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  1. Seeing as everyone else is doing it anyone else on the 11:35am flight on the Monday from Heathrow to Madrid? Me & 2 others are on that one then returning on Friday at 10:55 from Madrid.
  2. Thanks guys really appreciate it. Booked a cheap hotel for this one but will definitely book through them next time. Maybe for the semis Thanks all @Watson @Costock_Fox @coolcol @Leicester69 @The soup nazi
  3. Never used them before. Seen a lot of people talk highly of them. Out of interest, how much did you pay for an apartment in Madrid? If you don't mind me asking that is. @coolcol did you use them for Madrid as well?
  4. Easy peasy, just sorted my ticket. Seriously can't wait for this now!
  5. Anyone found any cheapish hotels?
  6. Yep, that's been discussed recently. Will be updated ASAP!
  7. Will have 3 adults available for this. PM me if interested.
  8. Monday-Friday with BA from Heathrow. Just under £200 each.
  9. Bet the treble was a decent return? Well done!
  10. Without the funds from our fans or the participation from everyone in the stand, things like this wouldn't happen. Thank you everyone!
  11. Absolutely fantastic.
  12. Not until early evening Let me know if you manage to find out!
  13. Finishing around lunch tomorrow so will be staying in town. Going to try The Bowling Green, they should have it on.
  14. I've won 2 tickets in the Best Mate enclosure for Thursday at Cheltenham. Can't really afford the day out after all those European Trips & I can't get the day off work anyway. Does anyone want them?
  15. Last time I drove I parked in the industrial area, think it's near a road called Alamein road. It's literally a 5 minute walk from the ground and cost about £5 to park there. Really quick & easy to get out but we did leave about 5 minutes early as we we're absolutely awful & 2-0 down so missed all most of the rush. Not sure if you can still park there as it was a few years ago, but worth a go.