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  1. Agree, has reignited my interest over the last 3 (?) years. Enjoy the football, but enjoy the UFS company even more, thanks lads - and lasses, obviously.
  2. Join in mate, its not a closed shop, everyone is welcome in UFS. And dont try playing the "I'm too old" card, I'm probably the oldest in the group, officially an OAP.
  3. Was that Adam?
  4. Its the Space Centre apparently, confirmed by the designer.
  5. Lunchtime beers in fridge, samosas ready in oven, just waiting for Sol to turn up, then we'll be 'On our way, we're on our way, up the motorways, we're on our way'. Cant believe at my age I'm this excited. As someone else said its like Christmas as a kid.
  6. Overseas aid, budgeted as 12.2 BILLION pounds this year! That is scanalous, funding 'essential' projects like the Indian space programme. Britain, the mugs of the world.
  7. Now you're being bloody silly, Danny Simpson scores. Schluppy is better odds to score.
  8. Try my version. They score early, Vards equalises just before half time. Constant barrage 2nd half as we batter them, Riyad scores 10 minutes to go, the noise is off the scale, then Slim gets a third on 90 minutes, absolute scenes, and I faint. I like my version - except for the fainting bit.
  9. I know. I'm ITK - not often I can say that.
  10. Tony Beck, Barwell goalkeeper, killed in a motorbike accident. Allstars sent a team as a fund raiser
  11. Hah! Actually played against him once in a testimonial. He was ancient, I was a kid - obviously. Barwell v Leicester AllStars.
  12. I am brave, you dont know where I live !
  13. I second this, and I didnt go to Seville. Hope they have a fans village though, so we know where to find them......
  14. Totally agree mate, neither of us ever got stressed or lost our tempers. Model pupil and insructor IMHO. Except for the time you couldnt do a hill start at roadworks in Twyford, that was funny. Seriously, go to a car park, teach your kid to start, stop, steer, change gear. Once they can do the mechanics, its time for a pro instructor. Worked for us, and Sol is a shit hot driver now.
  15. Voted Akinbyi - novelty value