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  1. Really pleased he did well today. Not perfect, but showed he cares and wants it.
  2. The last 6 days summed up in 8 words. 100% agree with this
  3. Guys I have read a lot of posts on this forum and plenty of opinions either way. A lot of what has been said on this topic I fully 100% agree with. I am sick a tired of "outsiders", you know those Talksport /TV / Newspaper pundits and fans from all the other clubs saying our club is a disgrace and wanting us relegated etc. CR was NOT bigger than the club and WE are the ones who care about our clubs future. These "Outsiders" wouldn't have given two hoots if we'd continued the free-fall with CR in charge. Gary "the hypocrite" Lineker is just as bad with is constant bleeding heart views and hypocrisy about CR being appointed in the first place. Sick of the lot. Things have been bad, something had to change and I for one hope this instigates some positive results and survival. Respect for what Claudio helped us achieve, but we must move on...
  4. Shakespear. 100%
  5. 100% agree
  6. It does. Smashing bloke real gentleman and mature with his attitude. The man is 10000000 a better bloke than bloody Maurine at Man U. Just feel gutted, but like I said it's business and we've much to lose going down.
  7. I feel very sad, genuinely sorry, seriously blue. My heart says it's all bad, the memories, the lovely bloke we all warm to. Arrrrr it's hurts.... However, my head says it's business and for whatever the reason, the players are not on it. Something had to give.
  8. Lazy, lightweight, lacking skill. Lamentable attitude..... Up top from the bench only, for his pace alone. Nothing else. Sell in the summer
  9. 4-0
  10. Like a huge shit, its taken a while to build up and brew, but eventually the dam burst. Enough is enough, I'm agreeing its time to go CR.
  11. Sorry for owners? Bog off, to much adulation/nepotism not enough professionalism into 2016/17 season. crisis point..... all to blame
  12. 100% agreed with this comment. Back 4 are our problem. Serious lack of ability on the ball, slow and distribution terrible, perhaps only Fuchs aside.
  13. Nigel Clough? Only up the road, local lad, easy and available...(Tripple)
  14. Possession. Whilst nobody complained last season, the continuing trend of 30-40% possession in every game in CR tenure is now seriously harming us. He has to go. The players are dicks, not trying and too busy polishing their ego's, but CR has never got them playing with ball at feet, decent possession in any game. NEVER. Burnley are seriously organised, work like troopers and actually can pass / handle having the ball. In the main with British / Irish players and two more of the like bought in today. He's got to go or we're definitely doomed.....
  15. Good point. Also he's one of the first POTUS to actually, be it with real haste, implement elements of their pledges / manifesto straight away. No fluff, no sitting around enjoying the benefits of being POTUS without any action. Just straight in, no hanging around. None of what he is doing is a shock though. Also its not a shock the BBC and left liberal crowd they appeal to, are currently apoplectic about him. The BBC are like a person literally shaking uncontrollably with anger, made much worse as they are powerless to stop whats happening.