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  1. Might be difficult alongside our Champions League commitments...
  2. He was fantastic, I'm not questioning that. But there were plenty of games where he'd go missing or just be generally ineffectual except for a moment of magic which masked a poor overall performance.
  3. Mahrez was in no way consistent last season.
  4. Ok, theres an amber alert for an abducted child on my Sportnet Ontario stream and the streamer hasn't exited it yet...
  5. Don't need it when we win the champions league
  7. anyone DM a(n English) stream? Cheers!
  8. Exactly. Vs Sevilla we had a corner in the 85th minute and - much to the bemusement of the commentators - opted not for a short corner but to put it into the box to try and kill off the match.
  9. Juve want to sign our backup players to replace their world-class defenders? Have I woken up yet or am I still in dreamland?!
  10. Funniest thing for me is, Sevilla were having a great spell when he got himself sent off. We were camped in our box and struggling to really clear it (Vardy was on the edge of our box ffs), and then Vardy nudges nasri. Rather than brush it off and carry on with the attack (from which I was fully expecting them to score) he stopped dead in his tracks, turned around and squared up to Vardy. Gets himself sent off, kills Sevillas momentum and practically killed off the tie. Idiotic, and I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.
  11. Stuart parnaby and Chris Riggott both scored in Middlesbroughs uefa cup run in the knockout stages. Both represented England at youth but no senior caps. Edit, Nvm misread the q and thought europa league was included...
  12. They went out in the group stages each time, so dropped into the EL. They've not lost a knockout game in Europe for 3 years, until last night.