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  1. Pick that fooker out
  2. It's precedent not president tenterhooks not tender hooks
  3. Used to live next door to Dennis Rofe. Very quiet & was lucky to get an "hello" out of him Mike Stringfellow ran the newsagents near my high school John O'Neill would have a kickabout with us on Croft park. Top bloke. Mark Wallington took football practice at my primary school. Muzzy Izzet bought me a pint for my birthday down The Clarendon about 4 years ago. Used to see him in there a lot, Walshie occasionally (usually pissed) & Martin Castrogiovanni sometimes. One of my customers is an ex-captain of Leicester & an England international from the 70's. It wouldn't be fair to name him, but a nice guy & very friendly. Can have a decent conversation with him, but it's hardly ever football related. Met the Liverpool team at Schiphol Airport - they were playing in some pre-season tournament against Ajax. It was a stag do & we were all well on the way to pissed. Heskey was there & Gerard Houllier seemed really friendly all things considered. Met Seasick Steve at Schiphol train station last year. He was all on his own & I got a photo of him with the missus. She didn't know who he was.
  4. I bought a Garmin Nuvi 55 & it was crap. Sometimes I would just have the street name & the postcode. It would give me a choice of villages when I didn't know what the village was. I never felt 100% confident. Not so bad around towns, but pretty useless when it came to rural areas. Google maps on my phone was better than the Garmin. I kept the Garmin for a few months, chucked it in the drawer & bought a TomTom Start 25 instead. It was far superior to the Garmin. It was just felt better in every respect & was always accurate. Both the sat navs I bought were around the £100 mark, so not the best you can get. I could never recommend the Garmin, but I would the TomTom. One thing I would say worth having on the TomTom, especially if driving around built up areas & towns, is Live Traffic (I think that's what it's called?). It has live traffic updates, so if a route is blocked or slow it will re-route you. I've never used it, but I know quite a few people use Waze. A free app that has live traffic updates.
  5. Congratulations!! That's outrageous. Something for me to aim for. I see how the casino can be so profitable when you can win big in one go, rather than faffing about with £5 profits here & there on the horses. I did quite a few second places & had 3 on the first day of Chelts. I didn't get another one for the rest of the week. Swings & roundabouts I suppose. My biggest problem is the missus. I've tried to explain to her what matched betting is & I've shown her my spreadsheet - what money I've put in & what my profit is. She says she gets it, but I know she doesn't. She's not the shouty type & let's me do pretty much whatever I like, but when I'm sitting here on my laptop I just know she disapproves. She told my folks what I've been doing & they disapprove too. To be fair, I don't fully understand it myself. I just see the profit going up, so I must be doing something right. I'm not sure I'd get away with 2 hours a day on it though. Well done & keep up the good work
  6. He must know he's not liked amongst a lot of fans, but it doesn't stop him courting controversy & provoking away fans. Good for us, as that's what seems to motivate him. Besides. Keeps him (& Mrs Vardy) in the news
  7. I'd say about £200. As a newbie I found it all a bit hectic with too many offers flying around, not enough knowledge & definitely not enough time. Ideally I would have liked to take the week off, but being self-employed, that was never going to happen. Ladbrokes sent me a £10 risk free offer on the slots. I hadn't bothered with slots up until now. It feels too much like actual gambling to me, but I appreciate it's about playing the long game & being up over time. Anyway, I thought I'd have a go as it was £10 risk free & no wagering. Won £145 on my third spin. I think I need to get disciplined & dedicate some time each day on it. I struggle to find the time/motivate myself & I still haven't finished all the start up offers yet (& that includes the biggies like Bet365). So I've been doing it for 6 weeks now & I'm a total of £775 in profit. That includes £65 I won on Shakespeare getting the job. An actual bet. I was looking on the forum I use & I would say that the average profits for Cheltenham were around £500, but there were quite a few people in the £1k to £2k region. How did you get on? I'm going to assume you pulled in 4 figures!!
  8. They're really not that difficult to use, particularly for what you are describing. I did 3 weeks training at Brooksby College using nothing but chainsaw & felling trees. I used to do it as part of my job, but I've lapsed in the past few years. I'm nowhere near as experienced as some people I know. A sharp chain that isn't even moving can give you a nasty cut - never mind when it's shifting at 60mph. They are fun to use but deadly. I would watch a couple of youtube videos, see what you think? They are fairly easy to use but they do require a little attention when in use. They don't stay sharp forever & may need sharpening, the chain may become slack, chain oiler blocked? These types of things are all easy to fix once you know how. I'm just not sure what you can learn from a chap at HSS in a 5 minute hand over? That's without going into the endless amounts of PPE & safety precautions. Get yourself a decent bow saw & a good pair of loppers. It will take a lot longer, but it's cheaper & you get to keep your legs where they are.
  9. Illegal streams are like ant-hills in your lawn. You get rid of one & another pops up somewhere else.
  10. Updated to Kodi 17 & kind of wishing I hadn't bothered. It may be better in the long run, but it took me a couple of years to get used to the old Kodi
  11. That website says one of the retailers is Fenwick Leicester Somebody needs to give Christian the bad news
  12. The disasters I remember as a kid tended to happen live on TV. When space shuttle flights used to be televised, watching Challenger explode as it happened. Valley Parade fire live on Grandstand. Heysel & Hillsborough. I was in the 6th Form when the Kegworth air crash happened. I remember at school the morning after, a couple of friends saying how they had driven over the previous night to see if they could see anything. Weird.
  13. Got myself one of those a while back. What I would consider an 'essential' bit of kit. It's like a mini-clippers that comes with an attachment that are great for giving the eyebrows a No.2
  14. Apparently you're more likely to take after the men on your mother's side of the family........which gave me nightmares when I was younger. They couldn't have put together a whole head of hair between them. 45 years old & it's all still there. My dad's nearly 70 & has a full head of hair. Here's hoping! I have a lot more grey hair than I'm willing to admit to myself.
  15. I've got £10.65 in my William Hill account & I'm sticking it on Shakey. Easy money