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  1. As I've said they live quite close to me. I often see his Wife driving around, or have. If any of this was serious they would have employed security. They would likely not be driving themselves. It all all smacks of attention seeking and splashing in the papers just fuels these sweaty, masturbating idiots.
  2. Is he really that scared? He's lived 5 mins away from me for the last few years, not seen any security, any protection. His wife drives out in several cars fairly regularly. None of it shows the slightest 'real' concern and that is because these threats are made by dribbling idiots probably incapable of navigating to his house without assistance. Seriously, if I was that concerned I would have security on my gate and patrolling my low roadside wall, especially at night. I would have trained drivers schooled in avoidance. He can afford all of this, but there are sign of none of it. Only thing was beefed up gates to stop stupid school kids annoying them. You do do the maths.
  3. I'm going to kill each and everyone of you. Ok, so now you've all had a death threat. Anyone feeling particularly scared? just a nothing story created by the sad for the sad.
  4. Did any of those win PFA Player if the year last year?
  5. I'm on an LSD if that pickles your tulip.
  6. Rather have Gray than Stirling thanks.
  7. I agree he's more of a striker. Just think the vitriol is unwarranted. Plenty of foreign players have been dogger in their first Prem seasons.
  8. You don't score goals against Barcelona, even in a friendly, if you're shite. Seriously the bloke has talent. He needs encouragement not constant abuse. First season syndrome? We might find out.
  9. Just because he knocked one bloke off the ball today does not mean he's turned into the fuching Hulk.
  10. 2-0. It is written
  11. He's never gonna win the Derby riding that.
  12. He's young, supposedly, was Nigerian captain, clearly has pace. Think he just needs to feel the love.
  13. Neither Musa or Slimani are bad players. Lacking in confidence perhaps but they aren't as bad as people are saying. As as to the result. Amazing all round. Players absolutely wiped out second half. Only concern were Shakey's changes which were stupid imo. Kasper -
  14. Keep playing like we can and we'll score more.