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  1. And bearing in mind they effectively have a bye into the quarters makes those odds seem even more attractive
  2. Add Citizen Khan to Mrs Brown's Boys. Hideous. Parks and rec Nathan barley Only fools Porridge Friends Thick of it Partridge Cheers Father Ted It crowd I'm assuming brass eye and the day today not sitcoms as they would have been in their otherwise
  3. This will look hilarious if done properly. Too many people on this forum who think they are cool, which of course they ain't. After all they're posting on a football forum (like me) which is about as far away from cool as you can get!
  4. Literally there is zero chance of any of these players being at City at the end of January. Well except Brady and he's pretty pap.
  5. In that case he's gone right up in my estimation . ..
  6. would imagine same prices on the Renfre site
  7. He's the new Franz Carr
  8. 45 quid return flight to Madrid from Bristol. Staying in Madrid the Tuesday night then high speed train to Seville on Weds. journey back to Madrid Thursday . train 79 quid return. get to go out in two cool cities. Nice
  9. Your best chance to win the league in 55 years and you bottled it. To be honest you could finish above us for each of the next 55 years but who really gives a shit as you still won't win the league. Third in a two horse race and that's probably as good as it will get in your life time. Oh well
  10. And I watched him today and he was absolutely shite. Should come back, he'd fit in well.
  11. This lot are really bad but I've just noticed that they are 13/2 to turn us over . Considering how bad we are as well it's got to be worth a cheeky 10er of anyone's money to ease the pain if we don't bother turning up again.
  12. If I remember correctly there was a load of city fans dancing on a sort of corrugated roof on the lower tier of the stand where we were sitting. Was a good night
  13. Dan Walker. Mr No Personality. How he gets both the BBC Breakfast and Footie Focus gigs is beyond me. Only mild compensation is the lovely Naga gently ripping the P*** out of him and him just not getting it
  14. Now schofield is someone I have an irrational dislike off. Can't put my finger on why but something not quite right there
  15. It's not just kapustka but musa etc as well. I think ranieri is giving the guys from last season every opportunity to prove that it wasn't a one off. Now that they are clearly demonstrating that it was I think we'll start to see more significant changes to the starting 11 and subs. Hope so anyway