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  1. Just arrived back home in Bristol, what a match, what an atmosphere, what a night! Well worth the driving. Get in!!!!
  2. Pat Murphy is such a willy puller
  3. Great news, but typical united decision. Given because of the appeals. Ffs Ibra
  4. Apparently passing accuracy isn't everything... 2015/16:
  5. Love a bit of Nige
  6. Pat Murphy is a complete muppet
  7. Gutted... what a disappointment that it's ended like this. Thanks Claudio, best year ever
  8. Please go...
  9. burnley were 2/1 to win at half time, might still be similar odds.
  10. I don't have a lot of sympathy for his situation or other footballers who want out of their club because they're not playing. If they want flexibility they should be signing 1 year contracts and accepting the downsides that come with that. As it is, it's as though he wants to have his cake and eat it. Sign up to a 3/4 year (?) contract and have the financial security that comes with that, but also be able to leave that whenever he fancies it if he's not playing enough. Likewise, if the rumours are true, people at the club shouldn't be making promises to sell people and not sticking to them.
  11. glad to score but we're still utter shit
  12. Really hope this happens
  13. I remember zsolt laczko had a stunner on debut