hiddink for the rest of the season and then re-assess the situation in the summer, hopefully still as a premier league club. I wouldn't mind seeing MO'N back but I don't think he's ever been even vaguely interested in returning and as much as I rate him, Pearson has burned his bridges at LCFC. None of the others appeal to me at all.
  8. How Robbie Savage has had such a successful career so far as a pundit is an absolute mystery to me. It's not so much comments like this more that he offers no insight at all just a lot of misguided 'pashun'. The fact he's so in-demand is mind-boggling. Puts himself out there as a 'straight talker' but rarely says anything constructive, doesn't even appear to have even thought about what he's saying half the time.
  9. Without the Thais we'd be Championship at best and certainly not champions of England. You may not agree with their decision but they're hardly a disgrace. This decision is very sad for everyone but you need to keep a bit of perspective there fella.
  10. Sounds absolutely devastated doesn't he?
  11. I think Eddie Jones, though obviously a rugby man and not football, sums it up pretty accurately: "I must admit I felt a bit sick hearing the news because he's such a great, honourable guy and he's done a fantastic job. "The papers want to blame the players for his demise, the papers always want to have a scapegoat, but the reality is when you're successful it's a combination of players and staff working together, and when you're unsuccessful it's a combination of players and staff too."
  12. I'd rep this but I've run out. I think it's disgusting that not one has expressed any gratitude publicly. Even if they didn't agree with his recent decisions they could have found it within them to say thanks for the winners medals sitting on their mantlepiece.
  13. '**** you Chinese dumbass' Oh the irony
  14. From what I can gain Col (mostly from here), I think the resentment from a lot of people stems from the fact that he was seen by many to have been promoted way beyond his capabilities when he went from director of the academy to director of football. It seemed like a disproportionately big promotion at the time and his track record since being given the job (whilst not being as bad as some make out) hasn't been that impressive which I suppose only adds fuel to the fire of those who feel he's incapable of doing what is a critical job for us. A lot of people seem to think he's a bit of a twat too but I'm not sure how true that is. As for why the owners rate him, I don't know but at the end of the day their perception of him is far more informed than ours'.